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What’s your Top PD Session-Pick

to end 2015 or start your 2016 School Year?


What PD sessions will you pick to end 2015 on a high-note or get 2016 off to a good head-start?

From The Change Forum’s experience with end-of-year and back-to-school PD programs, we know there’s lots of routine, programmatic wind-up and start-up stuff you have to do. We’ve also been told how many Principals want to use at least one of these days to:

ü  Rehearse a key-note for the end of term or the coming year or...

ü  Ignite interest in a pedagogical or cultural theme

ü  Reinforce an aspect of school vision, values, direction or community

ü  Build a particular skill-set...

ü  or, simply do something different for a change

I don’t know what your School or Cluster has planned for but think about how your staff could benefit from some fresh-input on Personal PD Program areas like:

ü  A refresher on the 5 Learning Disciplines  and how they help create a Learning School culture

ü  Emotional Intelligence in the classroom, for leaders, teams or personal awareness

ü  Cultural Revitalisation, leading people through change, or School Renewal Strategies

ü  Working Better Together in school-teams, understanding emotional styles or respect-building

ü  Dealing with Difficult Discussions,  having more Positive Performance Conversations

ü  Personal Mastery or Mindfulness to boost focus and concentration and lessen stress

As well as our scheduled public program offerings that many schools take advantage of, The Change Forum regularly runs in-school learning sessions for schools around Queensland. For example, in the past 12 months, we’ve run in-school clinics on Emotional Intelligence in Teams, EI at School, Building Better Teams, Revitalising School Culture, Positive Performance Conversations, Dealing with Difficult Discussions and Connecting in Classrooms.

Feedback from Schools on The Change Forum programs…

“Always a pleasure to attend your programs. Top presentations & knowledge of your field outstanding, as are your guidebooks. Applicable to all levels of leadership in any organisation or profession and always supported by a strong research base with excellent tools. That's why people keep coming back.” Lyn B Principal - Brisbane Private School

“Bill’s courses are very worthwhile. He develops workshop so the days fly, the concepts build on each other, the structure is clear with very practical activities, role plays and real situations – and the guides are a great resource to have to refresh yourself.” Jenny W Qld Distance Education

“You’re very skilled at making learning relevant to each person no matter where they’re from. You use practical examples extremely well which make the concepts and tools ‘real’. You're always inspirational, with a great deal of knowledge you impart really well. I always use your toolkits when I go back to work.”  Kelly K Qld Special School

“I always appreciate it when it's clear the presenter really knows what they’re talking about and there is substance underpinning their talk. Bill certainly meets these criteria. Winning formulas, tempered to the particular participants. You obviously have a talent for bringing out the best in people and your knowledge/experience, facilitation and sense of humour helps.” Tameeka T Qld State High School


So if your school (or a group in your Cluster) wants to arrange an end-year event or you’re still arranging PD for 2015, here’s a link to The Change Forum’s Course Directory to consider.  And here’s a summary list:


Leadership Programs

Constructive Conversations at Work: mastering the art of leading conversations

Dealing with Difficult Discussions:  7-stage model to navigate tough talks

Positive Performance Conversations:  carefully-crafted frameworks and formulas to make difficult performance conversations easier



Emotional Intelligence Programs

Mindful Leadership in Action:  brain-training for attention, clarity & presence

Leading with Emotional Intelligence:  7 crucial practices for connective  leaders

Social Intelligence in Teams:  creating cohesive, positive, resilient teams

Emotional Intelligence at Work:  5 EI-smart work practices for staff

Teaching with Emotional Intelligence:  EI connective classroom practices





Change & Culture Programs

Revitalising your School Culture:  leading culture change improves performance

Preparing People for Change:  pave the path to smoother change take-ups

Leading Change Management:  tools for people-centred change leaders

Leading Learning Schools:  the 5 disciplines and strategies for school renewal










Building Better Teams:  team-building tools to form, reform & transform teams

Leading Teams through Change:  making team change more trouble-free

Working Better Together Clinics:  tailored team-building in-house

Tools for Taking Team Action:  a tailored process to tackle concerning issues

TOP Team: Executive team-building:  create more coherent, cohesive, connective executive & senior management teams





Leadership, Facilitation

& Coaching Programs

Launching Future Leaders:  crucial lessons for developing new & aspiring leaders

Essentials of Facilitation:  tools to help teams function more effectively

Advanced Facilitation Skills:  deepening your existing facilitation skills

The Coaching Leaders Clinic:  taking a coaching approach to leadership

See our full Program Directory for detailed course outlines, ideas and information...


So if you’re still looking to provide your staff with something interesting and different, whether it’s end of this year or beginning of the next, please give me a call or contact us by email for a quote. And if you can bring this to the attention of your School Management Team, Specialist Teachers or HODs, we’d be most appreciative.


Bill Cropper

Director - The Change Forum

Bill Cropper - Director






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