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2015 SPRING into SUMMER Series
    Leadership Coaching Clinics

presented by BILL CROPPER
Director - The Change Forum

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5 great ways to lift your school leadership levels...  

Social Intelligence. Mindfulness. Connectivity. Conversations...

and Creating Constructive Cultures

2015 end-of-year Workshop Dates



Put some spring into your next leadership step

presented by Bill Cropper

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As a school leader, you know only too well the profound impact you have as a change-maker, emotional caretaker, behaviour-modeller, values-shaper and culture-creator on the performance, productivity and pedagogical climate of the classrooms and school communities you lead [Read more about The 8 Roles Real Leaders Play].

The Change Forum’s Emotional Intelligence, Team-Building, Culture Change and Conversational Coaching Clinics equip you with the emotional, self-awareness and interactional skills you need to be a more mindful, connective, compelling leader, to build better teams and encourage more vibrant, healthy, constructive school cultures.

Here’s a list of our ‘spring-into-summer’ workshops to close 2015



As well as scheduled public programs many schools take advantage of, The Change Forum regularly runs in-school learning sessions for schools around Queensland too.

Why not pick one of our exceptional end-of-year leadership learning forums to leave 2015 on a high-note and get 2016 off to a good start?

(More information through course title and outline links or see our full Directory of Programs)

Building Conversational 



Overcome anxiety and learn to speak with confidence and influence

Leaders often complain they’re the only ones who talk in team meetings - that staff don’t seem engaged or speak openly. Whatever your job-level, this 1-day clinic has easy-to-learn tools to give your confidence a lift, combat conversational confidence-drainers, engage more positively and speak with more certainty and influence. It is also useful for leaders who want to coach their staff in how to speak up more confidently.











Tackling Tough Talks


1-day fast-track on practical ways to tackle tough talks and troublesome topics

Difficult discussions are part and parcel of organisation life. Whether it’s resolving differences with customers and clients, handling conflict constructively in a team or navigating successfully through touchy situations, all leaders need to learn how to deal with them better. This 1-day version of our long-running Difficult Discussions program, takes you through some practical, step-by-step processes to prepare for, practise and improve those conversations you find most troublesome and challenging and resolve conflict more constructively.





Dealing with Difficult Discussions


Navigate more calmly around troublesome topics & contentious conversations

Dealing with difficult discussions is something we all need to do better. Poorly handled, they cause so much conflict, detract from performance and erode work relationships.  This well-regarded 2-day clinic provides robust, easy-to-use tools and methodical 7-stage model to tackle tough talks more confidently and convert destructive confrontation into constructive conversation.





Positive Performance Conversations


Footings & frameworks to make conversations with difficult performers easier

Tackling poor performance, as most leaders will tell you, is one of the most commonly avoided and widely feared species of difficult discussion. This 1-day clinic takes you on a step-by-step tour of carefully-crafted footings, frameworks and formulas to deal with difficult performers more competently and comfortably and make difficult feedback you have to deliver more ‘sayable’ and ‘hearable’.





Mindful Leadership in Action


Training your brain to increase attention, focus, clarity & presence

Mindfulness is key to leaders being more self-aware, focused, connected, less-stressed and more emotionally balanced. This practical 1-day clinic looks at what it means to lead more mindfully. It introduces 5 Mental Markers and focused-attention tools to train your brain to integrate these mental disciplines into everyday leader actions, rather than just react on auto-pilot all the time.








Personal Mastery: Leading with Emotional Intelligence


7 crucial EI practices to lift your leadership and bring out the best in others

What sets successful leaders apart from the rest is the ability to tune into the impact your feelings have on the people you lead and realise that if you want them to put in a superior performance, you have to connect with feelings first. This practical 2-day clinic has loads of tools and lots of insights on how to apply 7 key practices to energise your leadership, create more connective cultures and bring out the best in yourself and others.













