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Tools, techniques and planning tips to help you

handle performance conversations

with more confidence, certainty and positivity

“A quality, ‘value for money’ day, well-prepared and presented, jam-packed with information and interaction and chances to reflect on practice...  and an abundance of resources to use before, during and after.” Alison F. St Mary’s Catholic College Cairns

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Is Straight-talk Bad? It’s a question that invariably comes up in my Positive Performance Conversations clinics. My answer? “That depends on what you think straight-talk is.” 

Often when people feel they’re being open and honest, they think they come across as ‘up-front’, ‘direct’, even ‘business-like’. But those on the receiving end of such straight-talk actually find them stern, abrasive, over-bearing, offensive, lacking in tact or sensitivity.

Managers who take a hard-line in performance conversations sometimes say giving difficult feedback or tackling poor performers doesn’t concern them that much. If the other person gets defensive, that’s just too bad. They need to ‘harden-up’, to ‘take it on the chin – without flinching’. The idea they may need to soften-up a little and be a bit more mindful about the messages they give, simply doesn’t cross their minds.

These people don’t feel the need to be tentative, conditional or concerned about the impact what they say and how they say it has on others.

How focus, presence and attention can rebalance your leadership and heighten the effectiveness of your thinking and action

Why not make this your year of leading mindfully?

Ø  Manage distractions and mind-stray

Ø  Be more present for people you lead

Ø  Ease anxiety and lessen stress

Ø  Regain balance and curtail confusion

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“I’d highly recommended this program to learn specific strategies to incorporate mindfulness principles into their leadership practices at work, especially colleagues suffering from stress and burn-out.” Jude W - Health Director

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Sometimes they’re oblivious. Other times they’re ruthless, and take no prisoners. It’s a costly strategy, though, if you want constructive outcomes, improved performance – and a good relationship with your team. Download full Article… ]

“I highly recommend this clinic… it’s important for anyone who supervises other staff to be skilled in positive conversation techniques. The Guide is super with lots of tools for future reference” Sonia R, Queensland Health

Do you want your performance conversations to be more worthwhile, meaningful and constructive for both you and your staff?

Positive Performance Conversations works on a simple principle: focus on the positives you want to see, not the negatives you don’t.  As a leader, it’s up to you to set the right tone, apply the right kind of pressure and still stay connected and make it safe for staff to engage in the process, if you want to get results and resolve issues. If they feel blamed, ticked-off or troubled by how the conversation’s going, people quickly disengage and either retreat or retaliate.

Join us to learn tools, tips & techniques that can help you tackle

tricky performance talks with more poise and emotional balance

Whatever your leadership level and whether you’re dealing with performers who are great, good or troubling, the principles and tools we share in this practical 1-day clinic can help you prepare for meaningful conversations about performance and handle them more confidently and mindfully, delivering even touchy or sensitive feedback in positive, encouraging ways. We’ll introduce you to a set of footings, frameworks and conversation formulas you can apply in all kinds of performance review situations. You’ll learn how to:

·       Tackle tough performance conversations in more positive ways

·       Structure your conversation better with our 5 Footings and Frameworks model

·       Start conversations on a firm but neutral footing

·       Deliver difficult feedback that is more ‘sayable’ and ‘hearable’

·       ‘De-vague’be more specific in the way you dissect performance issues

·       Handle defensiveness anxiety and other high-pitched emotions

·       Anticipate – objections, excuses, justifications and downplays

·       Level – say what performance you need and why they need it too

·       Reframe – put negative performance issues across positively

·       Stay Focused – keep it on track, clear, frank and fact-based

·       Coach to find solutions – get commitment to goals and actions

“Definitely worth the time. Gave me the structure I needed to ensure a difficult performance conversation does not make the situation any worse. I really enjoyed the day and found Bill very easy to listen to with some interesting planning ideas. Thanks for delivering a very worthwhile course – and the guidebook is a great tool to help prepare.” Murray F -  Transport and Main Roads Dept

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Making Performance Conversations Work for You

Half-day or Full-day sessions to help your Staff engage better with their next performance review

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