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Leading Culture Change

Dealing with Difficult Discussions

The Change Forum

...2 Practical Clinics to revitalise Culture and resolve Differences

July 22 ~ Brisbane ~ July 29-30

Facilitated by Bill Cropper

Culture change is top-listed on many organisation agendas today. “We need to change the culture”  is the catch cry more and more often when results are down, productivity isn't happening and harmony seems more fantasy than actuality.  Most leaders are aware that constructive cultures help people perform, collaborate, learn, connect and thrive – yet culture is all too infrequently put under the microscope... It's notoriously elusive to find and difficult to change. [More on this topic on-line]

The culture of an organisation has a profound affect on every aspect of its functioning from behaviours, roles and relationships to strategy, marketing and performance. It ultimately enlarges or limits what’s possible or not in a team, a division or whole organisation.

If you want to change culture and behaviour for the better, a good place to start is to change the way people think, relate and talk together.  And that’s what The Change Forum coaching clinics are all about...

Our latest leadership forum: Leading Culture Change is designed to equip you to handle a culture change effort better. While there are no magic bullets or quick-fixes, if you can understand a culture, and learn some lessons about what seems to work and what doesn’t, then you have a chance of improving it. Coming up in Brisbane July 22, our 1-day public culture change clinic looks at the deep patterns that underpin culture and what leaders can do to systemically change and revitalise the culture at work. See the attached Flyer for aims, outcomes and content – registration information below...

At The Change Forum, we gauge healthy cultures not by how well they avoid conflict, which is the source of so much resentment, stress and toxicity in most workplaces  but by how well teams engage in difficult discussions to resolve differences, repair relationships and reach new and better understandings. Our well-attended Dealing with Difficult Discussions clinic coming up again in Brisbane July 29-30, will help you explore tools and a process to handle those hard conversations more confidently and courageously.  More information below, brochure on-line and flyer attached.  Some useful tips for dealing with difficult discussions available for download in our free FactFile on the topic.

Want to hone your abilities in these crucial skill areas? Take a look at these clinics coming up soon in Brisbane... [And if the scheduled dates don’t suit, why not express your interest in attending at a later date – or enquire about arranging an in-house clinic for your team] [Click on course title for brochure]

JULY 22: Leading CULTURE CHANGE: (Also SEPT 15): Culture is the X-Factor in change success or failure.  This 1-day practical clinic is designed to equip you to handle a culture change effort better – whether you lead a team, a division or a whole organisation. We explore areas like understanding dimensions of constructive culture, developing a culture change plan, conducting culture scans, recognising danger signals, countering resistance and working out the best place to start.

"Very interesting. Brought out concepts I wouldn’t have thought about prior to attending." Cathy Lane, Dept of Justice & Attorney-General. "Very good. Enjoyed your presentation more than I have others in the last few years. You knew your subject, the two days kept my interest and the guidebook will be useful back at work." Sally Hooper, Dept of Justice & Attorney-General.

This clinic will help you…


Unpack the components that make up culture


Understand the challenges involved in leading culture change efforts


Learn about some traps, tips and tools for changing culture


Diagnose what your current culture is like and identify ways to revitalise it

JULY 29-30: Dealing with DIFFICULT DISCUSSIONS: Challenging, confronting or contentious conversations are something every leader has to handle at some time - and something most of us could learn to handle better. Do you want to have more courageous conversations and tackle difficult discussions more diligently? This 2-day practical clinic equips you with a robust set of easy-to-use tools to navigate your way through those troublesome moments more confidently. Practise a more methodical, controlled and step-by-step approach to convert destructive confrontation into constructive conversations.

“Very beneficial and presented in a way that made it easy to pick up the concepts and use them" Kym Columbine, Queensland Health “Great structure and content, presented in everyday language with an easy-to-follow guidebook.” Bill Ohl, DETA

 What will you gain from this clinic?


Grasp the dynamics behind difficult discussions and how to use this


Identify common handling mistakes we make and how to avoid them


Find out ways to start a difficult discussion and raise hard topics


Practise tools to defuse difficult situations and resolve differences

All Change Forum clinics are practical, challenging and stimulating with lots of take-away tools to help you get started in earnest on creating more connective and constructive cultures…

Register ON-LINE, by email or fax: Be quick to reserve one of the Discount places still available for JULY clinics [2-day: $600 + GST… 1-day: $400 + GST …except Schools & NFP: $500 + GST (2-day) & $360 + GST (1-day)].

Can we do these clinics IN-HOUSE? If dates don’t suit or you’d like to incorporate one of our many clinics into your teambuilding or leadership development initiatives, we offer a range of programs in-house to groups of 12 or more.  Use our on-line enquiry form or call us to discuss ways we can help…

Culture-building Clinics: Our range of learning-centred leadership, conversational coaching, emotional intelligence and Working Better Together clinics can equip your people with positive interaction and culture-building skills they need to be better leaders and team-players -- to build vibrant, healthy, connective work cultures and tune-up their team to put in a superior performance. Review our Team-Building Prospectus and website for some ideas on ways we can help. Or download our Change Services Profile for useful insights and a snapshot of ways we help with preparing people for change.

Free FACTFILES: For more on leadership, culture, conversations and emotional intelligence, our free FactFiles  feature topical tips on a range of subjects like Leading with Emotional Intelligence, Taking a Coaching Approach to Leadership, Leading Culture Change and many more titles.

Extending the learning... Improving our own team or workplace culture is a great place to start but real change is better achieved when the whole working community  participates, so it's really helpful to let people in other workplaces and organisations know about improvement opportunities on offer in their region. Your help in sharing information about our activities and programs with staff, colleagues, associates and your wider management, HR and regional networks is always greatly appreciated...

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