EI Leaders build Socially Intelligent Teams

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Social and Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Presented by Bill Cropper – lead consultant at The Change Forum 

Dramatically deepen your leadership talent, manage disruptive emotions and build emotionally intelligent teams with these 2 companion clinics...


7 crucial EI practices every leader needs to better manage yourself, connect better with others and resonate with those you lead

Personal Mastery: Leading with Emotional Intelligence

ò Read about the 7 EI Leader Practices

Brisbane Nov 24-25, Feb 16-17

Hervey Bay Dec 5-6

Townsville Feb 13-14


10 Social & Emotional Team Intelligence Dimensions for creating more connective and high-performing team cultures


Socially Intelligent Leadership

Building your Team’s collective EI

ò See how your team rates on our 10 SETI Scales

Brisbane Nov 15-16, Feb 2-3

Cairns Dec 2

Toowoomba Jan 30-31

ò What’s the difference between Socially & Emotionally Intelligent leadership? Our thoughts on this here


Give your leadership team an end-of-year E-S-I boost!

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We’ve run Emotional and Social Intelligence courses for leaders and teams for more than 12 years. Lately, Socially Intelligent Leadership is getting more mention and people ask us what’s the difference.  Here’s what we think…

Practically, maybe it doesn't matter much whether your boss is emotionally and socially intelligent. Most of us would be happy with one or the other, and both would be an extra blessing!

·        EI is about leading from inside-out. it's personal and focuses inward. It’s what enables leaders to connect and  manage emotions positively.

·        SI is the team equivalent what happens when our personal emotional circuits begin to blend-and-bend as we interact in groups. Whole teams take on a collective emotional complexion of their own.

·        We call it Social and Emotional Team Intelligence or SETI. It shows how whole team SI is made up of individual EI and how this combines into a kind of  ‘collective-connectivity’.

·        So what distinguishes EI and SI is that leaders learn how to deal not only with EI one-on-one, but also with whole-team-emotional responses.

·       SI leaders systematically set about building SETI, with a view to cultivating more high-performing,  constructive and socially intelligent team cultures

Do you want to cope more confidently with contentious conversations?

Dealing with Difficult Discussions

2-Day coaching clinic with Bill Cropper

Apply conversation formulas and a unique 7-stage roadmap to take a smarter path through conflict!

Cairns Nov 3-4  Townsville Nov 14-15

Sunshine Coast Nov 28-29

Hervey Bay Nov 10-11

Brisbane Dec 1-2, Feb 23-24

Toowoomba Feb 14-15

“Very well-presented program. I learned an incredible amount about how to have difficult conversations without making things worse and approach them in a calmer, productive way.”

Lesley W. Gold Coast Health

ò Outline & Registration On-line

Also delivered In-house on request…

and through individual coaching

Some of the words people use about Bill’s EI clinics: “powerful”, “engaging”, “fantastic”, “fun”, “insightful”, “encouraging”, “enlightening”, “inspiring”, “motivating” and “engaging”

LEADING with EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCESuccessful leaders know their emotional patterns have a lot to do with how others behave, perform and interact. They know they’re emotional care-takers and how they handle emotions impacts morale and motivation.

They know they set the behavioural benchmarks in their teams and this means being more emotionally intelligent - being more in control of our feelings, thoughts and actions, more alert to others around us, more emotionally balanced and better able to handle disruptive behaviour.

Whatever walk of leadership life you hail from, over 2 amazing practise-intensive days, you’ll pick up loads of tangible tools, insights and actions to help you:   

¡  Apply 7 critical EI Practices to manage emotions and use them mindfully

¡  Deal with disruptive feelings and reduce their effect on work performance and well-being

¡  Assess the impact of your emotional patterns have on your leader effectiveness

¡  Connect better with people you lead and cultivate a more connective leadership style

¡  Tackle tough leadership dilemmas in more emotionally intelligent ways

¡  Control emotional hijacks and create a better emotional climate at work

 “Leading with EI taught me to look inside first before looking out, to do more reflecting and to practise to learn how to be a better leader. I liked the ‘how-to’ strategies and emphasis on the importance of practising the tools. You made it real, relating our learning back to real work and life examples and then back to our strategies. I have been referring back to your excellent take-home book often...”  Amanda P. Queensland Studies Authority

Create more connective cultures and bring out the best in you as a leader.

·       Try out a variety of easy-to-apply techniques and tools to use back at work

·       Take-away a 150-page 3rd edition of our self-coaching guide with 27 easy-to-use tools

·       Develop your own personal EI Self-Coaching plan using our 5-step self-coaching model


Socially Intelligent Leaders tune-in to the collective emotional life of their teams – they help them develop what we call SETI – Social and Emotional Team Intelligence – something every team can do with more of. SETI is at the heart of great teamwork.  It’s one of key differentials between effective and ineffective team performance.

Socially Intelligent Leadership is for leaders keen to do something significant to raise the relationship and performance potentiality of their teams. It takes you through a set of team actions based on our unique 10 Dimensional SETI model that help in a real hands-on way to:

¡  Boost your level of social intelligence and team resonance

¡  Build positive emotional states like resilience, tolerance, respect

¡  Measure the emotional temperature of your team

¡  Create more cohesion and connectivity in your team

¡  Increase positive behaviours like openness, valuing, respecting

¡  Temper the impact of toxic emotions on team climate

¡  Reinforce relationship builders like resonance and rapport

Build more resilience, resonance, respect, positivity and cohesion – qualities that count for superior performance. Create more connective cultures and bring out the best in you as a leader.

  “I wanted to learn how to apply EI in a team dynamic. This course was well-run, easy-to-follow with good practice activities that gave me concrete practical ways to introduce and improve the SETI level in my team. Bill knew the subject and believed in what he was teaching – and the guidebook is great to have and take away with you Rosey L., CNWQ Medicare Local

¡  Diagnose your team SETI using our unique on-line 10 Dimension Model for team self-assessments

¡  130-pg self-coaching Guide filled with tools & team activities

¡  Take your team’s emotional temperature with our SETI inventory

¡  Develop a Charter to integrate SETI into your team principles

“Very interesting. Easy to understand content and I really enjoyed the activities. I recommend this course to anyone looking to lead a team or further their own awareness of team differences. I’ll be doing the activities with my team at a training session in future.” Jenny S. – Rockhampton Regional Council 

Find out how our in-house SETI Survey can help you and your team Call Bill Cropper on 0429-687513


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(Full Fee 2-day clinic $880 pp)

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·        Venue: Wellington Apartment Hotel E. Brisbane; Other CBD venues advised on registration

·        Timing: 8.30 am - 4.30 pm each day

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Bill Cropper

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