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 The calibre of your Conversation counts for leadership success...

3 ways to Update & Renovate how you communicate & connect with staff…

 DIFFICULT DISCUSSIONS ~ Toowoomba MAY 10-11 ~Brisbane May 27-28


 EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE ~ Toowoomba JULY 20-21 ~ Brisbane June 23-24

Hi – Bill Cropper here with some ideas on how crucial leading through conversations really can be…

The calibre of conversations leaders have is a telling indicator of the performance culture of their workplace and a key element in the effective functioning of any team. As a leader, you’re the role model for the way conversations happen in your place. Your ability to conduct constructive conversations is an indispensable leadership tool – and a vital element for personal and leadership success!  Read More >>>

Through conversations, leaders inspire, influence, motivate, connect, make decisions and help move people to action. In fact, they’re a core business activity!  Lots of leaders don’t see the need to work on conversational skills, yet many leadership dilemmas hark back to habits of talk that obstruct constructive conversation-making. When a leader’s conversations are off-colour, coordination breaks down, relationships and feelings suffer, mistakes and misunderstandings multiply and productivity plummets. Constructive conversations are characterised by skilful discussion where we stay in dialogue in ways that encourage openness and healthy give-and-take. Read More >>>

And that's where The Change Forum’s conversational coaching clinics come in. Here’s 3 ways to update & renovate how you communicate & connect with staff (click on course title for brochure)

Dealing with DIFFICULT DISCUSSIONS – TOOWOOMBA MAY 10-11, Brisbane May 27-28: They’re something every leader needs to learn how to handle better – and the toughest test of a leader’s conversational and emotional capabilities. Do you want to have more courageous conversations and tackle difficult discussions more diligently? This clinic equips you with a robust set of easy-to-use tools to navigate your way through those troublesome moments more confidently. Practise a more methodical, controlled and step-by-step approach to convert destructive confrontation into constructive conversations.  Topics we cover include…


Deciphering the dynamics of difficult discussions


Starting a difficult discussion more decisively


3-part structure behind difficult discussions


Blockers: Intentions, blame and assumptions


Facing feelings - core of difficult discussions


Tips for defusing difficult moments


5-stages in dealing with difficult discussions

Leading through CONVERSATIONS – Brisbane June 3-4:Conversations are how leaders connect.  Through constructive conversations, leaders inspire, energise and motivate, set the emotional tone and build a sense of harmony and collaboration. This must-do 2-day coaching clinic centres on 7 essential principles for more powerful, penetrating and constructive conversations that will heighten your conversational awareness, strengthen your capacity for conversational leadership and equip you with a set of easy-to-learn tools that will boost your ability to conduct more effective conversations in a range of settings – one-on-one, team meetings, problem-solving sessions and public forums.  Topics we cover include…


The Conversational Coaching Scorecard – your challenges


The 5 Conversational Capabilities and how they impact your talk


Levels of Listening and tips for listening ‘up’


The 7 Principles for Constructive Conversations


Debate to dialogue: Different kinds of discussion modes


Perceptual positions, precision questions and exploring assumptions


Being persuasive: Saying what you need to say – cleanly & clearly


Staying in Dialogue and the 5-P Model of Skilful Discussion

Personal Mastery: LEADING WITH EI – Brisbane June 23-24, TOOWOOMBA JULY 20-21: Emotions are the backdrop to everything leaders do. Leadership success depends on Emotional Intelligence (EI). How aware we are of our emotional patterns and the impact we have on others, profoundly affects work culture, team climate and ultimately, job performance. Emotional skills like empathy and connectivity are critical to work, leadership and life success - to building happy, productive workplaces and raising levels of focus, purpose, optimism and joy… This clinic has loads of relevant insights into how to apply 7 key EI practices to energise your leadership, create more connective team relationships and bring out the best in others.  Topics we cover will help you…


See how emotional intelligence links to high-performance leadership results


Explore key dimensions and practices to energise leadership


Create more connective and constructive team relationships


Assess the impact your emotional patterns have on you and others


Apply tools to create more positive emotional climates at work


Deal more effectively with feelings – both yours and other


Cultivate a more emotionally effective and resonant leadership style

Can we do these clinics IN-HOUSE? If dates don’t suit or you’d like to incorporate one of our many clinics into your teambuilding or leadership development initiatives, we offer a range of programs in-house to groups of 12 or more.  Use our on-line enquiry form or call us to discuss ways we can help…

Culture-Building Clinics: Our Working Better Together clinics equip people with the conversational, emotional and positive interaction skills to build vibrant, healthy, connective work cultures and tune-up their team to put in a superior performance. Teambuilding can take a multitude of different paths so to make it easier to design a clinic that’s right for you, we’ve developed a menu of 10 different self-contained ‘sessions’ based on team-building topics and themes we find people commonly gravitate toward. Read more about them and our team-building approach in our Team-Building Prospectus, which also has lots of useful pointers to help you plan your next team-building session. Is it time to work on how your team works together? Contact us to discuss running a Working Better Together clinic in-house for your team.

Free FACTFILES: See our free FactFiles for topical tips on aspects of leadership, teamworking, EI and change… for example Constructive Conversations… 7 essential principles of talking together; EI: Why it matters for life, work and well being; Teambuilding: the art of working better together and Putting People at the Centre of Change.

Extending the Learning... Improving your own team or workplace culture is a great place to start but real change is better achieved when the whole working community participates, so it's really helpful to let people in other workplaces and organisations know about improvement opportunities on offer in their region. Your help in sharing information about our activities and programs with staff, colleagues, associates and your wider management, HR and regional networks is always greatly appreciated...

Hope to see you or your staff at one of these great learning opportunities… Thank you for your time. And if you don't want any more notices of upcoming learning events in your local area let us know. (Unsubscribe link below)

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