“I was quite impressed. The guidebook was easy to follow and provides useful tools and strategies for the classroom. I liked your conversational approach and the way you unpack EI, I see how it can transform our workplaces, relationships and the way we live and learn. Thanks.” Jan Fenlon - Gracemere State School

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If you're contemplating school change, renewal or revitalisation or want to challenge your current thinking about learning practices and see how Peter Senge's 5 Learning Disciplines can help... you might like to come along to this special 2-day forum for school leaders.

Testimonial for Dealing with Difficult Discussions







Teaching with Emotional Intelligence -- What this Program is about...


Have you:


Grown restless, questioning – or just feel something missing in your teaching?


Reached a point where you know how much emotions really matter for good learning & good classrooms?


Been looking for tools to help you integrate more emotional coaching and learning into your teaching mix?


Realised that before you can emotionally coach learners you need to become an emotional learner yourself?


Nowhere is EI more critical than in classroom leadership. Things like knowing how feelings affect you, connecting with others and controlling disruptive emotions, are foundational for success in learning and life. The more emotional connection there is in a classroom, the more everyone feels happy, interested, enthused. Students learn best and teachers teach best when they feel good about being in class and feel they get along well with others.

Whether you plan to or not, all teachers are emotional coaches. They deal with emotions day-in and day-out. Like leaders everywhere, teachers knowingly or unknowingly, imprint emotional patterns on students. Research reveals a teacher’s level of EI is by far the single most important variable in creating emotionally safe, supportive and constructive classroom climates. Becoming more adept with tools for emotional coaching enhances teacher effectiveness, classroom management and learning climate. EI may not be the cure-all of all classroom challenges, but more of it certainly helps cultivate happier, healthier, higher-functioning and less-stressed classrooms, students and teachers.

Coming along to this 1-day practise-intensive clinic can help enhance your emotional self-awareness, equip you to be a better emotional classroom coach – and provide you with a substantial resource kit of tools and ideas to apply EI in a range of classroom contexts. It shows you how to raise levels of learning by targeting positive emotions and develop learning activities and strategies that are emotionally resonant and engaging. After coming along to this highly popular program, you will be better equipped to:


Manage your own emotions better and lead with EI in your classroom


Raise levels of engagement and make classroom climates more joyful, respectful and emotionally supportive


Work on ways to integrate more social and emotional learning and leadership into classroom activities


Model how to handle hostility/conflict better and be a real emotional coach


8 Download the program Brochure here, for more information and a course outline   PDF 

8 See our current Schedule of Public Programs for dates and locations of upcoming clinics near you.  Scheduled Dates


  A Note for School Leaders.... A principal’s leadership style and relationship management has a big impact on school climate and teacher morale -- school leaders wanting to improve their relational skills and learn the practices behind emotionally intelligent leadership, will find our 2-day clinic on Personal Mastery: Leading with Emotional Intelligence more appropriate to their role as school managers and leaders.

  Note... Teaching with EI can be tailored for particular schools as whole or part-day PD sessions or integrated with other development areas for more extended learning events.  Contact us to find out about having this program presented in-house for your school or school cluster or to express interest in arranging a scheduled program for your region...

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