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At The Change Forum we think what sets successful organisations apart from the rest is how well people learn to lead and manage change...

Whether it’s you, your team or the whole organisation... learning is at the heart of successful change. Our change-work capitalises on the close connection between change, leadership, and learning – and building the conversational and team-working capabilities to support them. Here you’ll find useful information, tools and resources on...

bullet Learning-Centred Leadership
bullet Conversational Coaching Clinics
bullet Learning to Lead Change
bullet Dealing with Difficult Discussions
bullet Working Better Together in Teams
bullet Leading with Emotional Intelligence
bullet Learning Organisations & The 5 Disciplines
bullet Coaching for Personal Mastery
bullet Leading Learning Schools
bullet Visions, Values and Culture Change

More and more leaders now link successful business outcomes to their own level of personal mastery, emotional intelligence and how well they lead people through change.

Leaders need practical, down-to-earth tools and processes to create vibrant work cultures that learn; forge positive, productive relationships; and have the connective conversations they need to engage constructively with change and help people navigate their way through it

We hope you find our website useful. New items rotate through it often, so returning periodically may be rewarding. Read through our factfiles, newsletters, learning programs and tools; check out our range of services and by all means get in touch if you think we can help you out with anything.

Bill Cropper - principal consultant at The Change Forum - has a wealth of practical experience in participative change management, leadership learning, conversational coaching, team-building, organisation renewal, strategic planning and group facilitation in a wide range of public and private sector organisations throughout Australia.


To find out more about our consulting services and leadership learning forums, contact us at... 

  +61-(0)7-4068 7591


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Difficult conversations

  #3 Persuasive conversations    
  #4 Emotionally intelligent conversations    
  #5 Change conversations    
  #6 Inclusive conversations    




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