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“I was very inspired by your course (and) the training has had very positive effect on our team. We are much more respectful and supportive of each other and keen to progress as a more self-managed team. Good reference book, which we are regularly referring to.” Kym Harland, Disability Services Queensland


“Very useful and practical. The most beneficial training course I’ve been on for some time. Theory well-reinforced with practical examples, user participation and feedback… Very worthwhile.” Garry Baills, Hervey Bay City Council

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Leadership tools to form, reform and transform teams


What this Program is About...

Most workplaces say they work in teams, fewer know how to make teams work well. Getting teams to work in well together is a major mission for leaders, no matter what level they’re at. Without team-building skills, many leaders bumble along, making the same old avoidable errors that get teams in a tangle.

Getting clearer on what it takes to work well in teams makes a big difference to people fitting in and getting along. The ability to mobilise cohesive teams is a key way you gauge your success as a leader. It’s through teams that leaders get results that really matter. Like anything else, teams break-down, under-perform, disintegrate, cease to function as they should and need revitalising, re-forming or fine-tuning from time to time. And that’s where Building Better Teams comes in.

Over 2-days (or 1-day in selected regions) Building Better Teams explores the art of team-building. Whether you’re fine-tuning an existing team or starting one from scratch, it covers key design dimensions and team-building tools to form teams, facilitate them to work collaboratively, manage team relationships and performance, get commitment to common goals, get rid of barriers that get in the way of good teamwork, create cohesion and rethink how your team works together. It’s a tall order...

Some of the topics we touch on in this invigorating clinic include:


The leader’s role as team-builder & designer


Designing teams: the 7 key Dimensions


Developing team visions, goals & targets


Team boundaries and work processes


Team roles, dynamics and interactions


Dealing with difficult team moments


Building a positive team culture


Talking in teams -- connective conversation


Getting participation and engagement


Encouraging accountability, creativity and learning


Collective vs. Individual Work Styles


Team decision-making and problem-solving


Team empowerment and self-responsibility


Team Operating Principles and Blueprints


Building Better Teams can benefit anyone who leads teams from director level down who wants to work with their team on developing shared visions, new team designs, operating principles, workroles and decision-making practices. It’s also useful if you’re looking to learn how to plan and facilitate teambuilding sessions or reform and revitalise teams...
We think people learn best by doing so there’s lots of practice to build your confidence to use the tools back at work, backed up by a comprehensive self-coaching guide to support your continued learning and sharing with your team.
Each participant brings a real-life team leadership situation to work on with others – to develop a personalised team action-plan and contract to carry out back-at-work activities.

8 Download the program Brochure for more information and a course outline.

8 See our current Schedule of Public Programs for dates and locations of upcoming clinics near you.  Scheduled Dates


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