...7 crucial EI practices every leader needs to

build better connections and inspire and motivate others

Sunshine Coast Uni Nov 24-25  Brisbane Dec 4-5

Our final 2014 clinics for this well-regarded 2-day program

Use the festive season to put your new EI skills into practice….

And make an emotionally intelligent fresh start

to leading your team into a New Year


Personal Mastery and Emotional Intelligence have a lot more to do with your success as a leader than you may think. Why?

·       Because they’re the cornerstones of connectivity – and great leaders know they have to maintain healthy and robust connections with people as a precursor to anything else they want to achieve

·       Because leaders play a particularly powerful role as ‘emotional care-takers’ and how they handle their own and other’s emotions impacts performance, morale and motivation

·       Because leadership starts from the inside out. You need to manage yourself first, before you can take on the task of leading others.

·       Because the crucial factor to begin with is the ability to tune into yourself and be more mindful of the impact your patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving have on the people you lead

·       Because being smart-enough just isn’t good enough to lead well anymore – if it ever was. Most of the significant blunders leaders make can most likely be traced back to a lapse in emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence and Personal Mastery share many similar pathways that we explore in-depth in our 2-day Leading with EI coaching clinic: emotional self-management, purpose and vision, connectivity, empathy, social intelligence, and how to handle hostility and curb disruptive behaviour.

“As always, excellent, motivating and engaging. Bill, you’re always great and inspirational. You have a great deal of knowledge, impart this well and are very supportive of where everyone is at.” Kellie Shively Deputy Principal, Kuraby Special School


Sunshine Coast Dec 2-3

What do you do when confronted with contention, dissension or disruptive behaviour?

Dealing with Difficult Discussions

a 7-stage approach to turn down the heat and deal more confidently with conflict

Also still Places for

Positive PERFORMANCE Conversations





Emotions matter for good leadership, good work and good teams. Leaders set the behaviour benchmark for their teams. This means becoming more self-aware and more literate about dealing with emotions at work.  Becoming more emotionally intelligent is key to being more in control of our feelings, thoughts and actions, more alert to others around us and more emotionally balanced.

Personal Mastery: Leading with Emotional Intelligence arms you with loads of tools and insights over 2 practise-intensive days into how to apply 7 critical EI Leader practices to master the things that really matter to lead well, manage emotions more mindfully, boost your human connectivity skills and breed best behaviour in you and others.   

¡  Connect better with people you lead to inspire and motivate them

¡  Master practical tools to manage emotions and use them mindfully

¡  Assess the impact of your emotional patterns have on your leader effectiveness

¡  Deal with disruptive feelings and reduce their effect on work performance and well-being

¡  Tackle tough leadership dilemmas in more emotionally intelligent ways

¡  Control emotional hijacks and create a better emotional climate at work

¡  Cultivate a more connective and resonant leadership style

Is this right for you? Whatever your level or position, this clinic has evolved into one of the most powerful and practical short courses you can do to master the things that really matter for leading well.

“Leading with EI provided an opportunity to analyse emotions in depth, better prepare for challenging situations and identify ways to assist staff to dig down into emotions, recognise what is really going on for them and verbalise it.  The interactive activities were a great way to demonstrate the concepts and the guidebook will be a very useful resource to refer back to.” Heather Lee, Cairns Regional Council


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·        Venue:  IPL Centre Sunshine Coast Uni; Watermark Hotel Brisbane

·        Inclusions: Lunch, refreshments and comprehensive self-coaching Guide  

·        Timing: 8.30 am – 4.30 pm each day

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Bill Cropper

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