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July-December 2009

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New Course Calendar July-Dec 2009

Coming up soon in TOWNSVILLE & CAIRNS:

Sept 15-16 ~ Learning to LEAD: for new Leaders

Sept 17-18 ~ The COACHING Leaders' Clinic

Sept 23 & Oct 26 ~ EI@Work: 1-day Staff Seminar

Sept 24-25 ~ Learning to Lead CHANGE

Our capacity as leaders to respond, adapt and support others through change is highlighted in times of uncertainty and often sudden change.

At The Change Forum, we believe that  learning is at the heart of successful change and offer a range of coaching clinics for leaders and teams to help build the conversational, relational, emotional and personal capabilities people need to support them through change while creating a more adaptive, productive and emotionally intelligent workplace culture along the way.

An introduction to several coaching clinics coming up soon in North Queensland follows – more detailed outlines and course brochures available for download at Register on-line or using forms in each brochure.

Here's a summary of what's coming up...

Learning to LEAD: Laying Foundations for Leadership

TOWNSVILLE Sept 15-16... BRISBANE Oct 29-30...

Managing vs. leading – what’s the difference? What do I need to know to really lead? What can I do to be a better leader?

Most of us know about the traditional coordinating and managing tasks leaders do – but fewer of us know how to really lead people. That involves a very different set of skills and roles: how to infuse enthusiasm, shape a shared vision, inspire commitment, mobilise energy, be coaches, culture-creators, meaning-makers, relationship-builders, facilitators, perspective-takers and change-makers.

This practise-intensive 2-day clinic explores critical roles, skills and capabilities you need to really lead and introduces an array of useful leadership concepts, frameworks and tools, plus a self-coaching model you can use to help set goals and personal improvement plans. What do people say about this clinic?

“Very valuable – time well spent. It gave me a better appreciation of leading, provided good tools and many new skills and insights.” David Kiehne, Queensland Health

"Our organisation decided to concentrate on developing our leaders of tomorrow and Bill's range of Learning to Lead courses was just what we’d been looking for. Feedback has been consistently great! Real changes can been seen in attitudes and behaviours.” Jo Lambden, Director Hervey Bay City Council

Download course Brochure for details and registration form...

The COACHING Leaders' Clinic

CAIRNS Sept 17-18... BRISBANE Nov 10-11...

Why take a coaching approach to leadership? Because coaching's a better way to get the best from the resource you rely on most – your people. It’s a much more constructive, emotionally intelligent leadership style than directing and controlling. Workplaces with strong coaching cultures notice significant improvements in terms of open communication, job satisfaction and the general level of happiness and productivity at work.

Many managers want to adopt more of a coaching style but lack the know-how and confidence. Equipping leaders with easy-to-apply tools and practise opportunities that can help them learn how to do this safely is what The Coaching Leaders' Clinic is designed to do. What do participants have to say? 

“I coach team members and found this clinic well designed, delivered and extremely relevant... Course structure, content and tools presented were practical, useful and relevant in the workplace... An enjoyable and effective learning experience - well done.” Lisa Cochrane - Queensland Police

“Gave me a good grounding and all made sense in regard to leading in a positive manner when presented with particular situations. I had a great time learning and the guide will be very helpful long after the course has finished. Learning is much easier to do when it’s fun.” Lawrence Swann – Dept of Communities

Download course Brochure for details and registration form...

EI@Work: Working with Emotional Intelligence

TOWNSVILLE Sept 23... CAIRNS Oct 26...

What better time than Spring to give a boost to staff morale, motivation and commitment...

At The Change Forum, we believe it’s just as important for staff as it is for leaders to understand and manage their emotions at work. Emotional Intelligence is the basis for great teamwork and positive, productive workplaces – and decreasing dysfunctional behaviours that drain energy and turn teams toxic.

EI at Work is a down-to-earth, 1-day interactive seminar that will show your staff what EI is, why it matters and how to start applying basic EI tools and behaviours at work. What do staff say about this stimulating, informative and interactive seminar?

“EI at Work was awesome….A great learning experience that everyone should partake in.” Kyle Leary, Qld Health

“A worthwhile course applicable to any profession. Course content excellent and very applicable to my work.” Mary Cataldo, Disability Services Qld

“Impressed by the way you unpack EI - I see how it can transform workplaces, relationships & the way we live & learn.” Jan Fenlon, Gracemere SS

Download course Brochure for details and registration form...

Learning to LEAD CHANGE

TOWNSVILLE Sept 24-25... BRISBANE Aug 27-28...

Down-to-earth insights into how to make change work…  Whether you introduce change or whether it’s imposed on you, the ability to manage it and make it happen rapidly and smoothly is one of the keys to organisational vitality, renewal and success. Whatever shape your change takes, whether it’s inside your own team or right across the organisation, people need tools, models and frameworks to guide them through it.

Successful change starts with learning how to lead it. This down-to-earth, nuts-and-bolts clinic for current and emerging leaders gives a good grounding in practical concepts to effectively initiate, design, plan and lead people through change – and critical practice areas, crunch-points and steps you need to know about.  Here's what some people have said to us after attending...

“Added value to my learning as a leader going through significant change. Very challenging, well structured with excellent content and activities to compliment learning” Leuwin Ferguson, Queensland Health

“Two very interesting days that challenged some of my ideas and clarified my thinking in relation to managing change strategically. A practical and useful course, very professionally delivered - well done.” Julie Lawler, Dept of Local Government

Download course Brochure for details and registration form...

Know others interested in leadership learning events? Greatly appreciated if you can share this information with staff, colleagues and friends who may be keen to strengthen their relational and conversational skills or encourage others to. And if you would extend this circulation to your wider management, HR or other business networks, we’d also be most grateful.

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Hope to see you some time in 2009!  Cheers…

Bill Cropper
Director - The Change Forum


in your Region:

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• Difficult Discussions - The EI Connection: A special 2-day regional clinic combining key features of our separate clinics on Difficult Discussions & Leading with EI

MT ISA   --   Oct 20-21

• Leading with EI:  A 2-day personal mastery clinic exploring tools to apply 7 Practices of Emotionally Intelligent leaders to boost leadership performance and bring out the best in others

TOWNSVILLE  --  Oct 27-28

CAIRNS  --  Dec 1-2

• Preparing People for Change: A 1-day clinic to show leaders ways to help people come to terms with change and engage with it more constructively


BRISBANE -- Oct 16

• Dealing with Difficult Discussions: A  2-day coaching clinic to explore practical tools and a step-by-step process to convert destructive confrontation into constructive conversations...

BRISBANE   --   Sept 3-4

TOWNSVILLE  --  Nov 12-13

• Fundamental Facilitation: A 2-day skills clinic on tools and practices to facilitate teams and groups...

BRISBANE   --   Oct 22-23

TOWNSVILLE  --  EOI for 2010

CAIRNS   --   EOI for 2010


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Bill Cropper is Director of The Change Forum and creator of our programs. He has a wealth of practical experience in change management, leadership learning, group facilitation and coaching in federal, state and local government organisations around Australia over many years. Bill is keenly interested in the benefits of conversational and emotional intelligence coaching to promote more productive, open inter-changes and facilitate personal growth and change mastery. For the past 7 years, he’s delivered extensive rounds of coaching clinics and leadership learning forums in major centres around Queensland for all levels of leaders from diverse organisation backgrounds.

“Bill, you are passionate about what you present and an excellent facilitator” Stefanie Bishell, Wide Bay Water Corporation

“I appreciated the way you spoke in a way we could relate to, a very relaxed and inclusive style that made it easy to keep focussed on what you were presenting.” Karen Sellars, Bluecare

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