Mindful actions reduce stress & rebalance Leader effectiveness

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How focus, presence and attention can rebalance your leadership

and heighten the effectiveness of your thinking and action

IPSWICH July 21   BRISBANE  August 5


”Beneficial to all who want to sharpen their leadership skills through better focus. Great content, a very detailed, useful and easy-to-understand guidebook, good tools and a faultless performance by the presenter. I didn’t want it to end.” Richard V – Senior Project Manager

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Mindfulness Minus Meditation

Many leaders think of mindfulness as mainly meditative – and possibly impractical. But you don’t have to meditate to be mindful.

There’s lots of everyday ways to train your brain to be more  calm, clear, focused, present, emotionally balanced, and  at the same time, lessen-off some of the stress we accumulate in busy workplaces.

Making the mindful most of everyday moments to integrate into your work-week is just one of the strategies Mindful Leadership in Action  looks at as part of the practice package you’ll put together to heighten the effectiveness of your thinking and the quality of your leader-actions….” [see full article on Linked-IN or On-line ]

Why not make this your year of leading mindfully?

Manage distractions and mind-stray…

Be more present for people you lead

Ease anxiety and lessen stress…

Regain balance and curtail confusion

Mindful Leadership

in Action

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CAIRNS July 29

“I’d highly recommend this program to those who want to learn specific strategies to incorporate mindfulness principles into their leadership practices at work, especially colleagues suffering from stress and burn-out.” Jude W.,  Health Director

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“A primary task of leaders is directing the attention of others to where it needs to go. To do so, leaders need to learn to put aside distraction and focus their own attention first” says Daniel Goleman in his latest book ‘Focus’


Managing Mindfully…

Being focused – the ability to set aside the attraction of distractions, see what matters most in a situation and give it your full attention – is why mindfulness matters. It’s a hugely beneficial practice leaders need to cope more calmly and constructively with the constant challenges we face - unrelenting busyness, pace, pressure, overload, stress and a deluge of distractions that keep us in a state of continuous divided attention  [more on Finding Focus]

Practical mindfulness is a way to develop a raft of must-have traits that can help leaders:

x      Lift their level of personal productivity

x      Stay calm, connected and emotionally balanced

x      Manage distractions and mind wandering

x      Dampen down anger and disruptive emotions

x      Make better decisions and take wiser action                                        

x      Think with more clarity and less cloudiness

x      Be more present, in-control and open-minded

x       Ease anxiety, curtail confusion, be less stress-prone

“I was getting easily distracted and loosing focus at work. This training was excellent to help me gain more clarity and presence in performing my-day-to-day role - I always like Bill’s style of training. I find I can relate to it easily.” Kelly H - Regional Manager

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Mindfulness at Work – for Staff

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Mindful Leadership in Action

…looks at what it means and how to lead mindfully.  It introduces 5 Mental Markers and simple brain-train-tools to develop the mental disciplines of presence, attention, self-reflection and focus attention into your everyday leader activities. While we rehearse a few ‘mindful-body’ techniques, mindfulness, without necessarily setting-aside time to formally meditate

·       Lift your levels of clarity, focus, purpose, presence and attention

·       See relationships systemically and make decisions mindfully

·       Monitor mind-wandering and tune into your mental models

·       Deploy the 5 mental markers of mindfulness to focus thoughts

·       Take-away focused-attention tools to train your brain to be mindful

·       Strengthen your reserves of resilience and sense of well-being

·       Reduce stress and be more calm, connected, balanced and even-minded

·       Conduct more mindful dialogues and be conversationally present

·       Tune in to yourself physically, emotionally and cognitively

·        Apply our mindfulness dash-board to measure where you are


“Gave me good practical tools to improve my mindfulness and cope with high demand situation.  Biggest learning was applying the 5 Mental Markers in tough situations after the course. It’s been very useful. Thanks again for another great course!” Penny S - Program Manager Qld Health


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