“A worthwhile course applicable to any profession. Content excellent and applicable to my work and the guidebook was very detailed, easy to follow and a good reference for the future. The facilitator was excellent – very friendly, with a great sense of humour which made the course even more interesting.” Mary Cataldo, Disability Services Queensland

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What People Say...


“EI at Work started me on my journey to becoming more emotionally intelligent. It reminded me to look at how my behaviour also impacts on others in difficult situations, not just how their behaviour impacts on me” Liz Good, Queensland Health


“The workshop was full of gems... A great opportunity to have a good hard look at yourself and the way you deal with other people and explore tools to improve that. I really enjoyed Bill’s approach and the relaxed way in which he worked with our team. It was a fantastic opportunity for our team in many respects. Thank you for a great day.” Kelly Duffy, Disability Services Queensland

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The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

What People Say

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EI at Work: Working with Emotional Intelligence

Working with Emotional Intelligence



Working with Emotional Intelligence...

Emotions may seem minor from a strictly rational business viewpoint, yet they have a real impact in terms of getting work done well, relating well to customers, colleagues, bosses, and creating a positive and productive work climate. 

Whether we’re aware of them or not, feelings are pivotal for high-energy teams, constructive work relationships and ‘can-do’ cultures. They profoundly influence how we behave, how we cope with change, how well we manage workload pressures and how motivated, satisfied and effective we are at work.

The cost of a lack of emotional intelligence is huge in terms of staff turnover, low work output, stress, mistakes and low morale – but they often go unnoticed. We all know when people feel down emotionally, concentration is difficult, the tendency to make mistakes increases, tempers are stretched and work is likely to be less productive than when we feel good and at our best.

Emotional Intelligence has a lot to do with raising levels of achievement, motivation, goal-focus, optimism, joy, purpose and performance and creating positive, productive work climates... And it's about decreasing dysfunctional behaviour and performance drawbacks like anger, apathy, aggression, anxiety, cynicism, contempt, sullen silence and withdrawal that set off set off negative emotional chain-reactions and spawn toxic work climates.

8 Read more about Why EI Matters here... or download our FactFile on the subject to share with others in your team.


EI at Work -- an EI clinic for Staff...

EI at Work: Working with Emotional Intelligence is a 1-day, interactive seminar for the people leaders depend on most – their STAFF!   It provides down-to-earth insights into how to apply personal EI practices to boost performance and bring out the best in yourself and others – whether at work or at home. 

[We recommend leaders and managers attend our long-running 2-day leadership clinic: 'Personal Mastery: Leading with Emotional Intelligence'.]

8 Links to other Emotional Intelligence programs for leaders and teams   



How well do you connect with others in your team? Do You want to...


Get in tune with your own feelings and manage your moods better?


Understand the impact emotional styles have on other people?


Connect better with colleagues and others?


Handle conflict, anger, change and stress better?


Deal better with difficult people?


Better manage critical work situations?


Improve team relationships


What will I learn about EI?

This fun, 1-day interactive seminar shows staff what EI is, why it matters and some simple tools to apply 5 SMART EI work practices to improve relationships and behaviour at work. You’ll:


Identify the impact emotions have on you and your work ability


Practise techniques to take control of your feelings and see how they affect you and others at work


Manage your moods and control negative emotions we all have from time to time much better


Gain insights into how feelings influence your level of job satisfaction and your approach to work


Enhance your ability to get along with others and deal better with difficult moments


Explore emotional self-responsibility – how you own your feelings and the impact you have on others


Complete an EI Quiz to understand your emotional habits and what you need to work on


8 Download the program Brochure for more information and a course outline PDF

8 See our current Schedule of Public Programs for dates and locations of upcoming clinics near you. Scheduled Dates

8 Register On-Line   or Enquire about an In-House clinic for your team   


  IN-HOUSE Programs are always an option... EI at Work can be tailored to suit particular team or organisation learning priorities, integrated as part of a more comprehensive workplace improvement program and can be extended to 2-days to cover topics in more depth and provide more tools practice.  It can also be broken down into a series of part-day sessions.  Contact us to discuss your team or organisation learning needs...


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