Socially Intelligent Leadership:

EI in Teams


10 dimensions for leaders to create more positive, connective & resilient teams

Socially Intelligent Leadership is a special cluster of emotional competencies that determines how well you connect, empathise, relate and get along in your team.  It’s about staying on the positive side of teams and helping them develop what we call SETI – Social and Emotional Team Intelligence. This 2-day clinic shows leaders  how to work with 10 SETI Dimensions to connect better with their teams and help them build resonance, respect, resilience, connectivity and cohesion – qualities that contribute dramatically to superior team performance.








Compassionate Leadership


A clinic on making more space for compassion in your leadership, life and work

Most leaders are conditioned to put business before benevolence – to lead with head, not heart.  We convince ourselves we can’t make space for compassion yet that’s exactly what truly great leaders do make time for. This 1-day advanced EI clinic looks at the role compassion plays in a practical leadership context and how you can use it to instil more connectivity, empathy and mindfulness into your leadership mix through active self-reflection.





Leading Culture Change


Taking-up the culture challenge to improve organisation health & performance

Culture is the X-Factor in change success. Leaders are often told ‘getting the culture right’ is the most critical facet to focus on for sustainable results. It impacts strategy, performance and behaviour. Whether you lead a team, division or whole enterprise, this unique 2-day clinic unpacks the components that make up culture and equips you with practical tools to handle culture change efforts better, either as part of a specific culture change effort or an adjunct to support other changes you’re implementing.





Learning to Lead: Laying Foundations to launch Future Leaders


A tour of crucial lessons to develop new leaders or revive existing leader talent

Looking out for emerging leaders is an essential future investment. Whether you’re a new leader or aiming to be, or a current leader with more technical than leadership knowledge, this 2-day intensive fast-track focuses on crucial lessons that really make a difference and the 8 key roles real leaders play – visioning, mobilising, facilitating, coaching, culture-creating, climate-setting, systems thinking, relationship-managing and change-making.









Interested to see our full range of programs?  Review course outlines in The Change Forum’s Course Directory


I don’t know what your School or Cluster has planned but think about how your staff could benefit from some fresh-input on Personal PD Program areas like:

ü  A refresher on the 5 Learning Disciplines  and how they create a Learning School culture

ü  Emotional Intelligence in the classroom, for leaders, teams or personal awareness

ü  Cultural Revitalisation, leading people through change, or School Renewal Strategies

ü  Working Better Together in school-teams, understanding emotional styles or respect-building

ü  Dealing with Difficult Discussions or having more Positive Performance Conversations

ü  Personal Mastery or Mindfulness to boost focus and concentration and lessen stress

So if you’re still looking to provide your staff with something interesting and different, whether it’s end of this year or beginning of the next, please contact us by email for a quote, use our on-line enquiry form or call us direct to discuss ways we can help…


Feedback from Schools on The Change Forum programs…

“Always a pleasure to attend your programs. Top presentations & knowledge of your field outstanding, as are your guidebooks. Applicable to all levels of leadership in any organisation or profession and always supported by a strong research base with excellent tools. That's why people keep coming back.” Lyn B Principal - Brisbane Private School

“Bill’s courses are very worthwhile. He develops workshop so the days fly, the concepts build on each other , the structure is clear with very practical activities, role plays and real situations – and the guides are a great resource to have to refresh yourself.” Jenny W Qld Distance Education

“You’re very skilled at making learning relevant to each person no matter where they’re from. You use practical examples extremely well which make the concepts and tools ‘real’. You're always inspirational, with a great deal of knowledge you impart really well. I always use your tool kits when I go back to work.”  Kelly K Qld Special School

“I always appreciate it when it's clear the presenter really knows what they’re talking about and there is substance underpinning their talk. Bill certainly meets these criteria. Winning formulas, tempered to the particular participants. You obviously have a talent for bringing out the best in people and your knowledge/experience, facilitation and sense of humour helps.” Tameeka T Qld State High School



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All Change Forum clinics are practical, challenging and stimulating with a comprehensive take-away Toolkit to help you put your learning into practice in real time back at work… Those who’ve been along to other Change Forum programs know that Bill takes a down-to-earth approach and creates a relaxed, engaging, safe and fun environment for learning...

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General (GST inc):  $792 single… 2 clinics or 2 places $1496…

                             NFP/Schools: $660 per person

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