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Is a bit of cultural renovation on your 2018 improvement list?

Culture is the real game-changer in getting real results

And knowing how to lead it is a powerful tool for success


~ Creating Constructive Cultures ~


BRISBANE Feb 22-23 & May 14 (1-day fast track)



CAIRNS May 22-23   TOWNSVILLE June 6 

Rekindle commitment and create a culture of accountability that gets people thinking and behaving in ways that produce the results you want


“I thoroughly recommend this clinic to anyone who wants to learn more about leading effective culture change. Well structured, logical and I found the practical tools and discussions about their use extremely insightful. Excellent resources.”

Louise B – Queensland Studies Authority


A group of people in a room

Description generated with very high confidenceCultivating the conversational capability of teams is a powerful tool leaders can wield to encourage ideas that enhance both functionality and culture together...

In a cultural renewal clinic I ran recently, I found myself reflecting on how crucial conversations are to creating constructive cultures. Our Culture Scan had highlighted cultural enhancements this team could improve on. The twist was, before they could talk these over, they had to first face-up to dysfunctional conversational habits they had that prevented them talking things over.

To create constructive cultures, you’ve got to be able to talk over what needs to happen – and therein lay an immediate problem.

Conversations are something that largely get overlooked when we talk about how cultures form and what makes them tick. It’s like they become so much a part of the furniture, we don’t notice them – so we underestimate the impact they have, both in, and on, a culture.

Yet if you stop to take notice and take-stock, how we talk to each other is one of the most visible aspects of any culture.

You can’t talk culture without taking account of the crucial role conversations play in it.

Conversations subtly shape a culture. As cultures form, conversations are the vehicle through which we develop cultural identity and consolidate core beliefs that determine the deeper character of a culture.

They're also the way we pass on the culture to new people. Once a culture’s in full swing, conversations continue to reinforce it. Conversational norms and behaviours get embedded. Ultimately, the calibre of conversations becomes a good predictor of how constructive your culture is, or not...

If the quality of conversational interactions is good, you’re likely to have a lively, dynamic culture that’s strategy-smart and responsive. If conversations are closed, guarded, combative and conservative, you create a culture like that too.

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Description generated with very high confidencePaying more attention to the nature of the conversations we have is an essential culture change tool. As people learn new ways to talk with each other, their relationships and interactions subtly shift, and the culture may begin to shift too.

cid:image007.png@01D2D3C2.87C8DDD0 Read more: Conversations create Culture: turning talk into meaningful change actions

The calibre of conversations that occur in a culture is the first of the six dimensions in our CLEVER Culture Scan. They're also Phase-5 in the change roadmap we cover in our Leading Culture Change Clinic.


cid:image020.png@01D2E202.85756140  How does your Workplace Culture measure up?

Getting your culture ‘right’ is the most critical facet to focus on for leaders who want great teams and sustainable results. We even define great leaders as those who turn around a caustic or impoverished culture and create a constructive one

cid:image013.png@01D27CA6.0F35DFD0Find out about 6 Dimensions for Creating CLEVER Cultures


"The sessions on culture change Bill ran have been transformational. Our leadership team were equipped with practical tools that have engaged staff with ways-of-thinking that have generated ownership of a positive workplace culture of learning excellence. Cultural Renewal Teams are now operating across the organization as part of a strategic and sustainable cycle of continual improvement"

Terry N – Brisbane Private School


 Leading Culture Change

– Creating Constructive Cultures –

BRISBANE Feb 22-23 & May 14 (1-day fast track) 





Whether carrying out a culture scan, developing a vision of the culture you want, coming up with cultural renovation strategies or making moves to implement, our Leading Culture Change clinic helps you come to grips with what cultural leadership really entails.

“Very interesting eye-opener with fantastic tools and excellent guide”

Jenni D, Cairns Regional Council

7 ‘game-changing’ reasons to get along to this ‘must-do’ clinic...

ü Culture is what actually produces your Results

ü It’s crucial for your team’s Performance

ü It governs how your people Think and Act

ü It’s make-or-break to Strategy & Survival

ü It’s core to Commitment & Engagement

ü It’s key to Neutralising Team Toxicity

ü It paves the way to creating Accountability


“The Culture Change Clinic was excellent. The workbook is outstanding and I congratulate you on the work you invest in providing such an invaluable tool post-program. You gave me the tools to begin to move forward with culture change in my unit.”

Jan S, Queensland Health


For a team, division or whole organisation, the tools, methods and tips in this clinic will help you work out ways to re-align your culture to your strategies, directions and goals while achieving more lasting and constructive outcomes….

·        Unpack what makes up culture and what your ideal culture might look like

·        Diagnose the best and worst of your current culture and what needs to change

·        Apply our 8-phase model to plan positive culture change steps

·        Learn about traps and tips to counter cultural resistance

·        Work out where to start and develop a Cultural Action Plan

·        Use our substantial take-away Toolkit to guide your planning and activities

cid:image011.png@01D3288F.C5B675E0cid:image011.png@01D3288F.C5B675E0cid:image011.png@01D3288F.C5B675E0Course Outline      More on Culture Change     Register NOW



"Creating Constructive Cultures was very beneficial. I appreciated the focus on how we could work with and influence the culture of staff we lead and enjoyed learning about effective ways to work with people to maximise productivity and collegiality. As a facilitator you have an excellent skill-set perceiving and responding to people’s needs. I found the session most valuable and timely to re-ignite a little more passion toward identifying how I can be a better leader. Thank you very much." Liz C Pastoral Care Co-ordinator


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