“When someone dumps their toxic feelings on us – explodes in anger or threats, shows disgust or contempt – they activate in us circuitry for those very same distressing emotions,” Daniel Goleman - Social Intelligence

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“Strong negative emotions such as anger, sadness, frustration, or despair can be particularly toxic to the human body and affect the immune system’s ability to protect it... In effect, handling emotional toxins can be as hazardous as working with physical toxins. (We) can burn out and become very sick as a result of this toxic contamination.” Peter Frost, Toxic Emotions at Work

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Handling Toxic Emotions at Work


Handling Toxic Emotions at Work -- What this Program is About...

Office, factory or school, caustic conversations and toxic emotions infect most workplaces. They’re the by-product of people who can’t handle their emotional hijacks, who let their bad feelings and mad outbursts control them.

They’re embedded in heated arguments, critical comments, cantankerous colleagues, over-bearing bosses, the stress of work-pressures and deadlines, and the insidious patterns of blame, bullying, despondency, despair, rage and resentment that seethe below the surface in most organisations.

The cost of toxic emotions at work is often invisible but they’re like toxic time bombs. They kill-off trust, ruin relationships, undermine work cultures, cripple teams and corrode connectivity. Apart from resentments, resignations and absenteeism, toxic emotions poison our sense of purpose, rob us of resilience, drain our energy, distract us and disrupt our focus and flow at work.

As well as leaving us stressed, emotionally exhausted or plain frustrated, they also pose a serious health threat, just as if they were real, physical bio-hazards. All this translates into debilitating costs you won’t see on the balance sheet.

Even if some level of toxicity is an unavoidable fact of workplace life, those who want to stay healthy need to learn how to handle it better – and contain outbreaks in the first place.  And this program will show you how...

Handling Toxic Emotions at Work: coping with caustic conversations is a 1-day extension to our Dealing with Difficult Discussions clinic (though that is not a pre-requisite).  It's an interactive seminar that offers you some stress-survival skills for coping in hazardous work cultures. Unless we learn how to emotionally insulate ourselves from the effects of toxic emotions and caustic conversations, they play havoc with our health, our stress levels, our behaviour and our sense of well-being.  This seminar looks at:


Strategies to better cope with caustic conversations and toxic workmates


How to handle your own hijacks and deal with your own disruptive feelings


Insulating yourself from toxic effects and boost your reserves of resilience


Maintaining emotional balance and managing your stress levels

8 Download the program Brochure here for more information and a course outline:    PDF

*Note:   This program can be presented in-house by arrangement for groups of 10 or more...


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