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Fundamental Facilitation

Getting great results through good group process

…a set of skills all professionals need…

BRISBANE ~ April 4-5

CAIRNS April 16-17…  TOOWOOMBA May 23-24…

TOWNSVILLE June 12-13...  HERVEY BAY July 9-10...    

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…a 2-day toolkit clinic to master aspects that really matter for good group facilitation…


“A very well organised program with a great guide... I feel much more able to competently facilitate a group now, much more prepared and aware of different tools I can use.”  Amy Savage – DEEDI

Facilitation is a fundamental set of skills all leaders need. Whether you’re leading change, generating ideas, tackling a knotty team problem or trying to make meeting-time more effective – leaders need to play the role of facilitator at times.

Facilitation is fundamental to group functioning. Many teams left to their own devices tend to flounder. They get distracted, diverted or lost in the detail. Good results need good group process. Without it, meetings stall, conversations bog-down, good ideas get quashed, opinions polarise, decisions get hijacked, people disengage and actions remain unclear. Facilitators help teams maintain momentum, stay focused, keep on-track with tasks and challenge behaviours that get in the way of good teamwork. And that’s what leaders do too.

Good leaders often act as facilitators. Facilitation skills slot in neatly to support the key roles leaders play as engagers, mobilisers, team-builders and change-makers. They help teams share information, set goals, sort priorities and make decisions. Facilitative leadership is a set of skills, a suite of tools and a kind of personal influence every leader can benefit from using more of – and it’s a style staff generally prefer. [Read more on facilitation & leadership in our Facilitation FactFile].  

That’s where our Fundamental Facilitation clinic comes in....

 “Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop - delivered on facilitation strategies and models and has given me much food for thought... An informative, practical approach with good practice opportunities. It gave me more confidence to apply different tools in different scenarios.” Natasha Hynes – Centrelink

Fundamental FACILITATIONGetting great results through good group process...


Don’t let our course title fool you into thinking ‘Fundamental’ just means ‘basic’.  We chose it because facilitation is a fundamental set of skills leaders and other professionals from all walks of organisational life need and because facilitation is fundamental to getting good results and high levels of engagement in any group context [Brochure attached or download on-line]

This highly interactive, hands-on clinic can benefit anyone who wants to strengthen their facilitation skills, boost personal confidence, and work with teams in ways that get results and achieves things together faster and more efficiently. This workshop helps you:

·         Plan interesting, productive facilitation sessions and design effective group processes

·         Get more engagement and stimulate better group interaction, conversation and creativity

·         Help groups generate ideas, share information, sets goals and make decisions

·         Read what’s going on in groups and choose the right facilitation tool for the job

·         Handle challenging group dynamics and enhance the quality of group interaction/ behaviour

·         Train your teams and groups in how to use facilitation tools effectively for themselves

“I’m required in my workrole to facilitate groups. Before this training, I knew my content well enough but didn’t have the tools to keep the team motivated or interested in the process. I got a lot from this course and learnt simple tools I can apply every day and I’m getting some very positive feedback.”

Kylie Dunlop, Dept of Environment & Resource Management

Facilitation is not just for leaders. Groups work better together when everyone has some level of facilitation ability.  So developing these skills more broadly in your team isn’t a bad idea either. This workshop provides plenty of opportunities to practise. It’s packed with models, tools and roadmaps to help you master most of the aspects that really matter for good group facilitation. Topics and tools include… 

·         A 5-stage model for facilitating groups

·         Setting goals & sorting out solutions

·         Using questions to guide group process

·         Getting groups to generate & share ideas

·         Encouraging engagement & participation

·         Group problem-solving & solution-finding

·         Maintaining energy and keeping focus

·         Minding the mechanics of meetings

·         Designing great facilitation sessions

·         Analysing situations & sorting priorities

·         Dealing with difficult group dynamics

·         Group decision-making and action plans

“I learnt lots – a great workshop to attend. Practical exercises were very helpful and the toolkit is a great resource. The facilitator “went with the flow” on topics presented by participants which were outside the planned schedule and his own knowledge base and skills clearly came through.” Barbara Hatfield - Qld Health

Register ON-LINE, by Email or Fax: Places limited so EARLY registration will guarantee you a place… Soggy Summer Savings (GST inc)$770 single or $1496 for 2 places [NFP & Schools: $660 pp] Just register by March 14 - [use Discount code FF0413]) (Register first, payment on invoice within 14 days & prior to attendance) Venue: confirmed on registration. Toolkit, Lunch and refreshments provided. Timing: 8.30 am - 4.30 pm each day.

“I feel very comfortable attending your courses as I like your relaxed, open and non-judgemental style as a facilitator and I think that you explain the content in a way that is easy to understand and relate to in everyday life (on both professional and personal levels.” Pauline Bonnici – Qld Health

·         All Change Forum clinics are practical, challenging and stimulating with a comprehensive take-away Toolkit to help you put your learning into practise in real time back at work… 

·         All Change Forum clinics take a down-to-earth approach offering a relaxed, engaging, safe and FUN environment for learning

·         All Change Forum clinics also available for delivery in-house – in standard format or customised to your needs.  Use our on-line enquiry form, email or call to discuss 

·         The Change Forum FactFiles and seasonal E-NEWzine available for download on-line – topical tips, tool extracts and articles on subjects included in our coaching clinics

·         The Change Forum Services Profiles (available on-line) provide an overview of our Change Support Services and Working Better Together team development approach.

Extending the learning: Your help in sharing information about our programs with staff, colleagues, associates and your wider management, HR and regional networks is always greatly appreciated... Real change is better achieved when the whole working community participates.

Hope to see you or your staff at one of these great learning opportunities… Thank you for your time. And if you don't want any more notices of upcoming learning events in your local area that’s OK, just let us know. (Remove Request link below)


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