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“Very enjoyable, stimulating and interesting... I learned quite a few new ideas and ways to motivate staff and encourage them to embrace change as a positive opportunity in the workplace and I learned that a lot of what I am already doing is positive...” Melissa McCarthy – Disability Services Qld

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“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin in The Origin of the Species


“Great content. A very good mix of theory and practice. I learnt a great deal about the way others may think and look forward to using new approaches to facilitating change in my workplace...” Jordy Weidig – Queensland Health

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Leading Culture Change


Preparing People for Change


Preparing People for Change -- What this Program is About...

Organisations don’t change – people do. The first step in well-run change programs is preparing people for it. Many organisations fixate on planning tasks needed to implement the change itself – and often neglect the most important element: people.

The way people respond personally to change is critical in determining how much, how well or even whether they’ll change at all. Coping with change is stressful – even for those in control of it. It’s twice as stressful for those who don’t feel much in control of it at all.

People often feel overwhelmed or powerless facing major change over which they feel they have little or no control. While some enthusiastically embrace change, many more have experienced ‘bad change’, which has left them feeling pessimistic, deflated, cheated or change-fatigued.

Whatever shape change takes, people need tools to help them cope, learn how to change and how to engage with it constructively.

This 1-day down-to-earth action-based clinic can help pave the way for smoother change transitions and more positive change cultures across your workplace. It shows leaders how to help others better understand and come to terms with change and to cultivate constructive change energy. It provides tools and processes leaders can integrate into their own ‘preparing people for change’ process they can run back in the workplace.  This clinic aims to help you:


Understand the dynamics of change and how people manage it personally


Identify impacts change has and reflect on people's personal responses and reactions to it


Understand why change is often difficult and increase levels of personal 'change-ability'


Develop prescriptions to better manage and prepare for change for yourself and others


Convert anxiety into constructive change energy


Equip you with tools to navigate your people through change and engage with it more positively

8 Download course outline to share with others.    Outline 

8 Download the program Brochure for more information and a course outline.    Brochure 

8 See our current Schedule of Public Programs for dates and locations of upcoming clinics near you.  Scheduled Dates

8 Read about The People side of Change..    FactFile


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