“Great program - really useful regardless of the size of change” Jeanette Edmistone – Centrelink     “Gave me tools and confidence to lead change in a tough environment – and I enjoyed it.” Russel Griggs – Qld Health

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“Very worthwhile. Good course structure, good use of practical examples and demonstration of tools and techniques with the right mix of theoretical and practical. I was able to apply what was learned to situations past, present and future challenges also. The practical resources and tools will definitely be applied." Russell Reilly, Queensland Health


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Leading Change Management

...Using the Five Disciplines tro make Change work...


Leading Change Management - what this Program is About...

Many managers overlook the importance of developing change capabilities, till change is thrust upon them. But whether change is imposed or something you introduce, the ability to manage change and make it happen rapidly and smoothly is one of the keys to organisational vitality, renewal and success.

Being able to lead people through change is a critical skill for successful leaders – knowing how to identify when change is needed, planning how to best go about it, and at the same time, converting confusion, anxiety and resistance into constructive change energy.  

Change leaders are instrumental in communicating the change vision, creating commitment to it, getting people into action and leading them through the change. The focus of this program is on learning about how to lead change and guide others through it.

While there’s no singular, all encompassing model for change, this program looks at leading change through the lens of Senge’s 5 Learning Disciplines Shared Vision, Mental Models, Personal Mastery, Team Learning and Systems Thinking. It shows you a number of different models and roadmaps for change we’ve found useful in different ways for different situations and provides down-to-earth insights into some critical change management practices for facilitating change.

? Do you need to...


Sharpen your appreciation of the role real change leaders play?


Become more adept at building in the elements essential to successful change?


Acquire new models, tool and roadmaps to navigate your way through change?


Get people more involved/committed and secure the buy-in to make change happen?


Know how to design better change processes, frameworks and strategies?


Convert your change plans into real implementation action?


Learn how to handle the inevitable ‘problems’ that arise during change?


Find out what to do to sustain a change effort once you get it started?


What this Program covers...

Whether you’re a hardened change veteran or a beginning novice, this intensive clinic gives both current and emergent leaders a good grounding in practical concepts, tools and frameworks to help do your change-work well.  This practise-intensive 2-day program aims to help you:


Understand the different roles change leaders play and the common elements behind successful change processes


Grasp some key ideas and principles about leading change and focus on the critical practice areas and steps you need to know about


Design effective change processes, develop strategies to mobilise people for change, harness commitment and get maximum involvement and contribution


Reflect on the nature of change, how you manage it personally and equip you with tools, frameworks and processes to guide others through it


Explore how the 5 Learning Disciplines can extend your change leadership capabilities and develop strategies to become a more effective change leader


Thanks for a great workshop - one of the best I've attended over the years. Course structure and content was excellent. The program helped identify a change plan and I’m applying the tools right here and now. My workplace and my own development will gain from the time and money spent attending this program. Keep up the great work!’ Anne B, TAFE Queensland


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