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BEST WISHES for a SAFE, RELAXING & CHEERFUL Festive Season... THANK YOU to all our past and recent Participants, Associates , Colleagues and Friends who continue to support us in so many different ways each year...  We look forward to sharing time or thoughts with you in 2011 --- May the New Year bring you all you wish for and more... Warm regards BILL and CECILY CROPPER - Directors, The Change Forum


2011 Course Calendar

2011 Course Calendar - public clinics by The Change Forum


WELCOME...As our name suggests, The Change Forumís business is change. Whether itís you, your team or the whole organisation... we believe that learning is at the heart of successful change and specialise in change and learning solutions to help strengthen leadership capability, deepen learning capacity at organisational, team and individual levels and assist leaders build vibrant, supportive, safe work cultures and high-performing teams.

How leaders lead has a lot to do with the work culture they create. Most of us know what leaders are supposed to do: they come up with strategies, co-ordinate resources, plan actions and monitor performance. Fewer of us really know how to lead: how to inspire commitment, mobilise energy and infuse enthusiasm though shared vision, approachability, connectivity, compassion and constructive conversation and dialogue.

Our change-work centres on the close connection between change, leadership and learning and building the conversational, relational and teamworking capabilities of leaders and teams. We deliver regular public and in-house learning programs and offer practical assistance with...

bullet strategic change management
bullet visions, values and workplace culture change
bullet learning organisation principles and practices
bullet leadership capacity building
bullet preparing people for change
bullet forming, developing and working better together in teams
bullet conversational and emotional intelligence coaching clinics
bullet individual and small-group coaching
bullet facilitating and presenting at forums and events

design and facilitation of learning programs and resources

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Donít hesitate to contact us to enquire about in-house programs, guest speaker engagements or conference presentations or to find out more about the various ways we can assist...

Download KeyNotes for Bill Cropper's Leadership Lounge presentations:

"Leading Culture Change -- Fact and Fantasy" - April 2010

 "Connective Leadership - Compassion in action" - Nov 2009

Special Events 2011...

Positive Performance Conversations

Teaching with Emotional Intelligence

Leading Learning Schools

Fundamental Facilitation

Regular Leadership Learning Events and In-house Programs


Leading Culture Change


Learning to Lead Change

bullet Learning to Lead
bullet Leading through Conversations
bullet Dealing with Difficult Discussions

Personal Mastery: Leading with Emotional Intelligence

bullet EI at Work -- staff seminar

The EI Leader -- 1-day clinic

bullet Learning to be a  Coaching Leader
bullet Learning-Centred Leadership
bullet Compassionate Leadership
bullet Leading through Teams
bullet Working Better Together in teams
bullet Challenging Change Resistance
bullet Preparing People for Change

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