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for some thoughts on culture and how our CLEVER approach can help your team or organisation with Culture Change


a toolkit clinic for leaders serious about taking on culture change to improve organisation health, behaviour and performance


BRISBANE June 25-26  HERVEY BAY July 21-22

also in-house on request...


Why bother with work culture? The answer, in a nutshell, is because culture impacts strategy, performance and behaviour, all key factors for organisation survival, thrival and success.

Culture ultimately limits or enlarges what’s possible in any organisation – moving strategy forward or holding it back. It’s often the hidden factor in change success. Change strategies that work in one organisation can fall flat in another – and the variable is often culture.

Most leaders are acutely aware of how constructive cultures help people perform well. They’re  equally aware of how dislocated ones seem to breed bad behaviour, toxic work climates and chronic under-performance. 

Do you want to cope more confidently with contentious conversations?

Try out some tools & approaches to strengthen your leadership toolkit

Dealing with

Difficult Discussions

BRISBANE May 27-28


HERVEY BAY July 27-28

SUNSHINE CST Uni July 29-30

Getting the culture ‘right’ is the most critical facet to focus on for leaders who want great teams and sustainable results. We even define great leaders as those who turn around an impoverished culture and create a constructive one. 

Whether you helped create the culture you’re dealing with now, or you inherited it from past leaders and the aggregated actions, achievements or accidents of organisation history, leaders certainly have a job monitoring, managing and trying to re-shape or revitalise it from time to time. [Read more in our Creating Clever Cultures e-Book]

How and where do you start?  That’s where The Change Forum’s Leading Culture Change clinic comes in...


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Leading Culture Change unpacks the components that make up culture and equips you with an 8-phase model and practical tools to handle culture change better. [See our Creating Clever Cultures e-Book  for an outline of our approach].

Attend this unique clinic and take-away a substantial Toolkit to help you get started with culture change, whether you lead a team, division or a whole organisation. You’ll learn how to:

·        Identify what patterns make up culture and what to change

·        Scan for signs of constructive or dislocated cultures

·        Diagnose your current culture and ways to revitalise it

·        Apply an 8-phase model to plan positive culture change steps

·        Drill down on culture by unearthing its tacit assumptions

·        Scope the challenges of leading culture change efforts

·        Explore tools and plan approaches to lead cultural revitalisation

·        Learn about traps and tips to counter cultural resistance

·        Work out where to start with culture change

Why bother with culture? 5 reasons why it matters for leaders to attend this ‘must-do’ clinic.....

ü  Culture is a crucial key to outstanding performance...

ü  Paying attention to culture paves the way for more successful change

ü  Culture informs thinking and behaviour... and all leaders are concerned with that!

ü  Culture is a sink-or-swim factor when the time comes to launch strategy...

ü  Culture can make-or-break leaders and team morale...

What do people say about this clinic? Leaders coming to this clinic often say how much more aware they are of the contribution culture makes to teamwork and the need to have tools to help renew team culture.  Here’s a few participant remarks:

·        “Excellent forum with an abundance of tools to scaffold future action.” Claire Smith, Communities

·        “I learned so much about actions to address culture – a very  comprehensive toolkit.” Ros Munro, Defence

·        “Excellent clinic & the guide is an outstanding & invaluable tool” Jan Stiling, Queensland Health

·        “Excellent. Very useful & well presented. Well worth the time to gain a complete view of  where you want to go & learn ways to enact culture change.” William Custance, Public Works

·        “Well facilitated, with clear models & fantastic takeaway toolkit” John Oxley,  Defence

·        “Very interesting eye-opener with fantastic tools & excellent guide” Jenni Dillon, Cairns Regional Council

·        “Got my management team on board with leading culture change” Darren Campbell, Justice Department

·        “The guide is excellent – my senior managers learned a lot” Ian Church, Tablelands Regional Council


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General:         2-day clinic: Single $795 or $1540 for 2…

NFP/Schools: 2-day clinic: Single $693 or $1320 for 2…  

·        Prices include GST… Discount applies from date of registration

·        Venue:  IPL Centre, Sunshine Coast Uni; Watermark Hotel, Spring Hill

·        Inclusions: Lunch, refreshments and 150 page Guide + Toolkit 

·        Timing: 8.30 am – 4.30 pm each day

Register on-line or download a form to return by Email or FAX

For background articles and tips on culture change download Issue 12 of our CC-E-News, see our free FactFile on Leading Culture Change or our new e-Book Creating CLEVER Cultures. For more information on how we can help with Culture Change in your team or organisation, see our Culture Change Services Profile – or contact us direct.

Look forward to seeing you at this one-of-a-kind clinic  – and please feel free to forward this message to other contacts you have in your region or networks who are interested in making conversations with difficult performers a little less tortuous for them and a little bit easier for themselves.  

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