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A primary task of leaders is directing the attention of others to where it needs to go.  To do so, leaders need to learn to put aside distraction and focus their own attention first, says Daniel Goleman in his latest book on ‘Focus’

Building on our work in the areas of Personal Mastery, Compassionate Leadership and Conversational Coaching over the past 10 years, our new program, Mindful Leadership in Action looks at what it means to lead mindfully.


It takes a practical, every-day approach to introducing simple brain-training tools and helps leaders identify  ways to incorporate the mental disciplines of presence, awareness and focused attention into their everyday activities, without having to retreat to your meditation cushion.

We called our program Mindful Leadership in Action fully aware of the pun that many leaders think of mindfulness as ‘inaction’ – as mainly meditative, inactive, passive and possibly impractical.




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Many automatically link mindfulness with meditation, but as you’ll discover, you can do it ‘in action just as well – without having to set-aside time for formal meditation.

While research shows meditation is certainly very effective, there are many other alternative methods to train your brain to still focus attention, downgrade distractions and heighten your presence and clarity. Mindfulness is a natural quality that all of us can bring into our everyday work-life and there are many ways to build mindfulness practice into your working-week.

Neuroscience discoveries show even a few minutes of mindfulness exercise a day can change our brain for the better and help leaders tap into their inner-space to find a haven of clarity, calm and focus in a maze of confusion, uncertainty, conflicting priorities and unrelenting stress.

“This course is beneficial to all who want to sharpen their leadership skills through better focus. Great content that seemed to flow well from one topic to the next; a very detailed, useful and easy-to-understand guidebook; good tools to develop skills not only in work situations but in everyday life; and a faultless performance by the presenter. I didn’t want it to end.” Ric Favini, Manager, RoadTEK

If you’re looking for ways to put in a peak performance at work without sacrificing your sanity, humanity and well-being, Mindful Leadership in Action may well provide a useful starter-platform to help you to re-think and re-invigorate your leadership. 




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Those who’ve been along to my programs previously may know that I aim to provide a relaxed, safe and comfortable learning environment to try out new concepts and tools – and this program continues that tradition. I’d be delighted to welcome you or some of your other colleagues at one of these exceptional, minds-on, learning forums.  Either way, much appreciated if you’d help to pass on this information to others in your wider networks… 

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More information on our range of EI, personal mastery and mindfulness clinics on-line.  Review course outlines or find out about the full range of programs we offer in The Change Forum Course Directory. Background articles and tips on Why EI Matters and Mindfulness in Action in our collection of FactFiles and CC E-News e-zine issues available for free download at www.thechangeforum.com.

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