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10 SETI Dimensions for leaders to cultivate more connective high-performing teams

Social & Emotional Team Intelligence

SETI? No, not the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence

Socially Intelligent Leaders work on the positive side of team emotions. They help them develop what we call SETI – Social and Emotional Team Intelligence – something every team can do with more of since it seems to be the key differential between effective and ineffective performance. So we all need SETI…

Socially Intelligent Leadership comprises a cluster of emotional competencies that determine how well you can connect, empathise, relate to and get along with your team.  This clinic shows leaders how to work with 10 SETI Dimensions to connect better with their teams and help build more resonance, respect, resilience, connectivity, positivity and cohesion – qualities that contribute dramatically to superior team performance. [See our free FactFile for an introduction to the 10 SETI Dimensions]

Emotional Intelligence is what happens inside us in terms of managing emotions… Social Intelligence is what happens on the outside when leaders start interacting with teams

What’s the level of Social and Emotional Intelligence in your team like? Team leaders spend a lot of time finding ways to help people work better together and get along well. This program equips you with tools to work with your team on key team-enhancement areas like:

ü  Managing disruptive emotions and behaviours better

ü  More awareness of the impact people have on each other

ü  Learning how to handle work pressures and stress better

ü  Taking a more positive outlook to changes and challenges

ü  Being more resilient and handling set-backs better

ü  Lifting positive behaviours like connecting and respecting

ü  Handling conflict or difficult team moments in better ways

“I wanted to learn how to apply EI in a team dynamic. This course was well-run, easy-to-follow with good practice activities that gave me concrete practical ways to introduce and improve the SETI level in my team. Bill knew the subject and believed in what he was teaching – and the guidebook is great to have and take away with youRosey Lupton – CNWQ Medicare Local


EI is primarily personal. Social Intelligence is inter-personal… It’s about what transpires as we connect with others

SETI is behind so much of what makes for superior team performance. Being able to connect and get along well may account for as much as 40% of team performance. Yet lots of us lack the social and emotional skills to cultivate healthy and productive team relationships.  

If leaders can help people learn about how emotions affect how they interact, solve problems, make decisions and respond to pressure – this can have a hugely beneficial impact on the healthy functioning of any team. That’s where this coaching clinic comes in [download Flyer]...

What’s Socially Intelligent Leadership about? This clinic is for leaders keen to do something about the emotional climate of the teams they work with. It takes you through a set of team actions based on the 10 SETI Dimensions that help in a real hands-on way to:

¡  Boost your level of social intelligence and team resonance

¡  Build positive emotional states like resilience, tolerance, respect

¡  Measure the emotional temperature of your team

¡  Create more cohesion and connectivity in your team

¡  Increase positive behaviours like openness, valuing, respecting

¡  Temper the impact of toxic emotions on team climate

¡  Reinforce relationship builders like resonance and rapport


“This course was worthwhile to find out about the EI level of your team and heighten awareness. A good start-point for ongoing team development to use as a marker to go forward. I was pleasantly surprised with the knowledge of the presenter. His succinct explanations and relaxed manner was a high point throughout the day.” Shona Watson Indigenous Schooling Support Unit  

Socially Intelligent Leaders emotionally tune-in to their team and use the human need to connect to actively drive and energise them

Course Features...

¡  Diagnose your team SETI using our unique 10 Dimension Model

¡  130-pg Self-coaching Guide filled with tools & team activities

¡  Take your team’s emotional temperature with our SETI inventory

¡  Develop a CHARTER to Integrate SETI into your team principles


“Very interesting. Easy to understand content and I really enjoyed the activities. I recommend this course to anyone looking to lead a team or further their own awareness of team differences. I’ll be doing the activities with my team at a training session in future.” Jenny Shillington – Rockhampton Regional Council


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All Change Forum clinics are practical, challenging and stimulating with a comprehensive take-away Toolkit to help you put your learning into practice in real time back at work… Those who’ve been along to other Change Forum programs know that Bill takes a down-to-earth approach and creates a relaxed, engaging, safe and fun environment for learning...

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“I feel very comfortable attending your courses Bill.  I like your relaxed, open and non-judgemental style as a facilitator and I think you explain the content in a way that’s easy to understand and relate to in everyday life (on both professional and personal levels.” Pauline Bonnici


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All Change Forum clinics include a comprehensive self-coaching Guidebook to support on-going learning back-at-work

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