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   Our Coaching Approach…

The next question is whether our coaching approach will suit you, your personal learning style and your specific needs. All coaches have different approaches, use different frameworks, tools and techniques and have a different personal flavour. What suits one person just won’t suit someone else. The fit between you, your coach and the coaching approach is critical for your learning comfort and success.

With a background of around 20 years in change management consulting, we’ve built up a fair bit of experience facilitating, guiding, mentoring and coaching leaders and teams…

In recent years, we’ve been focussing more particularly on leadership and personal mastery skills development, providing individual and team-based coaching in a range of different contexts – executive and leadership coaching, change management and team coaching, conversational coaching, self-development and performance improvement coaching, and coaching for personal and emotional mastery – as well as helping people develop their own coaching skills to take on a more facilitative, coaching style of leadership.

1. Our coaching approach is personalised, specific to you and non-judgemental.

We work with you to realise the goals that matter most to you - to help you uncover your full potential, achieve higher levels of self-awareness, become a better leader and tackle specific challenges you face in your existing or emerging role and work context.

2. The focus of coaching sessions is individually determined and controlled by you.

Whether it's performance role coaching, increasing your personal mastery and leadership awareness, working with teams, conversational coaching, relationship building, leading with emotional intelligence, managing change or tackling your own management or workplace improvement priorities – you choose what you need to work on.

3. And we’re flexible about you changing your coaching course or direction too.

We know things come up between coaching sessions that might change the tack you want to take with us or lead you to rethink your goals or focus for coaching. Sometimes, too, as your thinking or insights deepen, new lines of self-inquiry emerge that may be more relevant to you

4. We know how important a comfortable, emotionally "safe" coaching environment is.

When you’re at work, you seldom get a safe environment to practise in. You’re under pressure ‘playing the game’ – there’s no time to reflect, it’s too risky to try out a new tool or approach and you rarely get feedback about what you’re doing – or not (as the case may be). You need to feel safe during our sessions together. That means creating an atmosphere of positive mutual regard between us, where you can say what you feel, speak your mind and feel free to takes risks, open up, explore yourself deeply and admit mistakes – without feeling blamed or judged. We also carefully protect the confidentiality of your sessions with us.

5. We take a values-based approach – aligning values-awareness to your challenges

Whether you choose to explore and discuss them directly, values are always with us. They’re often an essential key to understand what’s happening for someone with a recurring problem, troublesome behaviour, or continual conflict situations. We help you identify your key values or beliefs and explore how they impact on how you handle particular problems or situations.

6. We ‘optionalise’ with you – not suggest ‘right’ answers or approaches

We know there’s never one right solution, one single contributing factor to a dilemma or one person or cause to blame. We help you identify multiple options and choices and weigh up the consequences for yourself, through testing different hypothesis and scenarios and asking open-ended questions that promote discovery of new possibilities.

7. We take an action learning, practice-orientated approach

We’ve outlined what Action Learning is in Section 6. During each coaching session, we’ll discuss try-out actions to practice, tools you can use to master your specific challenges and also explore how to adapt what you learn to your every-day work situations, model new skills and behaviours and build upon your unique experiences, skills, strengths and knowledge.

8. We cognitively coach to develop your critical reflection and inquiry skills

With cognitive coaching, you get in touch with your thinking patterns – your mental models and assumptions – learn to reflect on how significant an impact they have on you, and develop sound habits of questioning your own thinking – what we call inquiry.

9. We challenge you – respectfully - and give unconditionally constructive feedback

We assume you’re not doing coaching just to have your current thinking patterns confirmed (though we’ll do a bit of that too!). We challenge you to look at what you’re doing from some different angles, see yourself through some different lenses and try on some different mental models. But we always do it respectfully. In fact, we’ll often brainstorm and challenge our thinking together. And when we give feedback, it will always be unconditionally constructive.

10. We use tools to support you through the coaching process – and beyond.

Over the time we spend together, you’ll build up a customised kit of tools – all laid out in a simple to follow, step-by-step format – suited to your particular coaching challenges. Tools are processes, techniques and approaches that will help you bridge the gap between theory and practice, between ideas and action. They promote creativity, innovation, self-expression and self-discovery – and we see them as an absolutely essential ingredient for good coaching.

We also encourage you to work toward self-sufficiency by learning how to apply our self-coaching model between sessions (see Section 16).

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