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Positive Performance Conversations

Tools ‘n tips to tackle troublesome performers more confidently

“A very good program. I’ve already recommended it and I feel much more confident to bring up performance issues after doing this course. A very comprehensive, engaging workshop and the toolkit-to-go, very useful.”  Lisa Baker Rural and Community Health

Toowoomba NOV 13

Hervey Bay Nov 26  ~  Brisbane Dec 1

Mindful Leadership in Action

How focus, attention and presence can lift your leadership 

Toowoomba NOV 14

Hervey Bay Nov 27  ~  Brisbane Nov 28

“Beneficial to all who want to sharpen their leadership skills through better focus. Great content, very useful guidebook, good tools and a faultless presentation.”

 Ric Favini Resource Manager RoadTEK...


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Bill Cropper

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Mindful leaders are present and focused – handy qualities for handling tough performance talks

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Mindfulness is a quality every leader needs more of because being present and focused is what you need to deal calmly and constructively with whatever challenges are right in front of you. And nowhere is mindfulness and the emotional balance that come with it, more called for than in those tricky conversations leaders have to have from time to time with troublesome performers.

Positive Performance Conversations looks at ways to give difficult feedback in factual ways and keep defensiveness at bay so they hear what you have to say and heed your help.  This 1-day clinic provides crucial scaffolding for you to plan, prepare and carry-through talks with reluctant performers. You’ll learn how to:

·       Tackle tough performance conversations in more positive ways

·       Structure – your conversation better with our 5 Footings and Frameworks model

·       Start conversations on a firm but neutral footing

·       Deliver difficult feedback that is more ‘sayable’ and ‘hearable

·       ‘De-vague’ – be more specific in the way you dissect performance issues

·       Handle defensiveness anxiety and other high-pitched emotions

·       Anticipate – objections, excuses, justifications and downplays

·       Level – say what performance you need and why they need it too

·       Reframe – put negative performance issues across positively

·       Stay Focused – keep it on track, clear, frank and fact-based

·       Coach to find solutions – get commitment to goals and actions

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Mindful Leadership in Action introduces some simple brain-training tools to help leaders identify ways to incorporate mental disciplines like presence, awareness and focused-attention into their everyday activities – minus the meditation. If you’re looking for ways to put in a peak performance at work without sacrificing your sanity, humanity and well-being, this 1-day clinic provides a useful starter-platform to help you re-think and re-invigorate your leadership.  You’ll learn how to

·       Use our 5 Mental Markers of Mindfulness model to get practical pay-backs

·       Lift your levels of clarity, focus, purpose, presence and attention

·       Monitor mind-wandering and tune into your mental models

·       Deploy the 5 mental markers of mindfulness to focus thoughts

·       Take-away focused-attention tools to train your brain to be mindful

·       Strengthen your reserves of resilience and sense of well-being

·       Reduce stress and be more calm, connected, balanced and even-minded

·       See relationships systemically and make decisions mindfully

·       Conduct more mindful dialogues and be conversationally present

·       Tune in to yourself physically, emotionally and cognitively

·       Apply our mindfulness dash-board to measure where you are


Read more on this program, download course outline and review tips on-line. Registration links follow…


Those who’ve been along to my programs previously know that I try to provide a relaxed, safe and comfortable learning environment to try out new concepts and tools – and these programs continue that tradition. I’d be delighted to welcome you or some of your other colleagues at one of these minds-on learning forums.  Either way, much appreciated if you’d help to pass on this information to others in your wider networks…  Cheers! Bill


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