“We all have habitual ways of responding to emotional challenges. Mindfulness training alters these habits by making it more likely that one neuronal pathway rather than another will be used. Mindfulness meditation carves new channels in the streambeds of the mind.” Richard Davidson The Emotional Life of Your Brain

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A brain-training clinic for leaders to increase attention, focus, clarity, connectivity, presence & productivity…



Benefits of Leading Mindfully
» Lift your level of emotional intelligence
» Relieve stress and reduce anxiety
» Increase your reserves of resilience
» Manage moods and disruptive emotion
» Mental focus and less mind wandering
» Enhanced sense of well-being – more calm, connected, emotionally balanced

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How the discipline of mindfulness can transform you,

 your brain and your leadership performance...


Mindful Leadership in Action -- What is this about?...

Across the globe, a new generation of managers is making bold moves to integrate mindfulness training into their leadership lives and practice – not merely as a way to improve their personal productivity and professional performance, but also to learn how to be more focused, connected, present, less-pressured, more stress-free and emotionally balanced.

Why? Because there’s been a steep upturn in toxic workplace behaviour, titanic change and creeping complexity. The sheer number of leaders suffering stress and burn-out has doubled during the last decade. If you’re a leader, you’re more likely now to be lost in a maze of confusion, distraction, ambiguity, conflicting priorities, uncertainty, unrelenting pressure, stress and data-driven overload. That’s not a pretty prospect!

Along with lots of other people, leaders are seeking ways to put in a peak performance without sacrificing their sanity and well-being. Recent neuroscience discoveries vividly show how mindfulness training can reshape neuronal pathways, exert a beneficial and healthy influence on brain function, and help leaders find a haven of clarity, calm and focus in a maelstrom of uncertainty.

Are you looking...

For clarity, focus, purpose, presence?

To get back in touch with what really matters in your leadership-life?

To release yourself from toxic stress and curtail confusion and distraction?

Connect more deeply with others and increase your inner-capacity to lead?

Strengthen your sense of well-being and rediscover the joy in leading?

To find ways to be more emotionally balanced and even-minded?

Integrate compassion and well-being into leadership rather than sacrifice it?

Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence...

The ability of leaders to set aside distractions, focus attention and engage with whatever’s unfolding in front of them in a measured way is foundational for self-awareness and a raft of other must-have traits like being present, open-minded, emotionally-balanced and less stress-prone...

To be a good leader you first have to know yourself -- what we call personal mastery. At the core of personal mastery, is self-awareness -- which is also the essence of the first of our 7 key Practices of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders. Mindfulness springs from self-awareness -- it’s how we put emotional competencies like self-management and self-awareness into action.

Mindfulness, Personal Mastery, Emotional Intelligence – they’re all quintessential ingredients for good leadership, and they’re all intimately interconnected. To put it simply, mindful leadership starts with emotional intelligence – it’s key to being more fully in control of our feelings, thoughts and actions and waking up to what’s happening in and around us.  [Read more in our article on Mindful Leadership]

Mindful Leadership in Action extends our 10+ years of emotional intelligence and conversational coaching into refreshing new personal frontiers. It looks at what it means to lead mindfully and introduces 5 mental markers and simple brain-training tools to transform the way you lead.

Mindfulness minus Meditation...

Mindfulness is often linked with meditation -- but you don’t have to meditate to be mindful. There's no doubt that regular meditation practice is good for your health and for your ability to cope with anxiety and stress.

But there are many every-day ways you can train your brain to focus attention, downgrade distractions and heighten presence and clarity – deep and abiding mind-skills to lift your leadership capacity and personal productivity and strengthen your sense of balance and well-being.

Neuroscience discoveries show even a few minutes of mindfulness exercise a day can change our brain for the better and help leaders tap into their inner-space to find a haven of clarity, calm and focus in a maze of confusion, uncertainty, conflicting priorities and unrelenting stress. And this is what our coaching clinic Mindful Leadership in Action is about...

What is “Mindful Leadership in Action” about?

Mindful Leadership in Action will help you reinvigorate your leadership by integrating the mental disciplines of presence, self-reflection and focused attention into your everyday activities, without having to set-aside time for formal meditation. In this ‘minds-on’ 1-day clinic, you will:

Look at what it means to lead mindfully

Explore neuro-leadership and emotional intelligence links of mindfulness training and its practical benefits and pay-backs

Be introduced to 5 mental disciplines, attention-focusing exercises and tools leaders can use to retrain your brain and rewire mental habits and neural pathways for greater self-mastery and personal productivity

Explore how you can achieve more focus, connectivity, compassion, resilience, presence and emotional balance – all key aspects of emotional intelligent leaders

See where you are on our Mindfulness Dashboard and design a practice-regime to re-train your brain to be more mindful and self-aware

Is this Clinic right for Me?

Participants at our mindfulness and emotional intelligence clinics come from the ranks of leaders, professionals and workers of all sorts. This clinic is specifically aimed at leaders from any walk of working-life who want to reinvigorate themselves and refresh their leadership practice through learning the mental disciplines of deep self-reflection, compassion and mindfulness…

8 Please Note: If you are not a leader or are a leader looking for a mindfulness program for your team see our 1-day clinic for Staff: 'Mindfulness at Work'

Dates, Locations and Registration...

8 Download program Brochure here  PDF  or review the course outline

8 Read more on-line or download our FactFile on Mindful Leadership in Action

8 See our current Schedule of Public Programs for dates and locations of upcoming clinics near you. Scheduled Dates 

8 This clinic is available IN-HOUSE on request at any time... CALL Bill Cropper on +61-07-4068 7591 to talk over how this clinic can benefit your leadership group or team   

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