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Bill Cropper

Director – Facilitator

Still time to tune-up EI & conversational leadership!

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

…1-day fast-track on 7 crucial practices for EI leaders…

TOWNSVILLE JULY 19 ~ Mt Isa July 16

Dealing with Difficult Discussions

…7-Stage Roadmap to take the heat out of hard talks…

TOWNSVILLE AUG 19-20 ~ Mt Isa Sept 2-3

 Positive Performance Conversations

...5 Footings for a positive approach to poor performance...

TOWNSVILLE SEPT 5 ~ Mt Isa July 17

All Programs also available In-House and tailored for your team.

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The Change Forum is an approved Qld Health provider for Leadership, Coaching & Culture Change Services

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Leading in times of uncertainty requires resilience, connectivity & capacity to redirect tension & hostility

And that’s where these Toolkit clinics can help…

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In recent consulting assignments we’ve run with teams having trouble with disturbing behaviour, caustic cultures, poor performance or rancorous relationships, one underlying cause still seems to loom large – we need to employ more Emotional intelligence in how we deal with each other.

EI is hardly a new idea anymore, but many workplaces still seem to miss the mark with it. One CEO we worked with traced more than 80% of operational and personnel problems back to a lack of emotional self-management, and the responsibility for doing something about it rests squarely with leaders....

Leaders have emotional impacts in many ways.  Their moods can deeply influence the way other people feel about work, the workplace climate and ultimately performance and productivity. When leaders manage moods mindfully, they inspire, encourage and motivate – they resonate with their team

A resonant leader is a connective leader – one who has the capacity to  step-up and be ‘present’ when staff look to them for direction, guidance and support in times of uncertainty, the confidence and emotional balance to cope calmly with conflict, and the resolve to tackle poor performers through positive, solution-focused approaches [read more about resonance and connective leadership on-line]

Here’s 3 coaching clinics to help FNQ leaders connect, create constructive cultures and deal better with difficult situations… [Flyer attached or download brochures through the course title links.]

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader: TOWNSVILLE JULY 19… MT ISA July 16

“This course is fantastic if you want to improve your skills in managing your staff for positive outcomes. I have used the skills already in office interactions and they work!” Kelly Hodgman EWOQ - Cairns

EI matters for good leadership, good work and good teams.  Emotions are the backdrop to everything leaders do. They affect how we think, how well we work in with and  motivate others and of course, how we lead.  [Read more on-line]   Condensed from our 2-day coaching clinic, this 1-day fast-track clinic overviews the 7 practices of emotionally Intelligent leaders and takes you through selected tools to cultivate connectivity and more constructive team relationships. Topics we touch on in this seminar include…

¨  The part EI plays in good leadership

¨  Leaders as emotional amplifiers 

¨  Connective leaders & brain basis of EI

¨  7 Practices of EI Leaders - overview

¨  Emotional hijacks and the EI triangle

¨  Expressing feelings effectively

¨  Empathy: read your emotional radar

¨  Connecting with other’s feelings

¨  Handling hostility & disruptive emotions

¨  EI Inventory: stock-take your EI skills

 “I think everyone should do this course. I liked the “how to” aspects which helped me understand EI  and the relaxed approach of our instructor. The workbook is great too. “ Steve Smith Great Barrier Reef TAFE


Dealing with Difficult Discussions:  TOWNSVILLE AUG 19-20 MT ISA Sept 2-3

“This course really hit the mark with me – well structured, worthwhile, easy to understand and apply in real life. I have already applied what I learned to overcome my weakness in difficult discussions and have a very constructive DD.”  Lisa Cochrane, Queensland Police 

Handling hard issues and contentious conversations can be daunting. Someone said in a recent clinic they were like tap-dancing through a mine-field. Do you want to have more courageous, constructive conversations and be able to tackle difficult discussions more calmly? [More in our FactFile on-line]


This 2-day practical clinic equips you with a robust set of easy-to-use tools as it guides you along a 7-Stage Roadmap to help you navigate through those troublesome moments more confidently. Topics and tools we cover in this clinic will help you...

