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About the Personal Pedagogy Program


Hello everyone – Bill Cropper here from The Change Forum...

As you know, we've introduced an opportunity for teaching staff at LHC to participate in a Personal Pedagogy Program (PPP) which is aimed at supporting you to reflect on and revitalise the way you approach your personal pedagogy over the coming year.

Teaching, like so many other things in life, is a process of continual exploration and learning, not a one-stop destination – that we can always strive to improve who we are and what we do – whether it’s in the privacy of our minds and hearts, connectively in the classroom, or bringing our talents to bear on enhancing our broader community.

The title and intent of this program is not to suggest you are disengaged or that your teaching practice is somehow lacking. It is to say that all of our teaching practices can be improved and that we all need to renew and revitalise ourselves and our practices from time to time to stay relevant, to re-energise, evolve and continually learn and improve.

Personally, I hope the PPP stimulates you to challenge yourself and explore a few new angles for your teaching practice. We can all benefit from continually raising self-awareness and acquiring extra tools to bring out the best in ourselves, our classrooms and our relationships with others.

One of the guiding concepts behind the PPP is self-reflection. So before we dive too deeply into the PPP sessions, could you please answer three quick questions for me...   

PPP Learning Principles
This diagram shows some of the guiding principles and constructs underpinning the PPP.

Key to all these, importantly, is voluntarism.  How much time you devote, energy you apply and work you do in relation to the PPP is entirely up to you.

There’ll be suggested readings, activities, on-line guides and video-sessions progressively made available over the next few months. You can read and use them as much or as little as you want.

Of course we hope you’ll embrace this opportunity and make the most of what's being provided. But that indeed is a hope, and not so much an expectation.

Other PPP principles include:


Self-discovery, self-directed outcomes, self-challenging and promotion of personal reflection


The discipline of Personal Mastery: a vision of my best self as a learning practitioner


Social and Emotional Teacher Intelligence and the importance of classroom connectivity


Strengths-based – identifying and renewing unique talents or “gifts” I bring to my classroom


Mental models and how these govern my teaching practice approach and culture I create


Difference not uniformity. Everyone doesn't need to do exactly the same thing in the same way to get results for students


Encouragement to identify your own learning paths, goals, self-reflections/activities


Underpinned by 5 Disciplines: Reflect, Renew, Re-energise, Re-connect and Re-think


PPP has at it's core the practices values of LHC Dimensions of Learning but these are the background to the program, not its central focus, which is on you personally

I hope you’ll approach PPP with an inquiring and open spirit, as a useful opportunity to reflect on and revitalise the way you approach your personal pedagogy over the coming year, continually set yourself goals that challenge and re-energise your teaching practice over the coming year.

If you have any queries about the program or want to talk over anything in connection with it, you can reach me on 0429-687513.

Warm Regards

Bill Cropper

Director – The Change Forum
Tel:      07-4068 7591
Mob:    0429-687 513

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