“When it comes to understanding our own emotions, where most of us are is lost” Stone, Patton & Heen, Difficult Conversations p. 91

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"This course is fantastic if you want to improve your skills in managing your staff for positive outcomes. I have used the skills already in an office interaction and it worked!” Kelly H., Director, Federal Govt Agency

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“This was a very powerful learning opportunity, an excellent day appropriately structured and managed – that opened my eyes to just how important EI is in all aspects of personal, family and working life.” Justine L, Qld University

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The Emotionally Intelligent Leader -- What this Program is About...

Emotional Intelligence isn’t just an optional extra anymore - it’s virtually become a brand-name for brilliant leadership and a critical capability for every leader.  More leaders now connect successful outcomes with their ability to tune into themselves and be more mindful of the impact their feelings have on the culture, performance and emotions of the people they lead.

A manager’s leadership style and relationship management approach has a big impact on workplace climate, staff morale and ultimately team performance.  Emotions percolate through every aspect of our lives. They affect how we think, who we are and how we live. They exert a powerful pull on how we behave and how we cope with change and stress. They dictate how well we manage our relationships and they ultimately determine how productive, happy, satisfied and effective we are.  


“A leader, by most accepted understandings, has a healthy ego, is a model of confidence and stands as a paragon of strength. Showing weakness or emotion is considered a mistake. In fact, however, exhibiting honest vulnerability is the key to making connections with other people – the initial opening that allows a Powerful Conversation to take place… Powerful Conversations require us to be open and honest about our feelings, including our needs and weaknesses – our vulnerabilities – and gives the leader the licence to lead.”  Phil Harkins, Powerful Conversations: How High Impact Leaders Communicate p. 24

Do you need to connect better with the people you lead and encourage more constructive emotional climates?  Perhaps you are seeking to manage moods and use emotions more positively?  Or to handle defensiveness, conflict, anger and hostility better?

What this Clinic will cover: This 1-day fast-track clinic -- adapted from our more in-depth 2-day Personal Mastery program -- offers busy leaders a fast-track to EI leadership essentials, pacing you through selected tools and practices to cultivate connectivity and more constructive team relationships.

This clinic overviews the 7 Practices of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders and selected tools you can use to energise your leadership and make EI work for you!  It aims to help you:


See the role emotions play in leadership and how to use them more effectively


Take stock of your EI skills and the impact emotions have on you as a leader


Understand the workplace cost of toxic emotions and learn some strategies for dealing with disruptive emotions and hostility


Explore selected EI tools and practices to tune in and connect better with others


Identify what you can to do to be more of an EI leader

Some of the Topics we cover include


The role EI plays in great leadership


Leaders as emotional amplifiers & caretakers


Connective leadership & the brain basis of EI


7 Practices of EI Leaders – an overview


Toxic emotions, emotional hijacks and expressing feelings more effectively


Reading and connecting with other’s feelings


Handling hostility and provocation


5 Step Self-Coaching model to improve EI leadership


8 Download program Brochure here  PDF  or review the course outline PDF

8 See our current Schedule of Public Programs for dates and locations of upcoming clinics near you. Scheduled Dates

8 Register On-Line   or Enquire about an In-House clinic for your team 


*Note: This 1-day clinic offers a fast-track alternative to our more practise-intensive 2-day program for in-house clients with budget or time constraints and publicly, in selected regional locations. Our full 2-day program: Personal Mastery: Leading with Emotional Intelligence provides more in-depth coverage of The 7 Practices of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders and is recommended wherever possible.



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