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What People Say about our Programs...

Here are a few of the numerous testimonials we have received from our program participants over the years.  We'd like to thank every participant who has taken the time to offer feedback to us about their experience of our programs and, in particular, those who agreed that we could share their comments with others...

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Personal Mastery: Leading with Emotional Intelligence

“An all round informative, thought-provoking experience. The most valuable course I’ve had the opportunity to attend in many years. Loved the relaxed atmosphere and enjoyed your skill in presentation. You know your stuff Bill - that’s obvious – and the guide is a great resource, very user friendly and packed with valuable tools. I thought I had this emotional intelligence stuff pretty much all together but you gave me a whole new BROAD perspective. I’ve been inspired to re-evaluate where I am at and encourage others to broaden their knowledge and rethink their own views and opinions. Maybe even improve the world a little! Thank you Bill.” Christine Challenger – Queensland Health

“I felt that this course challenged me in positive, pleasant and enjoyable ways. It gave me some clear and interesting perspectives and allowed positive reflections – and I really have found the guidebook useful for my purposes and regularly look at it for ideas to help me operate more effectively.” Inger Altermatt – Caboolture State Special School

“I enjoyed the workshop very much, thank you. It has given me a LOT to think about!!!! The presentation was excellent. I'd like to also add that not only has the workshop helped me a lot at work, it has also increased the life-expectancy of my children.” Darren Drysdale – Australian Electoral Commission

“An excellent workshop full of interesting concepts and strategies - and a guide that’s easy to follow with great topics and useful exercises. It’s given me a new mind set and greater awareness on how to deal with those difficult situations not only at work but at home as well. Since completing the workshop, I’ve put many of the techniques into practice with great results. Just keep doing what you’re doing - don’t change a thing.” Alice Crompton – Southern Qld Institute of TAFE

“This course is brilliant! Both days were great! I would’ve liked a third day to practise the methods more.” Shellina McKellar – Mareeba Shire Council

“I got a lot out of this course. Structure was well thought out. I enjoyed your casual approach to delivery. You paced it well, gave everyone opportunity for input and it was sequential in terms of relevance and learning. Since completing the course, I have done some further work using the guidebook (more at home than at work) and have found the tools very useful.” Veronica Letts - QBuild

“Excellent course and very personally challenging, Great material - content was good and the flexible method (picking up examples from participants etc) was great. I like your style. Good interpersonal skills and approach.” Michael Byrne Queensland Transport

“This program certainly got my thumbs up and I’ve recommended it to others. Good, active participation from the group and clear explanation of new concepts facilitated my learning. As a kinaesthetic learner, I thoroughly enjoyed the combination of visual, auditory and ‘actually doing’ it type-of-learning. It worked for me! The guide is a ‘must read’ with so much good, practical ‘stuff’ and certainly the activities we tried and tested during the session confirmed that it is useful.” Ans Van Erp  – Queensland Health

“I really enjoyed Leading with Emotional Intelligence. I really enjoyed the way the course was presented – and how the amount of content was equally matched with activities. I found lots of useful activities for myself and for my students.” Jay Jordon – St Teresa Abergowrie College

“I was very happy with both days… I lead a busy life and often find it difficult to stay awake in training/development! Never yawned once! Very good – nice balance of theory and practice and the guide is excellent.” Simon Goddard – Queensland Health

“The course really made me understand that compassion in this day and age is very important and helps you to look at life/situations from a very different perspective. I found the idea of trying to change ones neural patterns an excellent way to show people they really have to think before they act or the same patterns will continue. I think you style is excellent, laid back and very easy to communicate with, I enjoyed your ability to get people to open up and use of real life as a means to help people sort out their issues."  Sue Codi-King – Australian Institute of Marine Science

EI at Work: Working with Emotional Intelligence - 1 Day Seminar

“EI at Work was awesome and good (sorry about these primal words). A great learning experience that everyone should partake in.” Kyle Leary – Qld Health

“I found EI at Work not only helpful for work but also for family issues too. The structure worked well and ideas were expressed in a relaxed, informal and fun way. It was a very positive experience. Good job. Thanks for a really good, informative and useful days presentation.” Paul Fenton – SQIT

“A worthwhile course applicable to any profession. Course content excellent and applicable to my work and the guidebook was very detailed and easy to follow. A good reference to refer to in the future. The facilitator was excellent – very friendly, with a great sense of humour which made the course even more interesting. Keep up your friendly style.” Mary Cataldo – Disability Services Qld

“I got a lot of personal satisfaction from the course. I think you did a great job. You’re funny, a good listener and good at getting everyone’s attention and explaining things. You made me feel confident and relaxed. I can’t recall the last time I was in a workshop where I actually felt comfortable. Great job Coach!” – Leita Hart – DETA Qld

