Down-to-earth re-balancing practices for busy leaders

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Too busy to be mindful? Find out how focus, presence

& attention can re-vitalise your leadership energy

Mindful Leadership in Action

Mindfulness from a practical leadership perspective



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gBeneficial to all who want to sharpen their leadership skills through better focus. Great content, very useful guidebook, good tools and a faultless presentation.h Ric Favini Resource Manager RoadTek

Gfday – Bill Cropper here.  Mindfulness for busy leaders?  Seems a contradiction in terms until you stop to think about it. (A mindfulness practice busy leaders are too busy to do?)

In my Mindful Leadership clinics, therefs always someone who says theyfre too busy to be mindful. But not too busy to be stuck on auto-pilot doing mindless knee-jerk ebusynessf reactions, while focus flounders.

We can convince ourselves wefre very busy and still not be personally effective or productive. But at least it makes us feel important it seems. Busyness is the new status symbol – saying wefre busy means wefre important. Saying wefre not, means wefre not. How weird is that?

If this sounds like itfs going round in circles thatfs because it is. Because itfs busy leaders who most need to give their heads a break. To stop, pause, take a deep breath, and refocus. I suppose if youfre a really busy leader, you wonft even be reading this because youfre too busy. But you should.

Mindful Leadership in Action gives you practical tools to take a mental and emotional rest-break from what I call the attraction of distraction and a predilection to be preoccupied, and reflect on what youfre doing – in terms of impacts on others, how helpful or unhelpful your thoughts are, how present you are to your people, and the quality of your actions as a leader.

So if youfre a busy leader, work for one, or have one as a colleague, register and come along (if youfre not too busy that is). Learn to master those busy-thoughts that drain your focus and make you too stressed out to think clearly. Oops am I going in circles again?


Mindfulness isn't a practice you encounter all that much in the rush-fn-hurry of workplaces yet it actually underscores so many things that matter for good leadership. Work, for many of us, seems to be a place where action is valued over reflection; where we prefer speedy decisions over more considered ones and mindful leaders are a pretty rare species.

Mindfulness is a hugely beneficial set of practices that can help us cope more calmly and constructively with constant demands, busyness, pressure and stress and the deluge of distractions we face every day that can keep us in a state of continuously divided attention. 

What are the qualities that define a mindful leader?

See our Article and check yourself on our Mindfulness Quiz

"I came along to learn how to manage personal stressors in high-workload environments. I enjoyed the relaxed nature and insights of the small-group conversations and went away with a much better understanding of how to incorporate mindfulness into both work and my private life."

Thomas G Qld Parks & Wildlife    

Mindful Leadership in Actionc

clooks at what it means and how to lead mindfully.

You donft have to formally meditate to be mindful. Wefll show you lots of ways you can be more calm, clear, present and emotionally balanced while going about your usual leadership work.

Mindful Leadership in Action introduces 5 Mental Markers and simple brain-training-tools to develop the mental disciplines of presence, attention, self-reflection and focus into your everyday leader activities. Apart from helping you to lift your performance, mindfulness can also help leaders:

x      Make better decisions and increase the quality of your actions

x      Be more present and focused for the people you lead

x      Manage distractions and mind-stray - ease anxiety and lessen stress

x      Regain balance, curtail confusion and dampen down disruptive emotions

œ Try-out some simple techniques you can use back at work

œ Complimentary in-depth Mindful Leadership in Action Toolkit

œ Quality learning & materials at very reasonable rates

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gGave me good practical tools to improve my mindfulness and cope with high-demand situations. Biggest learning was applying the 5 Mental Markers in a tough situation after the course. Itfs been very useful. Thanks again for another great course!h Penny S - Program Manager Qld Health

Take the lead to managing emotions more mindfully

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Personal Mastery:

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

2-day clinic on 7 Key EI Practices every leader needs

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Successful leaders know their emotional patterns have a lot to do with how others behave, perform and interact

Refresh your capacity to really connect with the people you lead

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Mindfulness is not just a practice for leaders!

Mindfulness at Work – Seminar for Staff

CALL Bill Cropper on 0429-687 513

to arrange a mindfulness clinic in-house with your team

·       Strengthen staff focus and attention at work

·       Increase resilience, relieve stress, reduce anxiety

·       Be more present to people and situations

·       Manage distracting thoughts and emotion

·       Improve harmony, calm, well-being and balance

Having some practical tools to help you integrate mindfulness and refine an emotionally intelligent approach really can make a difference to your daily leadership practice.

Look forward to working with you at one of these practical down-to-earth clinics  – and please feel free to forward this message on to other leaders you know who are interested in improved focus and stress-management and lifting their leadership, or staff wellness, to the next level.


Bill Cropper

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