·         Decipher the dynamics of difficult discussions and how to use this to structure your talk

·         Identify common mistakes we make when the talk gets tough and how to avoid them

·         Start a difficult discussion more decisively without raising as much defensiveness

·         See the 3-part structure of all difficult discussions Try out tips to defuse difficult moments

·         Learn conversational formulas to beat blockers like intentions, blame & assumptions

·         Face up to feelings – the core of difficult discussions – and use them constructively

·         Rehearse our unique 8-stage model for dealing with difficult discussions

“Really enlightening.  I’d recommend this workshop to everyone.  It was run in a friendly, relaxed and easy-to-understand manner and the guide book will become my bible for DD’s – it’s an invaluable resource. Your approachableness and interaction with participants was a highlight of this great workshop....” Anne-Marie Loi - St Michael's College

Positive PERFORMANCE Conversations: TOWNSVILLE SEPT 5  MT ISA July 17

“Interactive and very worthwhile to attend, with real-life examples of how to defuse situations instead of escalating them. The guidebook is excellent. I feel more confident about how to prepare, what to say, words to use and the tools will help me both in my work and private life,” Luke Ryan, QHealth

Talk tactics to turn around poor performance… Take a solution-focused approach to make tough performance conversations that little bit easier, and the feedback you have to give more ‘sayable’ and ‘hearable’. This 1-day practice-based program takes you on a carefully plotted, step-by-step tour of 5 essential Footings and Frameworks to lift your comfort and competence levels and get better results from performance conversations, particularly difficult ones…. Turn tough performance appraisals into constructive resolution and improvement sessions.  Topics we touch on this ‘reality-based’ clinic include:

·         Structuring – the 5 Footings and Frameworks to follow

·         ‘De-vaguing’ – being specific about dissecting performance issues

·         Handling defensiveness - anxiety and other high-pitched emotions

·         Giving Feedback – that is clear, frank and fact-based

·         Anticipating – objections, excuses, justifications and downplays

·         Levelling - saying what you need and why they need it too

·         Reframing - putting negative performance issues across positively

·         Focusing – keeping on track and finding solutions

·         Coaching – getting commitment to goals and actions


“A quality, value-for-money day, well-prepared and presented, jam-packed with information, interaction and chances to reflect on practice. I liked that there were lots of opportunities to share experiences and look for solutions and we were provided with an abundance of resources to use before, during and after which are greatly appreciated  It was a great day Bill.” Alison Forster, St Mary’s Catholic College, Cairns

Register ON-LINE, by email or fax: Attend with a friend – or multiple events – for less:

1-day programs: $473 single or $880 for 2 places or 2 events [SCHOOLS/NFP: $440 single or $825 for 2]

2-day programs: $770 single or $1452 for 2 places or 2 events [SCHOOLS/NFP: $660 single or $1287 for 2]

·         Prices include GST… Discount applies from date of registration

·         Payment on invoice within 14 days and prior to attendance

·         Venue: The Strand or CBD venue confirmed on registration

·         Inclusions: Lunch, refreshments & comprehensive self-coaching Guidebook  

·         Timing: 8.30 am - 4.30 pm each day

·         Register on-line or use the form included in the course Flyer


All Change Forum clinics are practical, challenging and stimulating. We provide practical tools and  frameworks for back-at-work action supported by comprehensive, easy-to-follow self-coaching Guides. Those who’ve been along to other Change Forum programs know that Bill takes a down-to-earth approach and creates a relaxed, engaging, safe and FUN environment for learning. 

IN-HOUSE program delivery is always an option: If dates don’t suit or you have 10 or more people interested in doing this course, we can deliver our programs in-house in either 1-day or more practise-intensive 2-day formats for general teambuilding or as part of a wider team or organisation development initiative.  Use our on-line enquiry form or call to discuss ways we can help…

FactFiles, News & Services Profiles: For an overview of our change support and team development services download our Working Better Together Prospectus and Change Services Profile. Our 2013 Directory of Public Programs provides an overview of our full range of scheduled programs  Our free FactFiles and CC E-NEWS also available on-line, feature topical tips on a range of subjects like emotional intelligence, constructive conversations, culture and change to share with colleagues and friends.

Your help in sharing information about our activities and programs with staff, colleagues, associates and your wider management, HR and regional networks is always greatly appreciated... Hope to see you or your staff at one of these great learning opportunities… Thank you for your time. And if you don’t want any more notices of upcoming learning events in your local area let us know. (Remove Request link below)



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