“EI at Work was a great workshop to assist me in realising the next steps required to create a better, and happier, work/life balance. It was cheery, light-hearted and practically based as well as having reflection moments and activities which worked for the participants” Steven Biggs – Disability Services Qld

“The facilitation was excellent. I liked the EI triangle and emotional colour signature components and also the warm up activity which I found to be a good way to get to know people in quite a deep manner in a very short time. Bill is a dynamic, people-focused facilitator and clearly a warm and engaging person who puts everyone at ease to maximise group learning.” Connie Allen – Qld Health

“Excellent. Very powerful, practical and impacting. I have already recommended this to many colleagues. I felt like I was in a whole day of therapy and felt so empowered to go back to my workplace. Although I felt that it was a lot of things I already knew the delivery had a great impact and I was now able to apply these things with the great tools to take away and use…” Bec Robinson – Community Youth Worker

“A good introduction to EI – interactive, well structured and executed, helped along by an informative, easy-to-understand guide and preparatory exercises. I liked the pace - relaxed but with a structured progression of tasks that gave a chance to really think about what I do/don’t do in terms of EI techniques. Good examples, well presented with a light-hearted attitude. I’m now keen to put into practice what EI techniques I learnt during a well-structured, interactive, fun EI learning session. “ Jessica Sharp – Q-Health

“I really enjoyed the whole session and learned a lot from it. That’s as good as it gets really. The course was well structured and allowed movement which I need as I don’t do well sitting listening for too long. I thought you to be very affable and wise and enjoyed your sound knowledge base of both psychology and Buddhist principles.” Pauline Sloan - Womens Health Centre Rockhampton

“Almost everything about EI at Work was a high point. It was very worthwhile. Very informative and very detailed. I felt that at last I had some help to change And I’ve found the contents of the self-coaching very useful too.” Gayle Stenzel – Qld Health

“EI at Work actually gave me more confidence and greater understanding of our emotions and the different ways to express ourselves. I thought the course structure was very good, the methods used really helped us to understand the workshop activities and the tools in the guide are very easy to understand and to put into practice.” Debbie Dodds - KeppelCare Rockhampton

Conversational Coaching Leading through Conversations

Conversational Coaching is important to every office supervisor and manager. I was able to learn skills that count in day-to-day issues and would like to see this clinic go for 3 days... Keep up the good work!” Michael Dore – Queensland Transport

“Very good and interactive. No chance to get bored! It has made me more aware of my conversations and hopefully I now have the tools to act appropriately in situations without causing conflict or misunderstanding.” Chris Brogden Australian Quarantine Inspection Service

“Excellent. I went straight back to work and recommended it to my colleagues. I gained valuable practical skills that I can now apply in my work and personal life. I enjoyed the interactive style and opportunity to practise the tools – and you are a very good facilitator. Thanks for a great couple of days.” Aaron Wray – Queensland Health

“Conversational Coaching has raised my awareness. Pleased I attended. I was surprised and interested by the whole concept. I’ve started using some of the skills with success already”. Neil Hempseed – Queensland Health

“Thoroughly enjoyable, interesting and insightful - challenging in a very positive way. I’d do it all again! The relaxed and subtle questioning and equally relaxed delivery of “new think” was very well received. The Guidebook has become my “bible” - I’m constantly referring to it. I think the whole course should be made part of the education curriculum... Keep doing what you’re doing and the way you’re doing it." Hellen Lund – Queensland Health

“Excellent practical tools and ideas, structured very well. The clinic really provides opportunities to practise and the guidebook is excellent - I have referred back to it quite a bit already… I thought you were very skilled and made the learning relevant to each participant no matter what sector they were from. You used practical examples extremely well which made the concepts and the tools “real”. Well done.” Kellie Shively – Beenleigh Special School

"Excellent! I found the clinic powerful, compelling, easy to participate and it influenced me in ways I never thought possible. Well structured and the content was very motivating and encouraging. I would strongly recommend Conversational Coaching to anyone who wants to run meetings to gain an insight into different ways to conduct them." Dennis Wyatt – Townsville Health Service District

"The course structure was tops! The clinic made me think about what I’ve said and what I need to say. Good practical examples. If you haven’t attended Conversational Coaching and you get a chance – do it!” Manfred Boldy – Whitsunday Shire Council

Excellent! Loved it! Bill is an excellent presenter – positive, engaging, clear, concise with no waffling. You do a darn good job Bill! I have been encouraging other people to participate in your workshops.” Margaret Cullen – Disability Services Queensland

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Dealing with Difficult Discussions

“A winning combination! The course materials are well-written, comprehensive and easy to navigate. The facilitator knows and uses the course content inside out, but not as a script to follow… The conversational style adopted throughout the 2 days put attendees at ease, so they willingly shared personal experiences (good and bad) for the sake of the group’s learning journey. I found myself as both student and tutor, learning from the trainer, other attendees and, most importantly, from myself…” Tony Rolls Dept of State Development & Trade

