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TOOWOOMBA Leadership Clinics

facilitated by Bill Cropper

May 23:   Working with Emotional Intelligence

June 2:     Tackling Tough Talks

June 7-8:  Leading with Emotional Intelligence

June 24:   Building Conversational Confidence

July 20:    Positive Performance Conversations

July 21:    Mindful Leadership in Action

Tools, Tips & Tactics to Tune-in to your Team, be more Focused and

Balanced and Tackle Hard Talks more Constructively

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& Hello from The Change Forum.  Here’s dates for our next personal and professional development clinics coming up in Toowoomba over May-July. Register 2 or more clinics or 2 or more places and save – details below.  And if you know others in your networks who may benefit from coming along, your help in passing on this reminder is much appreciated. Many thanks – Bill Cropper

µ Working with Emotional Intelligence   MAY 23 (Brisbane May 13)  5 SMART EI practices to improve emotional self-management, connect better with others and handle feelings positively

This lively, fun and interactive 1-day staff seminar explores why EI matters for constructive relationships, emotional self-management and being a good team player. It shows you how to apply 5 SMART EI@Work practices to improve relationships, manage moods and work in better with others. You’ll learn how to:

·        Identify the impact emotions have on you and your work ability

·        Practise techniques to take control of your feelings and see how they affect you at work

·        Manage your moods and control negative emotions we all have from time to time

·        Gain insights into how feelings influence your job satisfaction and your approach to work

·        Enhance your ability to get along with others and deal better with difficult moments

·        Explore emotional self-responsibility, self-regulation, connectivity and self-awareness

“Excellent! So powerful, practical and impacting, I have recommended this to many colleagues already. I felt so empowered to go back to my workplace and apply these great take away tools…” Bec R. Community Youth Worker

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ň See our Article on Finding Feelings and how to express them appropriately at work

Words people use about Bill’s EI clinics: “powerful”, “engaging”, “fantastic”,  “life-changing”, “fun”, “insightful”, “encouraging”, “enlightening”, “inspiring”, “motivating”

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… also available in-house or as private or small group coaching...

µ Tackling Tough Talks  JUNE 2  (Brisbane June 1)  

…Top tips, tools and tactics to turn down the heat when talks get tense

This program fast-tracks our Dealing with Difficult Discussions 2-day clinic (Brisbane July 26-27).  In 1 very full day we show you how to take the heat out of hard talks with the help of our unique 7-stage model backed-up by a set of easy-to-use tools that make a real difference when talks get tense and feelings get fractious. In a safe environment, you’ll learn how to:

·        Start a difficult discussion and raise hard topics more easily

·        Use a 7-stage model to plan and structure difficult discussions

·        Identify and correct handling mistakes we make in them

·        Adopt a less confrontational way to resolve difficult issues

·        Reduce tension and take the heat out of difficult moments

“This workshop gives you tools to deal with difficult discussions so you feel more equipped to handle a variety of issues.  I think it should be mandated that all HODs attend a PD like this one – I feel like you’ve helped me develop more in one day than I would have in years of testing the waters myself.” Andy B High School Head of Department

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ň Preview our Ten Top Tips for Tackling Tough Talks

µ Leading with Emotional Intelligence JUNE 7-8 (Brisbane June 15-16) …7 critical EI Leader practices to connect better with people you lead and manage emotions and their impacts more mindfully

Emotions matter for good leadership, good work and good teams. Leaders set the emotional behaviour benchmark for their workplaces and this clinic gives you loads of tools and insights into how to apply 7 critical EI Leader practices to manage emotions more mindfully, boost your connectivity skills and breed better behaviour.  You’ll learn how to:

·        Connect better with people you lead to inspire and motivate them

·        Master practical tools to manage emotions and use them mindfully

·        Assess the impact of your emotional patterns have on your leader effectiveness

  • Control emotional hijacks and create a better emotional climate at work
  • Deal with disruptive feelings and reduce their effect on work performance and well-being

·        Tackle tough leadership dilemmas in more emotionally intelligent and balanced ways

 “As always, the whole course was excellent, motivating and engaging. Bill, you are always great and inspirational. You have a great deal of knowledge and you impart this well and are very supportive of where everyone is at with their own knowledge. I always use your tool kits when I go back to my work and home.” Kellie S. School Principal

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…an excellent In-house program to unify your Leadership team...

