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Starting next month, I’m conducting a State-wide series of special one-day forums for people in health-care called ‘Putting PATIENTS FIRST - Caring, Connecting, Compassion’.  As you know, patient-centred care is increasingly coming into the spotlight as an integral part of healthcare practice world-wide, and the Queensland Blueprint for Better Healthcare has ‘putting patients at the centre of all we do’ as the first of its six key values.  But as far as I’m aware, there is little available for healthcare people who want to develop their professional skills in this area, or refresh their patient-first approach and practices.

ABOUT this Clinic:       Putting PATIENTS FIRST aims to get people on the same page – to know what it means, what it looks like and most of all, how to act it.  The clinic centres on 5 Patient-First Principles, which have emerged from my work with various Queensland Health units over the years.  The focus of the clinic is on emotional intelligence, mindfulness and conversational tools to cultivate caring, connecting and compassion, NOT the clinical or procedural aspects of patient-centred care, which are well documented in most healthcare protocols. The attached BROCHURE has full details of the concepts and content we will cover.

Clinic DATES:                  The first round of public clinics commence in TOWNSVILLE and BRISBANE in August  – followed by other regional centres as follows:


Aug 21, Nov 15


Sunshine Coast

Oct 28


Aug 29, Nov 7



Oct 29


Aug 30



Nov 1

Mt Isa

Sept 4


Hervey Bay

Nov 6


Sept 6, Nov 14


Gold Coast

Dec 9


Sept 13





If you have an opportunity to bring this clinic to the attention of your senior executive, medical, nursing or educational staff, we would be most appreciative of your help.  

IN-HOUSE Clinics:         If scheduled dates don’t suit; you can’t access the locations listed above; or you see the benefit in running this clinic especially for your facility, service or area, we can conduct Putting PATIENTS FIRST at your site as a full-day interactive skills clinic, a half-day seminar or even as a series of 2-hour small group-coaching sessions to fit in with your staff shift requirements.

Focus and AIMS:           We all say we put patients first. But do we? With our daily heavy-duty demands, it’s easy to treat patients with clinical detachment, overlook how we come across, forget to connect and become careless about what we say and how we say it.  This clinic can benefit anyone from any level in your health-care chain – nursing staff, physicians, clinicians, operations, administration, clinical leaders, educators – who wants to:

¡  Practise the 5 essential Patient-First Principles that make all the difference in relating well

¡  Identify what goes on in their facilities that detracts from really putting patients first

¡  Apply formulas to enhance the 3-C’s of putting patients first – Caring, Connecting, Compassion

¡  Address emotional, attitude and work-stress blocks that get in the way of putting patients first

¡  Be more mindful of impacts on patients and behaviours to promote caring and compassion

Like all Change Forum clinics, this one is interactive, provides plenty of opportunities to practise and comes with a comprehensive self-coaching Guide people can employ back in their work-setting.

What Health PEOPLE SAY about this program:  Although this clinic is only now being offered as a public program, I have conducted it in-house on a number of occasions.  Here’s some Feedback from previous Health-care participants:

·         “An extremely powerful catalyst for developing a model of care that puts the patient first. I’m working on a 5 star model of care – and this has given me so many resources and the motivation to get it up and running.” Aschleigh Perring - Nursing Director

·         “The workshop encouraged me to stop being in such a rush, to try to be more helpful and pleasant to patients, not just hurry to get things done, leaving a trail of people who don’t understand what’s going on behind me. It’s not all about ME!” Peggy Lea McMillan Patient Trust Clerk

·         “I always enjoy the sessions you give!  Valuable to do these sort of things. I wholeheartedly agree that we are here for the patients and it’s important to communicate that and be more aware to watch what we say and how we come across.” Dea Sprong – Administrative Officer

·         “I enjoyed the workshop. Very useful and good learning for all, with contemporary, research-based, common-sense content.” Dan Manahan Medical Superintendent

·         “Challenges you to think about whether the service you provide is really patient-focused and your belief that something is when really it may be simply just staff-focused. It will benefit not only our patients but their families and the community as a whole. Thank you.” Allison McGregor – DON

·         “Made you think about the choices you make – whether to be present or absent in how you treat patients.. I’ve resolved to be more present while listening to patients, take on the principles of PPF and make these our focus.” Helen Jones Nurse Unit Manager

·         “Very worthwhile. I’d recommend all staff attend this workshop so they’re on the same wave length and encourage each other to act in a way that really does put patients first. A high point was simply listening to Bill speak.  He was funny, inspiring, engaging and very professional - too engaging for any of us to ‘tune out’.” Jodie Senescall Oral Health Services


I’ll be your PRESENTER:           I am a Queensland Health preferred provider for leadership, coaching and culture change services with extensive health-specific experience, working at all levels across the State for around 10 years now, delivering leadership, team-building, emotional intelligence and conversational coaching clinics in-house to executives, directors, team leaders, clinicians, as well as administrative, specialist and operational units. My public programs are, I believe, well-regarded and are regularly attended by people from across the health-care sector.

Introductory FEE with multiple registration DISCOUNTS:  Places are limited to 20 for each seminar. We cover venue costs, catering and administration, arrange a pre-workshop participant survey and supply each participant with a substantial self-coaching Toolkit for back-at-work action.  Single registration is currently discounted to $440pp reducing to $410pp for 10 or more – see Brochure for more details.  REGISTER ON-LINE at www.thechangeforum.com or use the form included in the Brochure.  Payment on invoice no less than 14 days prior to the event.  [For groups of 15-20 where you can provide a sizable venue on-site, an In-House clinic can prove more cost-effective on a per head basis. Contact me as below to discuss details and arrange a quote]  

Your FEEDBACK appreciated:           Since places are limited, we recommend an early response to reserve place/s for you and your staff (attendee details can be added later)… But either way, feedback on your interest in arranging a Putting Patients First clinic In-House or attending a public clinic at a  later date would be most helpful. 

CONTACT:       The Change Forum office by Email to: register@thechangeforum.com OR Tel:  07-4068 7591 or 0429-687 591 or contact me, Bill Cropper, direct on Mob: 0429-687 513 or Email: billc@thechangeforum.com.

Look forward to seeing you at this special seminar.  And if you would assist by forwarding this message on to other contacts in the health-care industry who may be interested to hear about our Putting PATIENTS FIRST program, your help would be greatly appreciated.


Bill Cropper

Director - The Change Forum

Bill Cropper - Director






+61-(0)429-687 513

+61-(0)7-4068 7591

+61-(0)7-4068 7555



Call, Email or Enquire On-line

The Change Forum is an approved Queensland Health provider for

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