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Hi – Bill Cropper here with some thoughts on conversations... Is your conversational culture constructive or caustic? Caustic conversations kill off trust, ruin relationships and turn teams toxic.   Our latest E-NEWS looks at handling toxic emotions and coping with caustic conversations at work – download here or below... and speaking of conversations, a reminder about our Constructive Conversations coaching clinic for leaders coming up in Brisbane October 5-6. More on this and some reading tips follow...

Those of you who’ve been along to my clinics, know I take a practical, tool-kit type approach backed up by some seriously useful self-coaching guides to support you applying the tools back at work. Hope you can join us for this great conversational capacity-building program. If not, perhaps you have colleagues or staff who’d like to. And yes – we do run conversational coaching clinics in-house for groups of 12 or more!    Cheers, Bill

...mastering the power of constructive conversation

...a Coaching Clinic for leaders who want their conversations to count

Conversations they're the life-blood of leadership

The calibre of conversations leaders engage in is a telling indicator of the performance culture of their workplace and a key element in the effective functioning of any team.

Conversations are at the core of what leaders do. Whether you’re leading a change effort, co-ordinating a project, dealing with difficult situations, revitalising a team, energising classrooms, coping constructively with complaints or coaching for better performance – the essential actions leaders take happen almost entirely through conversations.

Leadership is really a string of conversations. Through conversations, leaders inspire, influence, motivate; connect, make decisions and move people to action. In fact, they’re really a core business activity! Many leadership flaws hark back to a lack of solid conversational skills.  When a leader’s conversations are off-colour, coordination breaks down, relationships and feelings suffer, mistakes and misunderstandings multiply and productivity plummets.

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Lots of leaders say they don’t need to work on their conversational skills as they're already well-honed. They see themselves as persuasive communicators who always get their point across. They don’t see how their habits of talk often obstruct balanced, constructive conversation-making. 

Many discussions still rotate around debate. We argue for our own views, we compete, we fail to explore each other’s thinking, we talk ‘at’ not ‘with’ – all common approaches and all conversationally corrosive. Constructive conversations are characterised by skillful discussion – by staying in dialogue in ways that encourage openness and healthy give-and-take.              Read More >>>

As a leader, you’re the role model for the way conversations happen in your place. Your ability to conduct constructive conversations is an indispensable leadership tool – and knowing how and when to use different conversational tools is also a vital element for personal and leadership success!

And that's where our conversational coaching clinics come in...

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Caustic Conversations


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Essential Principles for Conversational Leadership


“A brilliant course filled with challenges and opportunities. Thanks for the insights shared that I’ll continue to practise for the rest of my life...” Camilla Cook, Disability Services Queensland

“Energizing... relevant with many useful tools... I think you’re one of the best facilitators I have seen.” Helga Biro, Centacare

"Excellent. I went straight back to work and recommended it to my colleagues... valuable practical skills (for) work and personal life.” Aaron Wray, Queensland Health



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Leading through Conversations

mastering the power of constructive conversation


A 2-day coaching clinic for leaders wanting to revitalise their discussions, achieve more from meetings and make every conversation count.

What will I learn? The clinic centres on seven essential principles for more powerful, penetrating and constructive conversations. It explores key concepts to heighten your conversational awareness and strengthen your capacity for conversational leadership. And it equips you with a set of simple, effective, easy-to-learn tools that will boost your ability to conduct more effective conversations in all sorts of settings – one-on-one, team meetings, problem-solving sessions and public forums. A program every leader should do it will help you:

Be more aware of what goes on in conversations you have now and work out what you can do to get more out of them


Move away from destructive debate and facilitate more skillful discussions


Strengthen your ability to relate more effectively through conversations


Make meetings more persuasive, perceptive, positive and meaningful


Raise the level of frank, open interchange between people and create more collaborative conversational climates


Build leadership capacity and enrich your conversational work culture

Download course Brochure for more detailed outline:    Download >>>

Who should attend? This clinic can benefit anyone who wants to work on ways to conduct more constructive conversations managers, team leaders, committee members, community groups, facilitators, trainers, project coordinators, as well as emerging leaders. Thousands of people from all sorts of backgrounds – principals and teachers, local government, social and community workers, psychologists, health professionals, regional development and public sector managers – have used our Conversational Coaching Clinics to hone their discussion skills.  A few comments from past participants follow...  More feedback from participants can be viewed on-line...                            Review >>>

“A great couple of days. Very enjoyable. The interactive activities were unique and the hands-on approach of the conversational café was very useful. It’s definitely helped me have the courage to approach conversations I would previously have scampered from.” Tameeka Sainsbury, Pacific Pines High School

“Thoroughly enjoyable, challenging in a very positive way, interesting and insightful. I’d do it all again! The guidebook has become my 'bible'!" Hellen Lund, Queensland Health

“Conversational Coaching is important to every supervisor and manager. I learned skills that count in day-to-day issues and would like to see this clinic go for 3 days!” Michael Dore, Queensland Transport

What do we cover? This clinic’s a successor to our foundation Conversational Coaching Clinic we’ve been running publicly for around 7 years. Along with its companion guide, it’s been extensively revised and updated. There’s more tools, more examples and more formulas for more constructive conversation-making. Some of the topics we touch on include:

The Conversational Coaching Scorecard – your challenges


The 5 Conversational Capabilities and how they impact your talk


Levels of Listening and tips for listening ‘up’


The 7 Principles for Constructive Conversations


Debate to dialogue: Different kinds of discussion modes


Perceptual positions, precision questions and exploring assumptions


Being persuasive: saying what you need to say – cleanly & clearly


Staying in dialogue and the 5-P model of Skillful Discussion

Can we do this In-house? Sure. If you have a leadership learning group of about 12 or more, you can use Leading through Conversations as a useful adjunct to your leadership development or team-building strategies. Enquire >>>


Click Course title for Brochure

EI@Work: Working with Emotional Intelligence

1-day seminar for STAFF on EI concepts and practices at work



Fundamental Facilitation

2-day skills clinic on facilitating teams and groups


Learning to Lead:

Leadership Foundations

2-day leadership skills clinic - how to lead not just manage


Dealing with Difficult Discussions

Tools and a process to better manage confronting situations



The Coaching Leaders' Clinic

Tools and techniques for a coaching style of leadership


Personal Mastery:

Leading with EI

2-day personal mastery clinic on EI practices for leaders





2-Day Event / 1-Day Event

$594 / $429 single

$1650 / $1188 group of 3

$528 / $363 Schools/NFP

FEE includes GST and...

 Self-Coaching Toolkit

 Course participation

Lunch & refreshments

Certificate of Completion

PAYMENT Due on Invoice

10+ days prior to event


Confirmed on Registration

DID you know? We run team building, leadership and culture change programs in-house...


TEL:   07-4068 7591

FAX:  07-4068 7555

ABOUT your Presenter...

Bill Cropper, Director of The Change Forum, is creator of our programs and an accomplished facilitator with an extensive back-ground in leadership learning, team development and workplace change management over many years.  He has been delivering our current series of coaching clinics and learning forums in major centres around Queensland for the past 7 years.

“Bill, you are passionate about what you present and an excellent facilitator” Stefanie Bishell, Wide Bay Water Corporation

Is it time to work on your conversations? Join others in a safe environment to work on boosting your conversational skills and have fun doing it too! And if you would extend this circulation to your wider management, HR or other business networks, we’d also be most grateful.

Thank you for your time.  And if you don't want any more notices of upcoming events or newsletters – that’s OK, just let us know.  (Unsubscribe link below)


Bill Cropper
Director  - The Change Forum

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