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"I want to be more confident as a leader and have gained so much from attending this clinic... so full of information and practical ideas that can be put into practice immediately” Judy D, Housing Service


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“Awesome! You should do it... I want to be more confident & courageous so I can step up with my role. I found this course very useful not just with work but in general - dealing with people."  Karen A, Qld Govt Agency


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 Building Conversational Confidence



Building Conversational Confidence -- What this Program is about...

Conversations are at the core of what most of us do every day.  So much happens through and in them. They play a truly significant role in our lives – both at work and at home

We all have a natural need to be heard – to want to have our say, and have our ideas, views and feelings listened-to, acknowledged and understood. While we want to have a say in conversations, though, not all of us plunge fearlessly into them.

Have you ever envied those who seem to effortlessly connect with others in conversations, get their attention, get noticed and get heard? It’s just not fair!

Whatever’s going on for them on the inside, from the outside they come across so conversationally confident. Meanwhile, on the other side of the table, there you are: cringing in creeping anxiety at the possibility you might have to speak-up; and hoping your invisibility shield will hold a little bit longer, at least until the end of the meeting.

For a good many, conversations can be a pretty scary, anxiety-provoking proposition. For some of us, it’s a major dread: we fear that what we will be ignored, scoffed-at, picked-apart or just come out all wrong. Whether it’s shyness, self-doubt, fear of saying the wrong thing or making a fool of yourself, or feeling a bit awkward or out-of-your-depth at times, many people zip their lips and say as little as possible. 

That's where this clinic comes in... Our theme is 'speak-up' with confidence, persuasion and influence. It’s about helping you overcome conversational reticence; to combat anxiety and engage positively in meetings where you can say what you have to say and put your views forward in ways that will be heard.

It also aims to show you how to stay engaged in, and follow, a conversation; listen to hear what others have to say, and connect with them. For some, it might also be about making it safe for others to speak up and learning how to include them better in your team talk!

8 Read our Article on 'What to do when your Conversational Invisibility Shield fails'


What we cover in this Clinic:

Our 1-day coaching clinic on Building Conversational Confidence is a unique program that shows you how to apply some easy tools and techniques to raise your conversational confidence, speak with more clarity and influence, and generally have better, more satisfying interactions – at work and elsewhere. You'll learn how to:

Overcome conversational hold-backs and confidence drainers


Stamp out self-limiting self-talk and self-defeating behaviours


Get people to pay more attention to what you have to say


Connect, listen, respond and engage better in conversations


Adopt calm and self-control to replace anxiety and fear


Speak-up and put your views across clearly and confidently


8 Download the program brochure here for an overview of topics we'll cover



Conversational Coaching approach:

Like all Change Forum programs, this clinic:

Takes a tool-kit based approach: Equips you with a set of simple, effective and easy-to-learn tools to enhance the quality of your conversations


Comes with a substantial self-directed Guide to support your ongoing learning after the coaching clinic – containing simple explanations of key conversational concepts, step-by-step outlines of tools with tips to apply them as well as scaffolding to construct your own coaching program.


Focuses on actual tools: We keep our theory-breaks slim and focus on practise so you'll feel confident to start using the tools in real-life conversations. After all, you can read about how to improve your conversations anywhere. We think people learn best through doing.


Accents practising in a safe environment: Our clinics offer a safe, small group environment to support your learning while you try-out different tools and approaches to improve your conversational confidence and participation back-at-work.


Deal with real-life conversational challenges: We address real conversational challenges you're likely to face, adapting the content of each clinic to cover major areas of need or interest.


Is this Clinic right for you?

Many people want to be more persuasive and assertive in their conversations with others. In fact, acting assertively in positive ways, can increase confidence and self-control. It generally gains respect, and increases the chance for honest and open relationships.

Regardless of background or level, this clinic will benefit anyone who wants to speak with more confidence in meetings, be able to put forward their views and ideas more clearly or become more persuasive in discussions with others. It is not a course about winning arguments. But it will benefit those who want to be more influential, and say what they have to say in ways that will be heard.

We sometimes wrongly believe that conversational awkwardness or anxiety only exists among the so-called lower echelons in our workplaces. Or to put it another way, we assume that if you’re a leader or manager you must have learned the gift of the gab. But research suggests that conversational anxiety may actually affect more than 50% of us, regardless of place or position.

This clinic will also be of use to leaders and managers who want to encourage and coach their staff in conversational confidence and contribution.


8 Download program Brochure here  PDF 

8 See our current Schedule of Public Programs for dates and locations of upcoming clinics near you.  Scheduled Dates

8 Register On-Line   or Enquire about an In-House clinic for your team 

8 Read about improving conversation and difficult discussion skills in our FactFiles, starting with FactFile-1: Constructive Conversations and FactFile-5: The Business of Conversations


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