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The Loose Change Leadership Series The Change Forum

Presented by

Bill Cropper


per Session

Powerful and practical 3-hour fast-track Sessions

Series 1: Brisbane October 3-11

Register On-Line

• By Email or Fax

• Call: 07 4068 7591


Features of these fast-track sessions:

• Powerful learning moments and essential lessons from our suite of coaching clinics

• Tools not theory: practical tips and tools to try back-at-work

• Real-life scenarios: cases and vignettes bring the topic to life

• Solid concepts put in simple ways you can grasp

• Thought-provoking, informative, engaging and entertaining…


8 $175 per Session

• GST inclusive

• Bookings essential
• Places limited
• Refreshment included

• Tools & FactFiles

How do I Register?

On-Line preferred

• Download Flyer and return the included Form

by  Email or Fax

• Call: 07 4068 7591

Don’t be short-changed on leader-training

Time is tight for many leaders these days and money to keep on developing your leadership skills that are so essential to productive workplaces and effective teams, is even tighter.

That's where the Loose Change Leadership Sessions come in.

The Loose Change Leadership Sessions distil some of the most powerful tools, essential lessons and practical tips taken from our full-length leadership, coaching and culture change clinics into lively, thought-provoking fast-track sessions, with a reduced price-tag to match that’s so affordable it’s almost loose change.

There’s six informative and insightful 3-hour Loose Change Sessions to choose from:

◊  Handling Hijacks – dealing with disruptive emotions

◊  Cultivating Connectivity – being a more connective leader

◊  Restoring Respect – building more respectful workplaces

◊  Recreating Culture – strategies for leading culture change

◊  Tackling Tough Talks – raising difficult issues confidently

◊  Confronting Change – preparing people for change

To find out which Loose Change Session suits you best, see the outlines below or download the Session Flyer for more detail.

Brisbane launch of the Loose Change Sessions

Between October 3 and 11, we're offering each of the 6 Sessions twice in both a morning and afternoon time-slot on different days. So you have double the chance of being able to make it to the session of your choice.

●  Loose Change AM sessions run from 9.00-12.00...  PM sessions 1.30-4.30

  Morning or Afternoon Tea provided

  Collect practical tips and valuable tools to try-out

  Take away selected tools and excerpts from our Guidebooks and a free FactFile

  Opportunity to purchase one of our comprehensive self-coaching Guidebooks

Loose Change Leadership Sessions also offer a great chance to link-in with others who share a common interest in the topic area and allows time for you to pool ideas and exchange experiences.

And you'll have an opportunity to purchase one of the comprehensive self-coaching Guidebooks normally reserved for participants of our full-length coaching clinics.

Don’t be short changed. Reserve your place on one or more of these valuable, worthwhile, not-to-be-missed sessions soon.


October 3, 4, 5

October 9,10,11

The Loose Change Leadership Sessions…

Six informative and insightful 3-hour fast-track Sessions to choose from in either morning or afternoon time-slots.  More detailed outlines in the program Flyer -- download and register through the 'read more' links:




Handling hijacks and dealing with disruptive emotions is critical for leaders at all levels. Toxic workplaces are the by-product of people who can’t handle their hijacks.

This Loose Change Session looks at emotionally intelligent ways to manage moods and cope with caustic characters and toxic workmates.  Read more here…

Dates & Time

Wed Oct 3:


Wed Oct 10:




Connectivity is a basic precondition for anything leaders do. Without it, we can’t influence, inspire, motivate or mobilize. If you want committed action and top performance, you have to connect with people first.

This Loose Change Session explores crucial leadership lessons and practices to cultivate connection. Read more here…

Dates & Time

Thurs Oct 4:


Tues Oct 9:





Rumblings about respect reverberate around workplaces. Along with trust, it’s one of the twin currencies of leadership. Lack of it is a major bugbear for team relationships.

This Loose Change Session looks at what respect is, dynamics of disrespect and positive steps to take to restore respect in team cultures.  Read more here…

Dates & Time

Fri Oct 5:


Thurs Oct 11:




Tough Talks

Many leaders are reluctant to tackle tough talks and give hard feedback. Starting is often the most stressful part. What we say to start determines the entire direction the discussion takes from there.

This Loose Change Session concentrates on starting a difficult discussion and raising tough topics in ways that are neutral, frank, fact-based and less defensiveness-raising. Read more here…

Dates & Time

Tues Oct 9:


Wed Oct 3:





Change can be confronting. Many change efforts neglect the people side. Whatever the change, people need leaders to help them prepare for and cope with it constructively.

This Loose Change Session looks at what you can do to prepare then lead people through change - to convert anxiety, denial and resistance into constructive change energy.  Read more here…

Dates & Time

Wed Oct 10:


Fri Oct 5:





Culture impacts strategy, performance and behaviour. Leaders are acutely aware how constructive cultures generate positive performance energy and destructive ones drain it.

This Loose Change Session looks at what makes up culture, what works in recreating it and trick and traps in leading culture change. Read more here…

Dates & Time

Thurs Oct 11:


Thurs Oct 4:



Feedback from Participants of      our programs


What people say about our fast-track sessions…

“I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your presentation. You were funny, interesting, entertaining and engaging” Denise Graham Anglicare CQ Ltd

“You had a very good handle on the subject matter. You know your stuff and the interactivity, excellent guide and good facilitation helped.” Paul Pearson Centacare

“Bill’s courses are very worthwhile. Clearly structured and practical with an easy delivery style and sense of humour” Jenny Swadling Charleville School of Distance Education

“Excellent presentation style. The Bill Cropper experience was extremely worthwhile” Helen Beirne, Dept of Education & Training



IN-House Sessions

The Change Forum learning programs and fast-track sessions can also be delivered IN-HOUSE. Contact us today to enquire about in-house Sessions for your group or team





Workshops, Coaching & Presentations

To find out more about The Change Forum, download Brochures, Register for events or make an Enquiry about our services, contact:

About your Presenter

Bill Cropper is director at The Change Forum and a frequent presenter at Brisbane-based Leadership Lounges. Over the past 8 years, he’s run hundreds of public conversational coaching and emotional intelligence clinics aimed at creating more connective workplaces.

He’s been a learning and leadership consultant for many public sector agencies and is a preferred leadership and culture change provider for Queensland Health. He has a down-to-earth, relaxed style that seems to resonate naturally and easily with people from many different backgrounds.  Words that people often use to describe Bill’s presentation style are entertaining, humorous, inclusive, relaxed and easy-to-understand.


Programs & Services

The Change Forum provide a range of strategic change consulting services and run regular series of 2 and 1-day leadership and team building programs dealing with development areas like conversational mastery, emotional intelligence, culture change, change management, leadership, working better together, facilitation skills and coaching.

We provide individual and small group coaching services, forum facilitation, keynote presentations and tailored conference sessions.

Visit us on-line for an overview of our programs and services or call Bill Cropper to discuss ways we may be able to assist.


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 Fax: 07-4068 7555



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