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What we Do...

As our name suggests, The Change Forum’s business is change – whether it’s you, your team or the whole organisation...

We think what sets successful organisations apart from the rest is how well people learn to lead and manage change Our change-work centres on the close connection between change, leadership and learning and building the conversational, relational and teamworking capabilities of leaders and teams.

We provide change and learning programs, facilitation, coaching and strategic consulting support for leaders and teams to confront change, to participate productively in organisation restructure and renewal processes and help them build the conversational, relational and team-working capabilities to achieve meaningful workplace culture change and performance improvement. In broad terms, our services include:


Strategic Change Management

bullet Coaching Clinics & Learning Forums
bullet Workplace Culture Change
bulletLeadership Capacity-building

Developing Learning Organisations

bullet Emotional Intelligence & Conversation Skills

Redesigning Work & Jobs

bullet Coaching Leaders
bullet Team Formation & Team Building
bullet Conference Presenter & Facilitator

Customised Learning Programs

bullet Creating Learning Resources

How leaders lead has a lot to do with the work culture they create. They need practical, down-to-earth tools and processes that help them create vibrant work cultures that learn; forge positive, productive relationships; and have the connective conversations they need to engage constructively with change and help people navigate their way through it.

All our learning programs include a comprehensive, practical Toolkit designed to provide ongoing self-directed learning support back-at-work following the facilitated event. Our core learning programs include...


Learning-Centred Leadership

bullet Constructive Conversations

Learning Organisations & The 5 Disciplines

bullet Dealing with Difficult Discussions

Leading Change & Culture Change

bullet Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness

Building Better Teams

bullet Learning to be a Coaching Leader

Learning to Lead

bullet Fundamental Facilitation

Leading Learning Schools

bullet Working Better Together

We hope you find our website useful. New items rotate through it often, so returning periodically may be rewarding. Read through our newsletters, factfiles and program outlines; check out our services profile, coaching prospectus or teambuilding profile and by all means get in touch if you'd like to find discuss your change, culture or learning needs and ways we might be able to help...


Calendar of 'public' Learning Events


Detailed program Brochures for our series of public Coaching Clinics and Learning Forums...


Conversational Coaching E-News – Seasonal issues available to download in Word and PDF formats...


Information FactFiles provide insights into some of the ideas behind our change-work and contents of our self-directed program Learning Guides...


Special Learning Events for Schools – Leading Learning Schools and EI at School...


Our Coaching Prospectus shares our thoughts on the subject of leadership coaching, some things we think you ought to consider and how we might be able to work together.


The Learning-Centred Leadership Series© - a series of 12 development modules which help to identify and define key learning needs for individual leaders and teams


Working Better Together – our approach to team development that we tailor for your team

If you'd like to find out more about our consulting or coaching services and leadership learning events, please don't hesitate to write to us or call any time.


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