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Good leaders aren’t born knowing innately how to lead. Leadership is learned.

The leadership landscape has shifted. Leaders are not only expected to develop strategy, co-ordinate resources, plan changes and keep an eye on performance. The new role of leaders differs dramatically from the old mental models of managing. They need to know: 


How to infuse enthusiasm and inspire commitment


How to shape shared vision and mobilise energy


How to have connective conversations that motivate


How to be culture-creators, team-builders, perspective-takers, meaning makers, change-makers, coaches and facilitators

More than ever before, staff these days demand challenge, latitude, self-direction and self-responsibility. They want to be facilitated and coached, not coerced, bossed around and told what to do.


The old command-and-control culture is definitely past its use-by date. Pace-setting leaders with driving, directive styles push too hard and create stress, strife and septic work climates.


Coaching and facilitation is immeasurably more constructive than directing and controlling. It gives leaders a new and healthier way to relate that significantly improves productivity, relationships and the way people ‘warm-up’ to their jobs.


Coaching and facilitation bring out people’s creativity and talent. It generates motivation, commitment and taps into deep -seated needs we all have to challenge ourselves, achieve things that matter to us and accomplish results we can be proud of.

Leaders who act as coaches and facilitators put people first. They’re dedicated to building long-term capability in teams and individuals, knowing that outstanding outcomes will follow. They:


Get great results through good group processes that encourage teams to work in with each other and think together


Bring out the best in people by building on their strengths and helping them to overcome barriers to high-achievement


Encourage people to continually learn, adapt, develop new skills to face new challenges and take committed action


Act as guides, helping individuals and teams do what they have to do in ways that maximise contribution, cohesion, harness collective ideas and energies and have fun doing it too.

Many leaders who’d like to adopt facilitation and coaching styles lack the know-how and confidence. A big step to support this transition is equipping them with simple tools and practice opportunities to learn how – and that’s what our Facilitation and Coaching skills clinics are designed to do.


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