At-the-ready trauma self-help & support strategies...



TOOWOOMBA Oct 23  ~  BRISBANE Nov 1 & Dec 1



1-day Trauma First-Aid clinic on Resilience-Building & Trauma-Resistance self-help & support Strategies

for managers, supervisors, OHS/HR specialists, peer supporters

and to help yourself or your colleagues handle trauma

Bill Cropper – Director, The Change Forum

“Very beneficial and worthwhile, with a good balance of theory background and practical application of techniques that are of great use.” Shelly S Peer Supporter

Trauma is a major contributor to workplace malfunctions...

Whether it’s slow or sudden and whatever triggers it – accident, work-load stress, toxic culture or other anxiety-creating events – trauma distresses and disconnects us, drains our resilience and well-being, and plays havoc with our nervous system and our ability to function effectively

Learn ways to look after yourself & look-out for your workmates

Pick-up valuable trauma first-aid tools, tips & strategies to reduce and resist trauma reactions, build-up your reserves of resilience and strengthen your leader role as emotional caretaker and trauma-supporter!

Read about handling Trauma & Resilience at work – link below…

Resilience-Based Trauma Training

cid:image020.png@01D2E202.85756140Be prepared - turn the tables on trauma

Track and contain trauma using our 5 Trauma-Resistors and Resilience-Builders – self-help tools to help you feel more in control and assist others more effectively


“Very useful  - an excellent guide and fantastic self-help tools”

Rod C, Construction Manager

7 compelling reasons to come along to this hands-on clinic...

ü I want a working knowledge of trauma - its affects & warning signs

ü I care about the well-being of colleagues & staff and want to help them

ü I want to pick-up valuable trauma first-aid tools, tips & strategies 

ü I want to be able to look after myself and look-out for my workmates

ü I want ways to build resilience and reduce or resist trauma in my teams

ü I want to better fulfil my role as emotional caretaker and trauma-support

ü I want to minimise the impact of trauma being a drain on well-being

“A most valuable experience!  A really worthwhile program with practical, realistic examples and the guidebook is great!” Stephen D Project Manager

Spring Series Special:

 3 places for the price of 2! Details below…

Building Resilience – Resisting Trauma

Trauma can happen slowly. Or suddenly, in seconds. But its effects can last much longer. Whether it's a natural disaster, a work-related incident, physical or emotional upsets, or any number of workplace woes we find overwhelming, trauma can play havoc with our nervous system, make life hard-going and hamper our ability to function at home or at work. It impacts how we behave, get along with others, how safe we feel and of course it can affect how well we cope and continue to perform our jobs.

Resilience and trauma are two sides of the same coin. Building resilience is a key trauma-resistance strategy. Resilience acts as a stress-buffer. Knowing about the link between trauma and resilience enables you to understand what goes on in potentially traumatic situations and how we typically react that can become a first line of defence and self-help. 

All of us can benefit learning a few Trauma Resistance First-Aid Strategies so you spend more time in your Resilience Zone and less time out of it in trauma...

Read more on Building Resilience and Resisting Trauma at Work

Trauma's an intense, seemingly uncontrollable, set of acute stress-reactions to single or serial events that are distressing, disturbing and unexpected.

It’s biologically-based self-survival impulses that are automatic – the natural protective response of our nervous system to threat and hazard – physical, mental or emotional. Trauma gets our bodily alarms going, and it can keep them going long after an actual event has passed.

YES Count me in!Resilience Based Trauma Training can benefit anyone who wants to pick up basic self-help practices to support themselves or help colleagues to handle trauma - whether  it's  incident, accident, or work-based, direct or indirect.

This clinic is also for those who play a part in trauma support or want to lift their ability to be of more potential help - line managers, supervisors, OHS or /HR co-ordinators and peer supporters. What you’ll learn includes:

·        Resilience and Trauma at Work

·        Trauma triggers, types, events and 'at-risk' factors

·        Bodily alarms and nervous system overload

·        Using the Resilience-Zone tool to self-monitor

·        Using the Resilience-Tester tool to track yourself

·        Trauma-Mapping: how brain, body & emotions react

·        Trauma-Tracker self-check: tell-tale signs & symptoms

·        Trauma first-aid – 5 self-help Resistance Strategies

·        Trauma toxins, stress and emotional re-balancing

·        5 Resilience-Builders – trauma buffers and preventers

·        Preparing a Trauma Resistance Action Plan

Clinic comes with a Leader's Trauma Support Guide & Self-Help Toolkit.

You also get a chance to purchase copies of our Trauma First-Aid Pocket Guide on handling trauma and building resilience, for your staff back at work

Course Outline  ~  Brochure to share  ~  Article to read

No psychology or role plays… Just real tools to test out for yourself!

Please Note - this first-aid, self-help clinic for trauma-support is not to be mistaken for clinical, procedural or therapy-based trauma-care - which are beyond its scope. It's also not to be seen as a substitute for proper professional trauma-counselling and support.

Spring Series Special:

 3 places for the price of 2! Details below…

Resilience-Based Trauma-Training

TOOWOOMBA Oct 23  ~  BRISBANE Nov 1 & Dec 1



“Fantastic and very beneficial. Provided information I can use not only in the workplace but also in my personal life....” James K, Construction Supervisor


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·         Timing: 8.30 am - 4.30 pm each day

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And Yes – we can come to you too…

We can run Resilience-Based Trauma Training directly with staff and leader groups or work with leaders and peer supports on ways to integrate RBTT sessions in regular team meetings

Ask about in-house programs for your leader groups or teams

Individual and small group coaching also provided on request

Get in touch through our online enquiry form or…

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More on resilience-building, trauma-reduction, emotional self-management and mindfulness available on-line at  

I look forward to working with you or your staff on this essential workplace wellbeing initiative – and please forward this message on to others who might be keen to start taking steps for building resilience and working on ways to turn the tables on trauma at work.


Bill Cropper

Bill Cropper Director

The Change Forum






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