"The most interesting and relevant training I’ve ever attended – and I have no hesitation recommending this program." Graham S, Qld Health...  "This course really helped me look at life/situations from a very different perspective..." Sue C., AIMS

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"Provided a fantastic platform upon which to build much deeper and authentic connections with my colleagues and learn a lot more about myself. I really enjoyed your presentation style, Bill and the guidebook with its array of tools is a valuable resource." Maurice W, Education Qld



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“I have already said to several that this clinic is well worth going to - so very much practical information to  assist, even if you’re not in a leadership role. All the tools Bill used were useful, you mixed it up well and kept the interest going....It’s interesting that no matter your field of work, leadership struggles are the same."  Valerie H., Clinical Nurse

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"Connective Leadership: Compassion in action"

a KeyNote paper from a presentation by Bill  Cropper... Download KeyNotes   here.


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Personal Mastery: Leading with Emotional Intelligence -- What this Program is About... 

More and more leaders are recognising the connection between successful outcomes and the impact their own patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving have on people and situations around them.

Emotions percolate through every aspect of our lives. They affect how we think, who we are and how we live. They exert a powerful pull on how we behave and how we cope with change and stress. They dictate how well we manage our relationships and they ultimately determine how productive, happy, satisfied and effective we are.

How well leaders work with emotions not only has a direct effect on productivity, teamwork, culture and performance: developing EI skills like perseverance, resilience, self-confidence, self-motivation, connectivity, empathy and social intelligence is critical to both work and life success. Skills like these are essential for happy, productive workplaces. When they’re not there, we notice.

Leadership starts from the inside out. As we point out in our leadership clinics: “Before you lead outwards, you need to look inwards.” You need to understand and manage yourself first, before you can take on the task of leading others.

Repeatedly, research shows that what sets successful leaders apart from the rest is their ability to ‘tune into' and manage themselves effectively, and be mindful of and responsive to the needs of others -- in other words, their level of personal mastery and emotional intelligence. These are not just optional extras anymore – understanding the benefits of leading with emotional intelligence and knowing how to apply key practices of EI leaders is a 'must-have' capability in today's leadership environment.

Whatever your leadership roles or goals – whether it’s to be more visionary, to manage relationships better or to inspire superior performance –- the critical factor to begin with is inside yourself.  And that's where The Change Forum's EI clinics come in...

Do you Want to… 


Energise people you lead and create constructive emotional climates?


Connect with your people better and get in tune with them?


Diagnose the impact your emotional style has on others?


Manage your moods and handle conflict, anger and hostility better?


Boost your leadership performance and bring out the best in others?


Work more diligently on your level of self-awareness and self-mastery?


Develop personal strategies to be a more emotionally intelligent leader?

What this Program covers:

Personal Mastery: Leading with Emotional Intelligence is a highly interactive, 2-day coaching clinic giving down-to-earth insights into the critical leadership practices of Personal Mastery and Emotional Intelligence, and opportunities to try-out a collection of practical tools for applying 7 key Practices of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders to energise your leadership, help create more connective team relationships and bring out the best in yourself and others.  It will help you:


Explore the role EI leaders play in creating constructive emotional climates


Assess the impact your emotional patterns have on your effectiveness as a leader


Be more alert to how feelings affect work performance and workplace well-being


Apply 7 EI practices to manage your own emotions, maintain emotional balance and cultivate a more resonant and connective style of leadership


Deal more effectively with feelings and reduce the effects of disruptive emotions


Develop connectivity skills such as empathy, rapport and compassion


Stock-take your EI skills, identify strategies and set self-coaching goals to be a more emotionally intelligent leader and connect better with the people you lead

Is this Clinic right for You?

This 2-day program has evolved into one of the most powerful and practical tool-based events you can do to master the things that really matter in leading well. People from all walks of leadership life use this clinic to mindfully manage moods and enrich their relational and emotional self-awareness skills – managers, team leaders, executives, school principals, social workers, clinicians, administrators, customer-service officers, teachers, facilitators, trainers... public, private and community sector professionals.

After coming along to this highly popular program, you will:


Have a deeper appreciation of the role personal mastery and emotional intelligence play in producing high-performance leadership results.


Care about creating more positive emotional climates at work, be able to reduce the effects of dissonant emotions and deal more effectively with feelings – both yours and others’.


Know how to apply practical mood management techniques to build better relationships and boost work performance.


Be able to cultivate a more emotionally resonant leadership style and be more alert and sensitive to the way emotions influence workplace performance and well-being.


Develop personal strategies to be a more effective and emotionally intelligent leader


*Note: A 1-day fast-track alternative for busy leaders "The EI Leader" is offered in regional areas and in-house.  It provides an overview of the 7 Practices of EI Leadership and some practical sessions on a selection of tools only -- information and course Flyer here.

[ This 2-day program Personal Mastery: Leading with Emotional Intelligence recommended where time and budget allows.  It provides more in-depth and practice-intensive coverage of the topic.

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