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“I really liked your facilitation style and manner of facilitating the group, Bill. I learned a lot, not only from the content, but also from your own style.  I may even steal a couple of little activities that you used to use in some of my own facilitation.” Alison Rewald, Community Corrections

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Facilitation -- Questions to Ask


“Bill creates a supportive and safe environment. I feel very comfortable attending your courses as I like your relaxed, open and non-judgmental style as a facilitator and I think you explain the content in a way that is easy to understand and relate to in every day life - on both professional and personal levels.” Pauline Bonnici, Qld Health


“You obviously have a talent for bringing out the best in people and helping us learn better ways of going about things through your knowledge, experience, facilitation and sense of humour.” Tameeka Sainsbury, Pacific Pines State High School


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Advanced Facilitation Master Class

Facilitating Effective Teams

...getting great results through good group process


Facilitation Essentials for Leaders -- What this Program is About...

In it’s most general sense, ‘facilitate’ means finding ways to ‘make things easier’.  Facilitation is fundamental to effective group functioning.  Most groups come together to achieve something in particular and while group working can be really effective, the truth is many teams tend to flounder if left entirely to their own devices.

All groups work better together when they have a facilitator with the right tools and techniques to help them keep to task, to mind the process of working together and steer them through ‘crunch-points’ and ‘sticky bits’ that arise in all group-working situations. 

Facilitation isn’t just a ‘touchy-feely’ event to make people feel good.  And there’s much more to it than just routine “meeting mechanics”.  Facilitators act as guides to help teams get results and achieve things together faster and more efficiently. It’s a philosophy about how to help groups navigate their way through what they have to do in ways that maximise contributions, create cohesion, harness collective ideas and energies – and have fun doing it too.

Facilitation is a special kind of leadership that’s not just for formal leaders. It can benefit anyone who wants to strengthen their facilitation skills and in the process, boost their personal confidence, communication and team effectiveness. 

Facilitating Effective Teams is a practise-intensive 2-day skill-building clinic (with optional 1-day fast-track in selected regions) that equips you with a comprehensive suite of up-to-date facilitation tools, models and techniques you can apply in a wide range of different group-working situations from every-day team problem-solving and decision-making to community consultation and engagement and workshop facilitation.  

This highly interactive, hands-on clinic provides a safe and supportive learning environment to explore new tools and practise new skills that will help you:


Get your team working more efficiently together to achieve tasks that really matter


Get people to think together and share ideas more enthusiastically and openly


Keep discussions on track and make better group decisions that are well-supported


Build better relationships and develop more team rapport and cohesion


Build team commitment to common goals


Focus group energy, unleash creativity and make meetings and group-work fun


Re-invigorate your meetings and make them more productive & participative


Cultivate more collaborative problem-solving and action planning


Understand what stops teams working well together and remedy dysfunctions to achieve more engagement in team meetings


Deal with difficult group moments and constructively channel disagreements


Forge consensus and create conditions where teams get results they need faster

8 Read more in our FactFile-19: Facilitation in Leadership.     PDF 

8 Download the full program Brochure for more information and a course outline.     PDF

2-day program     PDF 1-day program

8 See our current Schedule of Public Programs for dates and locations of upcoming clinics near you.  Scheduled Dates

8 Please Note: Facilitating Effective Teams covers foundational tools and techniques that every facilitator needs to know, so if you're new to facilitation, or have some basic skills under your belt and want to add to your repertoire of tools and techniques to deliver more satisfying facilitation sessions, then this course is definitely for you. We also refer to this course as "Fundamental Facilitation". But don’t assume from our course title that ‘fundamental’ merely means ‘basic’. We chose the term 'fundamental' because:

facilitation is a fundamental set of skills leaders and many other professionals from all walks of organisational life need


facilitation is fundamental to good group functioning and to making meetings and workshops more effective


good facilitation, even when dealing with more complex tools, processes and situations, is still built on a foundation of fundamental tools and principles – not fancy footwork, gimmicky games and showy props (though we admit some of these inject a bit of zest and jest)

Some of the tools and processes we cover in Essentials of Facilitation are quite sophisticated and the clinic with its accompanying toolkit is usually comprehensive enough to cater for different participant skills from most basic through intermediate to quite advanced. We do this by adjusting the program as we go, selecting and focusing on particular tools participants feel they most want to explore or master.

If you already have extensive experience facilitating groups and you’re conversant with a wide range of facilitation tools, then you’ll probably be looking for more advanced facilitation techniques and tools – and this is where our Advanced Facilitation Master Class comes in.  By all means call us before you register to talk over your current capabilities and development directions and we’ll be able to advise which program is more suited to your needs...


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