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Reminder: FNQ Leader Clinics FEB 19-22

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

...1-day fast-track on 7 crucial practices to lead with EI...



Positive Performance Conversations to take a positive approach to poor performance...


Designed & Presented by Bill Cropper

The Change Forum programs available In-House and tailored for your leader group or team. Call to discuss ways we can help with your leadership, team or coaching needs.

Bill Cropper - Director

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The Change Forum is an approved Queensland Health provider for Leadership, Coaching & Culture Change Services.

Arm yourself with vital EI & Conversation Tools to kick-start your leadership success in 2013

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2013 Calendar attached to share with friends

Emotional Intelligence matters for good leadership, good teams and great results. Leadership success isn’t just built on technical know-how – it’s built on the ability to manage emotions positively and connect with the people you lead and tackling tough performance conversations is one of the biggest tests of a leader’s emotional and conversational capabilities.

Handling performance conversations is something every leader needs to be able to do with confidence. This conversational coaching master class shows you how to use your EI leadership to put a positive spin on these tricky conversations that will help turn the table on poor performance, elevate your leadership and support connectivity amongst your whole team.

Coming to Townsville and Cairns February 19-20 & 21-22 two must-do clinics presented by Bill Cropper...

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader:  TOWNSVILLE Feb 19 ~ CAIRNS Feb 21

“An excellent presentation... I learned the difference between thoughts and feelings, how to recognise and  control reactions to feelings and walked away with some solid action points” Stephen Agius, Cairns Regional Council

What’s this about? A leader’s ability to connect with the people they lead – to work out what drives their behaviour and what inspires and energises them to perform at their best – is crucial to building happy, productive workplaces and profoundly affects culture, climate and ultimately, job performance. 

¡  The more positive emotional connection there is in a team, the more people feel friendly and focused

¡  Staff keep an emotional bank balance on leaders. The debit column is disconnection and dissonance

¡  The credit column is connectivity that builds positive relations and promotes more productive performance.

¡  Lack of connectivity costs in terms of de-motivation yet rarely reveals itself on the bottom-line balance sheet

¡  Leading with EI is about realising if you want people to put in a superior performance, you have to connect with their feelings first. 

What will I discover? Condensed from our 2-day coaching clinic, this 1-day fast-track clinic overviews the 7 practices of emotionally Intelligent leaders and takes you through selected tools to cultivate connectivity and more constructive team relationships. Topics we touch on in this seminar help you to…

¨  Master practical tools to manage emotions and use them positively

¨  Take-on the role leaders play as emotional care-takers and amplifiers 

¨  Tackle tough leadership dilemmas in more emotionally intelligent ways

¨  Control emotional hijacks and create a better emotional climate at work

¨  Connect better with the people you lead to inspire and motivate them

¨  Handle defensiveness and other disruptive emotions in self and others

¨  Stock-take your EI leaders skills and set practical goals to lift them

“A very powerful learning opportunity, an excellent day appropriately structured and managed – that opened my eyes to just how important EI is in all aspects of working life.” Justine Lawson – Central Queensland University.

Positive Performance Conversations:  TOWNSVILLE Feb 20 ~ CAIRNS Feb 22

What’s this about? As most leaders will tell you, tackling poor performance conversations is one of the most widely feared species of difficult discussions. Organisations spend thousands on performance management systems but in the end many managers still sidestep or totally avoid having conversations with low performers.

¡  Positive Performance Conversations focuses on future positive performance rather than past negatives.

¡  Focusing less on what's wrong and more on what’s expected is far less likely to trigger defensiveness.

¡  It creates a very different emotional climate where people are far more likely to hear what you have to say.

¡  It enables you to deliver difficult feedback in ways that are more sayable and hearable

What will I discover? This targeted 1-day clinic and accompanying self-coaching guide, takes you on a carefully plotted, step-by-step tour of 5 essential Footings and Frameworks to lift your comfort and competence levels and get seriously better results from performance conversations, particularly difficult ones. Topics we touch on this ‘reality-based’ clinic include:

¨  Structuring - the 5 Footings and Frameworks to follow

¨  ‘De-vaguing’ – being specific about dissecting performance issues

¨  Handling defensiveness - anxiety and other high-pitched emotions

¨  Giving Feedback – that is clear, frank and fact-based

¨  Anticipating – objections, excuses, justifications and downplays

¨  Levelling - saying what you need and why they need it too

¨  Reframing - putting negative performance issues across positively

¨  Focusing – keeping on track and finding solutions

¨  Coaching – getting commitment to goals and actions

Register NOW on-line, by email or fax.  FEBRUARY Fees fall for FNQ:

Multiple event discounts (All fees GST inc)...

·         1 event $440 per person... Attend both of these consecutive events – $850 pp...

·         Send 3 people along to either 1-day event, pay just $1275

·         Other discounts for NFP & Schools

Register first, payment on invoice within 14 days & prior to attendance; Venue Rydges Tradewinds Cairns; Lunch, refreshments and comprehensive self-coaching Toolkit provided;  Timing: 8.30 am - 4.30 pm each day

Here’s 5 reasons to choose a Change Forum coaching clinic...

x      Solid learning in a safe, small group environment

x      Practical tools & frameworks for back-at-work action

x      Down-to-earth, hands-on and relevant

x      Comprehensive, easy-to-follow self-coaching guides

x      Serious fun and sound facilitation

Can we do these clinics IN-HOUSE? All Change Forum programs can be delivered in-house in standard format or customised to your needs.  So if dates don’t suit or you’d like to incorporate one of our many clinics into your teambuilding or leadership development initiatives, why not contact us direct or through our on-line enquiry form to discuss ways we can help.

Your help in networking always appreciated: Hope to see you at one of these great learning opportunities, but either way, your help in sharing information about our activities and programs with staff, colleagues, associates and your wider management, HR and regional networks is always greatly appreciated...

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