µ Building Conversational Confidence  JUNE 24  (Brisbane June 27) 

…Overcome anxiety and say what you need to say with confidence and influence

Not all of us plunge fearlessly into conversations. Whether shyness, self-doubt or sheer panic, speaking-up is a pretty anxiety-provoking proposition for a lot of us. Fear that things will come out wrong and we’ll look awkward or feel like a fool, freezes and tongue-ties us, even though we want to be heard. This unique 1-day coaching clinic shows you ways to combat anxiety, engage and say what you have to say. Regardless of your background or job-level, we’ll show you 10 Conversational Confidence Builders you can use to help you:

·        Overcome conversational hold-backs & confidence-drainers

·        Stamp-out self-limiting self-talk & self-defeating behaviours

·        Break the silence barrier  and prepare yourself to speak-up

·        Find the courage to speak your mind using some easy conversational formulas

·        Connect, listen, respond and engage better in conversations

·        Put across your views and ideas so others take notice of what you have to say

·        Become more calm, self-controlled and less anxious or fearful

“This clinic was awesome. My goal was to be more confident and courageous, so I can step up with my leadership role. Very useful not just for work but in general and you were brilliant. Everyone should do this course. Thanks again for the awesome training!” Karan A Community Housing

Review Course Outline Download Course Flyer 1-Day Clinic Fees see below

If you’re a leader or manager it might be assumed you must have the gift of the gab.

Research suggests, however, conversational anxiety affects more than 50% of us – position, level and background aside!

This course can also be of use to leaders who want to coach their staff to encourage conversational confidence and contribution

ň Read about What to do when your conversational invisibility shield fails...

µ Positive Performance Conversations  JULY 20  (Brisbane June 10, Sunshine Coast June 13)  …Be better prepared for handling difficult performance conversations with calm, confidence & constructive outcomes

Lots of us aren’t that crash-hot when it comes to conducting conversations with difficult performers. We say things that get staff off-side by putting things in negative ways. They get defensive and either retreat or retaliate.   This course works on a simple principle: focus on the positives you want to see, not the negatives you don’t.  It gives you a step-by-step tour of carefully-crafted footings, frameworks and formulas to deal more competently and comfortably with difficult performers and make hard performance conversations easier.  You’ll learn how to:

·        Tackle tough performance conversations in more positive ways

·        Structure conversations better and start them more firmly and cleanly

·        Deliver difficult feedback that is more ‘sayable’ and ‘hearable’

·        Stay Focused – keep it on track, clear, frank and fact-based

·        Coach to find solutions – get commitment to goals and actions

 “Thought provoking and practical. As supervisor of a large team, I was looking for simple tools to assist me to have difficult performance conversations. This program demonstrated real steps that lead towards building performance. Good visual examples, clear explanations, and tool-practice activities all helped my learning. Thank you Bill, for delivering a tangible, engaging program that was timely, relevant and extremely practical.”  Trish K  University of Southern Queensland

Review Course Outline…   Download Flyer 1-Day Clinic Fees see below

µ Mindful Leadership in ActionJULY 21  (Brisbane June 2)   …Practical ways to integrate mindfulness habits into your everyday leadership activities.

This practical clinic looks at what it means to lead mindfully, introducing 5 Mental Markers and several simple brain-training tools to refresh how you lead. It helps you find ways to integrate mental disciplines like presence, self-reflection and focused attention into your everyday activities, without having to necessarily set-aside time for formal meditation. You’ll learn how to:

·        Lift your levels of clarity, focus, purpose, presence and attention

·        Monitor mind-wandering and distractions and tune in to yourself

·        Reduce stress and be more calm, connected, balanced and even-minded

·        See relationships systemically and make decisions mindfully

·        Conduct more mindful dialogues and be conversationally present

“I’d highly recommend this program to those who want to learn specific strategies to incorporate mindfulness principles into their leadership practices at work, especially colleagues suffering from stress and burn-out.” J. Wilson Health Director

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…also available in-house on request...

Mindfulness at Work – for Staff

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Bill Cropper

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