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Personal Mastery: Leading with EI
The Emotionally Intelligent Leader
Mindful Leadership in Action
Compassionate Leadership
Emotional Intelligence at Work
Mindfulness at Work

Socially Intelligent Leadership: Building EI Teams

Teaching with EI
Resilience-Based Trauma Training


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Emotional Intelligence, Personal Mastery,

Mindfulness & Compassion

Practical Programs for leaders, staff & teams...

Emotional Intelligence has a lot to do with lifting levels of achievement, motivation, focus, optimism, joy, purpose, positivity and performance...

At the bottom of top performance are emotions. Feelings form the background to everything we do. We dramatically underestimate the role emotions play in every corner of our lives. They:


Affect how we think, who we are, how we live and how productive, happy, satisfied and effective we are.


Exert a powerful pull on how we behave and how we cope with change and stress


Underpin morale, motivation, focus and goal achievement


Determine how well we work in with others. build rapport and manage relationships judiciously and sensitively

At work or on the home-front, Emotional Intelligence (EI) is simply the most enriching life-skill anyone can learn – whether it’s building great teams, being a more connective leader, boosting morale and performance or creating an awesome workplace where we get on well together, have fun and produce amazing results.


EI is the key to what drives behaviour and what inspires people to perform at their best.


EI is what helps us stay calm, cool and collected at work and handle tricky situations with sensitivity, empathy and humour.


It’s what helps us manage our moods, keep destructive emotions at bay and handle hostility in others.


And what gives us grit, resilience and determination to persevere in the face of set-backs.

Developing emotional skills such as perseverance, resilience, self-motivation and connectivity are critical to both work and life success. [Read more in our article EI - Why it Matters]

   Personal Mastery: turning the mirror inwards

More and more leaders now connect successful business outcomes with their own level of 'Personal Mastery' – their ability to tune into themselves and be more mindful of the impact their patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving have on the people and situations that surround them, as well as the results they get.

Personal Mastery revolves around the idea that leadership starts with you – that no matter what your leadership level, roles or goals, the critical factor to begin with is inside us. It's about self-awareness, self-management, personal empowerment and emotional intelligence, and it's about doing inner-work on ourselves to understand the impact our patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving have on the people and situations around us.   In other words, turning the mirror inwards, where all meaningful leadership work begins.

   Putting Mindfulness into Practice at work...

Across the globe, there’s a new generation of leaders seeking to extend their emotional intelligence competency by integrating mindfulness into their leadership lives and practice - not just to improve their personal productivity and performance, but to learn how to be more present, self-aware, focused, connected, less stressed and more emotionally balanced.

Neuroscience and leadership discoveries in the last decade show that mindfulness training can have practical benefits and paybacks – it reshapes habitual neuronal pathways, has a healthy impact on brain function and can help leaders find a haven of clarity, calm and focus in a maelstrom of uncertainty.  [Read more in our article Mindful Leadership in Action]

“We all have habitual ways of responding to emotional challenges. Mindfulness training alters these habits by making it more likely that one neuronal pathway rather than another will be used...(it) carves new channels in streambeds of the mind.” Richard Davidson ‘The Emotional Life of Your Brain’

   Compassion in Leadership...

The public profile of a powerful leader is someone who's tough, decisive and results-driven -- who leads with their head and puts business before benevolence. We convince ourselves we can’t make space for compassion and connection, yet that’s what truly great leaders do make time for. They have the conviction, confidence and courage to cultivate connectivity and compassion.

With the global shift towards emotionally intelligent, connective leadership, more leaders are now becoming interested in the idea of developing a more compassionate style - being caring and empathetic, truly leading with feelings. Which begs the question: “What does it take to become a compassionate leader and how can I inspire my management teams and staff to become more caring when dealing with customers, clients and each other?

“Every human being has the same potential for compassion; the only question is whether we really take any care of that potential, and develop and implement it in our daily life.” His Holiness the Dalai Lama, The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living

   EI & Mindfulness essentials for leaders, staff and teams...

Emotional Intelligence, Personal Mastery, Mindfulness and Compassion skills can be learned – that’s where The Change Forum coaching clinics come in. We’ve specialised in designing and delivering practical, applications-based EI and conversational mastery programs for leaders, executives, staff, teachers and teams since 2003.

Links to current Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and Resilience-building programs (review the course Outline or follow the Title link for more detailed course description)

8 For Scheduled Dates and Registration: See our on-line Course Calendar... or for IN-HOUSE enquiries, use our on-line Enquiry form or Contact us direct


Resilience-Based Trauma Training  -- 1-day program for Leaders, Supervisors, Peer Supporters - course Outline


Personal Mastery: Leading with EI -- 2-days - course Outline


The Emotionally Intelligent Leader -- 1-day fast-track - course Outline


Mindful Leadership in Action -- 1-day - course Outline


Compassionate Leadership -- 1 or 2-days - course Outline


Emotional Intelligence at Work -- 1-day clinic for Staff - course Outline


Mindfulness at Work -- 1-day clinic for Staff - course Outline


Teaching with EI -- 1-day program for Schools - course Outline


Socially Intelligent Leadership: Building EI Teams -- 2-days for Leaders & Team Members - course Outline


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