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How focus, presence & attention can re-balance your leadership

Mindfulness from a practical leadership perspective

Gooday – Bill Cropper here from The Change Forum. Have you ever wondered what’s behind many of the conflicts and difficulties leaders struggle with?  

I’m more and more convinced they trace-back to unhelpful, anxiety-creating, and often downright destructive thoughts we continually mull-over in our minds.

OK. Granted that problems are a leader’s lot and worries are part of the job – maybe. But  the mental state we approach them in is massively important – for the quality of our actions, for making good decisions, for relieving stress, and for retaining our sanity.

Find out how focus, presence and attention can re-balance your leadership approach…

I still have places on my Mindful Leadership in Action program coming to CAIRNS July 7, MACKAY July 17, and also BRISBANE on July 13.

I approach mindfulness from a practical leadership perspective. It’s not just another meditation program.  I’ll show you 5 Mental Markers of Mindfulness to identify down-to-earth, work-based actions you can apply in an everyday leader context.

Curious? Click here for a flyer and registration information for my upcoming clinic.  Oh – and mates rates apply too – information on-line.

“Beneficial to all who want to sharpen their leadership skills through better focus. Great content, very useful guidebook, good tools and a faultless presentation.” Ric Favini Resource Manager RoadTek

Why is mindfulness a "must-have" for managers to lead well at work?  Well, putting aside the stress relief and well-being benefits for a moment, some immediate practical paybacks for leaders in a work context are:

·       Mindfulness can help train a leader's brain to learn to focus full attention on what matters most in a situation and see things more clearly

·       It aids mental clarity by freeing leaders from the fog of unhelpful thoughts and the dead-weight of preconceptions, prejudicial thinking or tyrannous thought traps

·       It also increases mental discipline, emotional balance, reduces reactivity and enhances our quality of action

·       It facilitates leaders to see things systemically - to comprehend subtle patterns of interrelationships between seemingly separate factors

·       It forms the foundation on which to build your emotional and social intelligence capabilities that help leaders cultivate connectivity and compassion

When you think about it, a major mission of leaders is to help their people focus – to stay engaged and on-task – so they can apply themselves to produce good results, relatively free of stress, distraction or upset.

Leaders also spend a lot of time helping others determine what their focus should be - what to expend energy on. But before they can help like this, they need to work on setting aside their own distractions and focusing their own attention first.

Personally, mindfulness matters to me because we all struggle in one way or another with the attraction of distraction and an emotional tumble-dryer of thoughts…

If you’re looking for ways to enhance the quality of your leadership actions and sharpen your focus and thinking capacity, Mindful Leadership in Action may provide a pertinent platform for you… Perhaps I’ll see you at one of my clinics?

Mindful Leadership in Action

CAIRNS July 7     BRISBANE July 13     MACKAY July 17

Mates-Rates available – bring a mate along for less

Course Outline & Registration details on-line or CALL me on 0429-687513


Look forward to working with you at one of this practical down-to-earth clinics – and please feel free to forward this message on to other leaders you know who are interested in improved focus and stress-management and lifting their leadership, or staff wellness, to the next level.


Bill Cropper

PS: If you’d like to come along but can’t make these dates, please let me know you are interested so we can work out some dates that do suit you to attend!

More on Mindful Leadership in Action on-line at

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