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“Leading Culture Change was an excellent day of learning, sharing and insight... a relaxed format with a well-organised structure - and the workbook is brilliant.” Kerry Russo – Campus Manager, Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE

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Why Culture Matters


“I’d thoroughly recommend this clinic to anyone who wants to learn about leading effective culture change. It was well structured, logical and I found the practical tools and discussions about their use extremely insightful. Excellent resources.” Louise Barrett – Director Corporate Services, Queensland Studies Authority

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“Leading Culture Change was very thought provoking – a good program, well worth the time to get my management team on board with leading cultural change.” Darren Campbell – Department of Justice

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Leading Culture Change -- what this Program is About...

Most leaders are acutely aware of how constructive cultures help people perform well while dislocated ones breed bad behaviour, toxic work climates and chronic under-performance. Leaders are often told ‘getting the culture right’ is the most critical facet to focus on for sustainable results.

Culture ultimately limits or enlarges what’s possible in an organisation. Research, and everyday experience, repeatedly show that culture profoundly effects every facet of organisational life – our attitudes, behaviour, productivity; what we feel, how we think, act, respond to pressures, problems and challenges; how well we work together or not; and how receptive we are to change and innovation.  Culture matters - and it is certainly the X-factor in change success.

Many factors that dislocate a culture have a detrimental flow-on effect on performance that can spell disaster. “We need to change the culture” is a much-repeated mantra heard in many management meetings, yet culture is notoriously difficult to change.

We even define great leaders as those who turn around an impoverished culture and create a constructive one. Whether you helped create the culture you’re dealing with now, or you inherited it from past leaders and the aggregated actions, achievements or accidents of organisation history, leaders certainly have a job monitoring, managing and trying to re-shape or revitalise it from time to time. But before you can do that, you need to get a grip on what culture is.

While there are no magic bullets or quick-fixes, if you can understand a culture, and learn some lessons about what seems to work and what doesn’t, then you have a chance of changing it for the better.

And that’s what Leading Culture Change is about.

This unique 2-day clinic unpacks the components that make up culture and equips you with practical tools to handle culture change better either as part of a specific culture change effort or an adjunct to support other changes you need to implement – whether you’re leading a team, a division or a whole organisation.

[Also periodically offered as a 1-day fast-track clinic: Creating Constructive Cultures ]

A complement to our Leading Change Management program, this clinic features tools and ideas that aim to help you:


Come to grips with what all this culture change stuff is about


Take positive steps to create a more constructive team/workplace culture


Scan for signals of constructive or destructive cultures


Diagnose your current culture and identify ways to revitalise it


Use our 8-stage model to plan positive culture change steps


Revitalise your culture, reconnect people and reduce toxicity


Make your workplace a more warm, welcoming and happier place to be

8 Is this clinic right for you?

Whether you lead a team, direct a division or manage an entire enterprise, the extensive array of useful concepts and tools this clinic provides can assist any level of leader get started in earnest on developing strategies and plans to tackle a culture change challenge. Many organisations have found it useful to send along their whole management team to learn about and work on culture together. 

8 We can come to you

As well as delivering this clinic in-house with a group of culture change leaders in your organisation, we can also help with conducting a Culture Scan or implementing a Culture Change project in your team or organisation.  Read about our Culture Change Services and let us know a time we can call to talk over your needs.


8 Download the program Brochure here for more information  PDF or a concise course outline PDF  


8 Special Culture clinic for Schools  PDF  

8 Dates & Registration: See our current Schedule of Public Programs for locations and dates of upcoming clinics near you.  Scheduled Dates


As with all our learning programs, Leading Culture Change can be conducted in-house as an adjunct to your culture change efforts, an extension to a general organisation change program or as part of your leadership development strategy. Contact Bill Cropper to start a conversation about your culture change challenge/s and ways we can help.

8 Download our Culture Change Services Profile for more information and a course outline.    PDF

The Change Forum also creates and conducts customised Culture Scans based on our 6 CLEVER Dimension Model, tailored to your organisation context, to give you a snapshot of your culture and help get you started on the right path to cultural revitalisation. Scans can be administered externally by us or you can choose to purchase a self-directed version that can be conducted internally by you. We also run team-building and cultural development clinics on a range of topics that can strengthen and support your current culture change programs. Contact Bill Cropper to talk over the state of your culture, find out how we may be able to help or ask us for a quote…


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