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Learning to Lead: Laying Foundations for Leadership
Presented by
Bill Cropper - The Change Forum
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Crucial lessons to fast-track your leadership learning and guide you on the path to success

Still places…   BRISBANE  May 5-6

A 2-day clinic to renew, refresh & replenish your leadership talent

“Learning to Lead gave me terrific insights into the mechanics of leadership. It made me more confident and knowledgeable as a leader.  It also made you realise that leaders are made not born.”  Michelle O, Queensland Health

Ü Read about the 8 key Roles Real Leaders Play...

In-house & other locations on request

Course Outline follows – also look it up online

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What does it mean to really ‘lead’ – what is it that defines excellence in being able to lead others?

Leading involves some very different skills and roles that many who find themselves in managing positions may feel under-equipped to handle – such as relationship-builder, meaning-maker, behaviour-modeller, values-shaper, change-maker, emotional caretaker and culture-creator…

Learn crucial lessons that really count to

consolidate your leadership capability

This 2-day prac-intensive clinic fast-tracks the fundamentals roles, capabilities and relational skills you need to develop to keep your feet firmly on the path to excellence in leadership.

Who’s this for? Whether you’re an experienced manager with more technical than leadership know-how, new or aspiring, or current leader who feels as if a refresher might be in order, you can benefit enormously from the crucial lessons, tools and key roles we cover in this must-do clinic.

Take the next step in your leader evolution. Find out how:  

·        To apply 8 roles that encapsulate the real essence of leader success

·        Just managing differs so much from real leading  

·        Self-awareness matters for great leadership

·        The real nature of leadership is conversational and how to begin to connect better with people you lead

·        Leadership works in the context of culture, coaching, facilitation and change management

·        You can do mature faster into an effective leader or redevelop yourself to rethink and reshape your role

·        Set your own goals and prepare a personal coaching plan to build and revitalise your leader capabilities

Here’s 5 other reasons why ‘launching’ leaders should get involved in this insightful and formative learning event...

ü  Leadership starts with YOU and this focuses first on personal mastery and self-awareness

ü  Leaders need down-to-earth tools to help them lead and this clinic provides an abundant array

ü  This clinic delivers on firm foundations, frameworks and workable concepts evolving leaders need

ü  Leaders need to know what to focus on for real results… this clinic centres on lessons that really count

ü  This clinic highlights relational, conversational and motivational aspects that is leadership in action

Other Sessions to elevate your Leadership

Download course information through program Title links

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Sunshine Coast - May 2-3

Rockhampton – May 19-20

Townsville – May 26-27

Cairns -  May 30-31

Brisbane – June 15-16

Hervey Bay - June 20-21


Dealing with Difficult Discussions

Mackay – May 5-6

Brisbane – May 11-12

Sunshine Coast – May 16-17

Hervey Bay – May 30-31

Townsville – June 6-7

Cairns - June 20-21


Positive Performance Conversations

Brisbane – May 3

Cairns – June 23

Townsville – June 1

Hervey Bay – April 29

Sunshine Coast – June 13

Toowoomba – June 17


Leading Culture Change

Mount Isa - May 10

Townsville - May 13

Brisbane - May 24-25

Sunshine Coast – June 9-10

Toowoomba – Aug 16-17


Mindful Leadership in Action

Cairns – May 16

Brisbane – June 2

Hervey Bay – June 9

Townsville – June 22

Sunshine Coast – May 23


Check in for updates to our on-line Calendar & course Directory for what’s on 2016

“Learning to Lead made me feel much more hopeful & confident that I can become a leader and gave me a positive focus on how to. Thanks Bill”  Michel T, Queensland Health

What can I expect?  Like all our clinics, this one has lots of take-away tools and a fantastic self-directed learning guide to you get started on your leadership evolution. Here’s 5 other reasons to choose a Change Forum coaching clinic...

ü  Solid learning in a safe, small group environment

ü  Practical tools & frameworks for back-at-work action

ü  Down-to-earth, hands-on and relevant

ü  Self-coaching guides – comprehensive, easy-to-follow

ü  Serious fun and fantastic facilitation

“Very thought provoking. Caused me to reflect more than any other course I’ve attended. It was a low point for me when the course finished” Jan L, Community Health

As a leadership learning practitioner, coach and presenter, my purpose is to help others discover their inherent leadership potential by facilitating down-to-earth practical programs and providing people with tools that can help transform them and create lasting and positive culture and behaviour change.

Bill Cropper, Director – The Change Forum

What if you can’t attend or dates don’t suit?

·        All Change Forum clinics can be delivered in-house in standard format or tailored to your development needs offering savings for groups of 12 or more.

·        Express interest in attending a series of short Learning to Lead sessions in 2016. Let us know if you’d find it easier to attend a series of 2½-4-hr sessions rather than a full 2-day block. [Use the from provided on our Contact page]

·        Personal leadership coaching may be a preferred option or addition for many leaders. Download our Coaching Services Prospectus to find out about our coaching approach

Enquire on-line, see our on-line Calendar & Directory for other courses and locations


REGISTER NOW On-Line, by Email or Fax

Small group environment… A safe place to practise…

2-day clinic – Full Fee (GST inc):  $850pp

Subscribe for Discounts – General: Single $795 pp…  NFP/Schools: $693 pp

·        Prices include GST… Payment on invoice within 14 days and prior to attendance

·        Subscribe to be eligible for discount or standard fee applies (can do with registration)

·        Small groups (average 6-8, max 12) – a safe place to practise

·        Venue: Wellington Apartment Hotel, East Brisbane; Hervey Bay Community Centre

·        Inclusions: Tuition, comprehensive self-coaching Guide, Lunch and refreshments

·        Bonus: 1-hr post-workshop one-on-one phone coaching session

·        Timing: 8.30 am – 4.30 pm each day

Register on-line,  EMAIL completed form  or CALL 07-4068 7591

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Hope to see you or some of your evolving leaders at this great learning opportunity… Thank you for your time.

Either way, your help in sharing this information with staff, colleagues, associates and your wider management, HR and regional networks always greatly appreciated.  You can forward on this message or share through Facebook and LinkedIn...


Bill Cropper

Director - The Change Forum

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Course FEE Includes

• Self-Coaching Toolkit

• Lunch & refreshments

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