“My folks have been telling everyone else how good Working Better Together was - so now they all want to go! I think what you tell your peers is probably even more honest than filling in a form for the boss or the facilitator. From my point of view it was perfect for this stage of our development. Thanks” Joanne Collins, Wide Bay Water Corporation
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“Everyone should do this workshop. It helped make people understand that other’s needs and goals are not always the same as their own. It gave us much more understanding and reminded us to consider the impact our actions on other people at work and in your personal life. I found the whole workshop very interesting. It kept my attention and everyone else’s. Good topics were discussed. It was excellent and I hope to be a better person and team member because of it.” Peggy McMillan, Queensland Health

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 Working Better Together: Building Team Culture

Our take on Team-Building

Teams are more commonly the way to organise work these days and the ability to get teams working better together is a major mission for most leaders. We need to know how to form teams – then facilitate them to work collaboratively. We need to maintain and improve teams – to help them continuously rethink how they can work better together. We also need to build commitment to common goals and challenges, as well as manage performance, team relationships and overall work culture. It’s a tall order…

While most workplaces say they work in teams – fewer know how to really make teams work. We naturally form teams to achieve things together we couldn’t do alone, yet working well together doesn’t come so naturally. We have to learn how to do this. That’s where teambuilding comes in. It has a proven track record as a tool to enhance team performance, but the term itself sometimes seems a bit nebulous. People know they need it, but often aren't sure what it is. We need answers to questions like:


What is team-building? Does it really make a difference?


What makes one team work better than another? Why do some succeed while others fail?


What steps can I follow to build a good cohesive team that works well together?


What are the traps to avoid and what do I can I do to design a good team-building session?

There’s a daunting amount of team-building help out there in cyberspace – and almost as many different methods and approaches as there are providers. None are right for every occasion. Team-building doesn’t come in one-size-fits-all packages, no matter what anyone says…

Working Better Together is the general label we use for our team-building approach.  We tailor Working Better Together clinics in-house to help you tackle your unique team challenges. Working Better Together clinics help you...


Shape shared vision – where most teams need to start!


Form and design teams – get the architecture right


Increase team cohesion – find ways to stay together


Improve team-talk – teams that talk together stick together


Enhance relationships – collaborative behaviour is a must


Clarify roles – the expectations we have of each other


Improve what your team does – for better team performance

Choosing the right team-building focus can be confusing and many organisations like to have an idea of the possibilities up-front first. To help with this, we’ve developed a menu of self-contained team-building sessions to choose from to construct a program that’s right for you.


A description of typical sessions are included in our Working Better Together Prospectus. It combines an outline of what we think team-building is all about with what we hope are useful insights into the ‘ins-and-outs’ of teambuilding for leaders looking to revitalise or reform teams or take them to the next level for a stand-out performance. 


We offer some principles and guidelines you might find helpful in planning for team-building and we've included some activities that might help you get clear on what you really want to achieve, what approach would best suit your outcomes, your culture and the personalities that make up your team and assist you to think about strategies to bring out the best in them.

We don’t have all the answers and we encourage you to think carefully about what you need. By all means, shop around, talk to providers – and of course, your team.  And if you'd like talk over your concerns and ideas and find out about particular ways we can help, feel free to get in touch any time to arrange a time to talk.

As well as our tailored in-house programs, we periodically schedule public programs on Building Better Teams and Working-as-One-Team for individual team members, leaders or small intact teams to explore the conversational, relational and teamworking skills people need to be better team leaders and team-players.

Whether you’re fine-tuning an existing team or starting one from scratch, our toolkit clinics can help with key design dimensions and tools to form teams or rethink the way your team currently works together; how to facilitate teams to work more collaboratively, create cohesion and get commitment to common goals; and explore the complex art of team-building.

See our current course calendar or get in touch to check on dates and locations for our next public clinics for teams - or let us know about your interest in having programs delivered in your area.  And if you'd like to discuss having team development or teamworking programs delivered in-house for you and your team, Our on-line enquiry form will help you outline of your needs.

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