“The 5 Disciplines changed my whole view of the change process as I knew it. You carefully inducted us into thinking through them, then we had a chance to really put them to practical use - unpacking deeper thoughts around the Disciplines and picking up on areas we wanted to explore. The challenge now is to share this with my change team and encourage all to commit to using them. The book of tools great - should be standard issue for any change manager - not to mention classroom teachers!” Robert Crooks - Deputy Principal Woree SHS

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“Recommended for all leaders who want to anticipate the effects of proposed changes and proactively plan for best outcomes – and the guidebook is GREAT!! Opportunities to 'dip into' it during the forum were very useful and revealed just how much it contains. Potential uses are limitless and I just know it’s going to be tattered from overuse". Donna Falls, Middle School Principal, Calamvale Community College


“Most worthwhile. Some sound concrete things to go away with and the changes of pace worked well. The book is EXCELLENT bedtime reading. It helps to refocus and there’s so much more in it as well! As most have said, it is probably the best tool they have seen.” Michelle Hamlin, Deputy Principal, Moorooka State School

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Learning to Lead Change

Learning to Lead







Leading Learning Schools


Leading Learning Schools -- What this Program is About...

In Schools that Learn, Peter Senge says that while all schools are in the business of learning, few are really learning-centred.

There’s now growing support for schools to adopt the processes, principles and leadership practices of learning organisations to encourage more learner-centred learning, extend the role teachers play as learning-leaders, promote thinking and emotional literacy and build the capacity for people to work and learn together through reflecting more openly on learning and management practices. 

Creating a learning school means leveraging the power of learning in new ways, breaking down boundaries to collective learning and improvement, challenging each other to reflect on professional and management practices and putting in place the infrastructure to support continuous creativity in learning practice.

It also means developing new insights into how to build real learning capability and increase the capacity of schools to meet, manage and learn from change. As the hub of potential learning communities everywhere, schools need to constantly re-invent and revitalise themselves to keep relevant - ‘not through regulation’ as Senge reminds us, but rather through ‘changing the way we think and interact together’.

This special 2-day forum takes a 3-tiered look at how the concepts and practices of Senge’s 5 Learning Disciplines apply to individual teachers and school leaders and to classrooms as well as the broader school-management context. It will benefit school practitioners with tools and practices to be better able to: 

Shape a shared vision of a learning school or ensure your current one is really shared and acted on


Revitalise your school learning culture and cultivate curriculum creativity


Identify key improvement areas and refresh your approach to create a more learning-centred environment for students and staff


Break out of the conventional mould of administrator/teacher and strengthen your role as a learning leader


Work more collaboratively in school management teams that think together


Encourage real learning conversations throughout school and in classrooms


Broaden the support you need to sustain school transformation efforts and reduce the dependence-compliance mentality

8 Download the program Brochure here for more information and a course outline.    PDF

8 See our current Schedule of Public Programs for dates and locations of upcoming clinics near you.  Scheduled Dates


NB: This program can be tailored for particular schools as part-day PD sessions, whole days, 2-days or more extended learning events - contact us to discuss your interests or needs.


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