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5 One-Team

Work Practices

          Work as ONE TEAM

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BILL CROPPER - The Change Forum
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strengthen cross-boundary cooperation & reduce dysfunctional barriers



"We just don't work very well together as one team! Everyone does their own thing. We’re not on the same page as to what’s important. We don't share information and people don’t help each other out."

Sound familiar? Hello again, Bill Cropper here. “Working-as-One-Team” has become an article of faith in most workplaces but it takes more than faith to get it happening. We know what chaos it causes if teams can’t find a way to row in the same direction together - when efforts are not just uncoordinated but cut across, or even conflict and compete with each other...

The silo-mentality is a perennial pain-in-the-proverbial for most operations. It creates un-crossable boundaries and fault-lines between service units, functions and teams. Work gets so compartmentalised we don't talk to each other, even if the quality of the final product or service depends on it.

We lose sight of the big picture purpose (if we ever had one). We stop sharing information (if we ever started), cross-boundary cooperation shrivels (if it ever existed) and collective accountability (if there ever was) turns into a blame-game. As they become more isolated, teams grow more self-focused about their plans, priorities, decisions, actions and results.

Work-as-1-Team creates more cross-boundary cooperation, bridges barriers between teams and unblocks attitudes like isolationism, job-protectionism, competition, blame and self-focus - all symptoms of siloed behaviour and major team performance failure factors.

Work-as-1-Team says if you want to succeed you can’t afford to operate like this. Teams need to start helping out wherever it’s needed and stop making out they’re too busy to help.

Do you witness too many turf wars or a lack of accountability or concerted action?  Learning to Work-as-1-Team can shift mindsets and get you better results.  But how and where do you start? 

 1-day toolkit clinic on

5 Work-as-1-Team Practices to

   Break-down between-team barriers

   Unblock the silo-mentality

   Build cross-boundary cooperation

   Create collective accountability


BRISBANE ~ Oct 25, Nov 28




CAIRNS ~ Dec 1


Take-away toolkit to help you implement our 5 One-Team Work Practices back in your workplace

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also In-House on request...

That’s where our Work-as-1-Team clinic comes in. Part of our Working Better Together team development series, this clinic equips you with practical tools to implement 5 One-Team Work Practices to help teams: 

·        Identify and break-down dysfunctional between-team boundaries

·        Strengthen cross-boundary co-operation as well as in-team and inter-team synergies

·        Assess one-team potential and what attitudes, beliefs and behaviours are needed

·        Learn how to share vision, decisions, workloads and accountability for results

·        Develop new operating principles and behaviour to support working-as-one-team

Ü See the course Flyer for a run-down on topics we cover

Thoroughly enjoyed this great workshop. It’s already started to achieve better work - a good step forward. Structure was well planned and content all related specifically to our working better together needs. Bill did a fantastic job getting people to open up, feel comfortable and raise issues over the two days.”

Larissa Payne – Latrobe University Melbourne

We run Work-as-1-Team publicly as a 1-day workshop for leaders and/or team reps. We also run this clinic in-house for workplaces, either for leader groups or as a series of sessions for leaders along with their teams, which helps build common understanding and engagement. 

Ü Free article to download on Working as One-Team

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    1-DAY Clinic:          [Full Fee (GST inc):  $550pp]

          General*:         Single $495 or $946 for 2 places

          NFP/Schools*:   Single  $451 or $880 2 places


·        Subscribe* to be eligible for discount or Full Fee applies (can do with registration)

·        Prices include GST… Payment on invoice within 14 days and prior to attendance

·        Small groups, a safe place to practise:  Average 6-8 (max 12)

·        Inclusions: Tuition, comprehensive self-coaching Guide, Lunch and refreshments

·        Venue: Wellington Apartment Hotel E.Brisbane; Other CBD Venues advised on registration

·        Timing: 8.30 am – 4.30 pm each day

Register On-line,  EMAIL completed form  or CALL 07-4068 7591

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For more on teams and articles and tips on Working Better Together, see our free FactFiles featuring topical tips on aspects like Designing Teams that Work,  10 Dimensions of EI Teams, and Working Better Together – The Art of Team-Building.

In-House Working Better Together Clinics: For more help with improving your team’s functionality, we run a comprehensive series of in-house team-building clinics under the general title of Working Better Together. For a full profile including our take on team-building, team-building services and tips on planning your next team-building session, see our Working Better Together Prospectus

Look forward to seeing you at this one-of-a-kind clinic  – and please feel free to forward this message to others in your networks or region who you think might be interested in making conversations with difficult performers a little less tortuous for them and a little bit easier for themselves.  


Bill Cropper

Director - The Change Forum

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