“I found this clinic easy to follow and useful - the structure worked well. I enjoyed your informal approach, adult learning style and the humour was appreciated. The resource guide is a great set of tools – it really has informed some of my conversations in the past week.” Cathie Peut Centrelink

“Enlightened me about how I sometimes start a difficult discussion incorrectly and helped me be better able to deal with difficult people. The course was easy to follow and well presented. I should be able to handle a difficult discussion much easier now.” Chris McGregor Qld Ambulance Service

“Excellent. You don’t realise how many bloopers we make. Tips on how to start a difficult discussion were most beneficial. Fantastic presenting - it’s easy to learn in your interactive classroom.” Stephen Dendle Sport & Recreation Queensland

“Dealing with Difficult Discussions was a course I needed to do - worth while and value for money for myself and the organisation. Both days gave me a lot of insight and ideas I can use in the workplace. (There are) good pointers in the book (too) and I’ve shared them with a few others since.” Kylie Slack Queensland Health

“Enjoyable and focused. For me and my learning style, I found the structure and learning strategies very effective and worthwhile, which allowed valuable outcomes to be met. The content was great as well. The tools Bill presented increased my knowledge and awareness of emotional intelligence, building relationships and dealing with people and I’m sure will improve my skills, as I practice the strategies.”  Andrew Willis Yeppoon State High School

I thoroughly enjoyed Dealing with Difficult Discussions. It really made me think about how to present myself and look at the customer aspects of the conversation. The way you presented the program was excellent and the guidebook is great!”  Sherral Brodie Queensland Transport

“Difficult Discussions was very interesting and enlightening.  I can see its relevance and usefulness in all walks of life including home & work”. Jennifer Davis Queensland Health

"Your workshop provided some great skills. I've applied the leanings already, achieved a very positive outcome - and it has reduced my stress considerably. Thank you very much for your guidance." Duncan Bigg State Development Corporation

Worthwhile. I certainly enjoyed Difficult Discussions and came away feeling more confident. It was very obvious you were an expert in the subject and very easy to understand.  Glynn Eiser  Bundaberg Skills Centre

“I found Difficult Discussions challenging, relevant and meaningful and the guidebook a valuable resource. Back at work, my team members are smiling at me a lot more – I think I must be hearing them at last!” Penny Putney Family Services, Churches of Christ Care

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The Coaching Leaders' Clinic: Learning to be a Coaching Leader




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Learning to Lead Change




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Leading through Teams




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Leading Learning Schools

“Leading Learning Schools was excellent and I’d recommend it highly. The first activity was excellent and gave me good ideas for school. It set the scene for the rest of the program. It was good that the school team had a lot of time together. I would recommend that schools send teams as the time for reflection and sharing was excellent. The course structure and content matched what I needed to be doing at this time and thus I was very happy with things. The guidebook is great and was a real bonus for me.” Wayne Troyahn, Principal – Nambour SHS

“Most worthwhile. You have a knack of getting something positive and deep out of everybody’s reactions. Some sound concrete things to go away with and the changes of pace worked well. The book is EXCELLENT bedtime reading. It helps to refocus and there’s so much more in it as well! As most have said, it is probably the best tool they have seen.” Michelle Hamlin Deputy Principal, Moorooka State School

“Fantastic!!!!!!! A very worthwhile workshop. I really enjoyed the program and delivery of the workshop. It flowed really well and I liked the format of both days. The activities were very relevant and I enjoyed the opportunity to share stories from other schools. Plenty of discussion opportunity and lots of ‘choice’ opportunities too. The take home guide is wonderful. I spent time reading it straight after the workshop. It’s an easy format to follow. I’m very grateful for the information I have to transfer back to my own school setting.” Chrisandra Czislowski Marsden State School

“Enjoyable and very challenging. It’s made me think and plan actions to improve our school ethos and sense of community. I found you easy to work with and sensitive to the needs of the group. A very worthwhile and valuable two days leading to more positive actions in the future. And the guide is very, very well done.” Patricia O’Brien, Deputy Principal Redbank Plains SHS

“The 5 disciplines changed my whole view of the change process as I knew it. You carefully inducted us into thinking through them, then we had a chance to really put them to practical use - unpacking deeper thoughts around the disciplines and picking up on areas we wanted to explore. The challenge now is to share this with my change team and encourage all to commit to using them. The book of tools is great - should be standard issue for any change manager - not to mention classroom teachers!” Robert Crooks, Deputy Principal Woree SHS

“Thank you for a very enlightening, worthwhile and thought-provoking experience. The tools were very useful to explore our own situation and your level of experience was very evident in the familiar way you treated the materials. I enjoyed the introductory activity immensely as it opened up completely new thought options – and the concept of a learning journey developed through our discussions. The re-inforcing of the action learning cycle was also very timely...” Jolyon Clarke  – School of Distance Education, Brisbane

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Working Better Together




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