“...Excellent demonstration that “words matter” and the need for clear consistency between your messages and your actions/approach... I can see now how superficially I approached change in the past... that I failed to engage people emotionally with respect to change - never considered I should or could.” Anon. by request

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“Excellent ...changed my focus from being fearful of change to seeing that the more people involved the better. And from being negative about difficult people to show how to include them and possibly win them over... ” Dennis Wyatt – Townsville Health Service District

Testimonial for Dealing with Difficult Discussions

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Challenging Change Resistance -- what this Program is About...

One of the biggest worries for most change leaders is “What do we do with the resistors?” Sometimes, this almost eclipses their ability to focus constructively on the change itself.

Denial, hostility, resistance, frustration, a sense of loss of control and helplessness are normal change reactions everyone experiences to some degree. But prolonged feelings like this can spread and infect others, detract from personal/organisation change-ability and become a big block to change in the long run.

This purpose of this program is to help people understand resistance – their own or others – and come to grips with managing it better.

This 1-day clinic for change leaders at any level concentrates on the anatomy of resistance, strategies for engaging with it and managing it proactively.  It will help you to:


Explore the nature of resistance and why some change efforts fail


Connect with the thinking and emotional patterns that bolster resistance


Assess the impact and risk associated with various types of resistance


Work through a 5-step process for engaging resistance


Practise strategies to engage and challenge resistance constructively yet sensitively


Develop a resistance management plan

8 Download the program Brochure for more information and a course outline.   PDF

8 See our current Schedule of Public Programs for dates and locations of upcoming clinics near you.  Scheduled Dates

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