“An enhanced learning opportunity - good structure, variety of tools and activities; interesting, logical and well-paced.  Very relevant for my workgroup and the guidebook is a great resource.” Mickey Polkinghorne, Disability Services Queensland... “Thanks once again for a great course, Bill.  As always you were brilliant.” Lyn Bishop, Sheldon College, Brisbane...

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“I was very inspired by your course (and) the training has had very positive effect on our team. We are much more respectful and supportive of each other and keen to progress as a more self-managed team. Good reference book, which we are regularly referring to.” Kym Harland, Disability Services Queensland


“Leading Through Teams was very useful and practical. The most beneficial training course I’ve been on for some time. Theory well-reinforced with practical examples, user participation and feedback… Very worthwhile.” Garry Baills, Hervey Bay City Council











Leading through Teams: Applying the 5 Learning Disciplines to Team Renewal and Reformation


What this Program is About...

With teams the prevailing model for organising work, today's leaders need to know how to guide workgroups to work more collaboratively in high-performing teams that learn, think and continuously improve together.

Most organisations today see teamworking as a vital strategy to meet future challenges that call for greater flexibility, diversity, innovation and responsiveness. And while most workplaces say they already work in teams, very few really know how to make teams work.

Leaders need skills, tools and processes to steer new and existing workgroups through the key steps, issues and choices they need to make to form, reform or transform into highly-producing, broadly-skilled teams that become increasingly more self-directing over time.

Leading through Teams: Applying the 5 Learning Disciplines to Team Renewal and Reformation is a 2-day learning forum that explores 7 key design dimensions to shape, revitalise or reinvent the way teams work together.  It aims to help you:

  Identify practical steps you need to take to move to team-based work

  Analyse the way your group works now and develop new team designs

  Evaluate what stage of "evolution" your workgroup or team is up to

  Agree new team visions, values and goals

  Redesign work roles and develop new team operating principles

  Share leadership and decision-making responsibilities in the team

  Plan priorities for team development and develop team learning strategies

  Identify new team performance measures and improvement strategies


Note... Leading through Teams can be presented in-house for management groups and team leaders on arrangement as part of an organisation change or team renewal or implementation initiative.  Contact us to discuss your interests or needs...  The program will be offered publicly from time to time - expressions of interest always welcome for an event to be scheduled in your region.


8 Download the program Brochure for more information and a course outline.    PDF 

8 See our current Schedule of Public Programs for dates and locations of upcoming clinics near you.  Scheduled Dates

8 Register On-Line   or Enquire about an In-House clinic for your team 

8 Preview Articles, FactFiles and tips on leading and working with teams that you can download to read and share.



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